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  1. no im not running the newest bios, ill have to update and see if that resolves it but considering i've only got a 3600 im only looking at a potential uplift of about 100mhz anyway by manually oc'ing so i might wait on the bios update. thanks for your help though much appreicated! Edit: oh also i used coretemp aswell during both runs to ensure that i had redundancy
  2. 1.35 at 4.2ghz Edit: Also this is the reason I thought offset mode must work differently than just increasing voltage by +/- whatever
  3. Ok now im really confused. cpu is at 4.2 during cinebench run that resulted in a score of 1589 which is damn close to stock... voltage doesnt go above 1.1 please help lol
  4. Hmm. Is it possible that offset mode works by allowing the cpu to hit that stock+/- offset voltage but doesnt keep it there statically? This would make sense if my cpu just didnt need more than 1.1 to hit 4ghz. Edit: I also do not think this is a "hard limit" as my cpu voltage has hit upwards of 1.35 under auto settings so it should not be a limitation of any of my parts
  5. Are you sure this is how offset mode works? This is what i thought originally but when I set my offset to + .2 and i ran cinebench with my cpu at 4ghz my voltage did not go above 1.1 which is the stock.
  6. The mother board im using is an TUF B450M-PLUS GAMING I am trying to manually OC my 3600 but under the setting "vddcr cpu voltage" I can only set it to "auto" or "offset mode" does anyone know where the option to enable manual mode is on this bios? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. really? dang fair enough tho. Would an intel 660p be a good option? i know its nvme and not sata but as ive bought a matx mobo and i am in an matx case and i dont actually even have one ssd mount let alone 2 lmao, so m.2 form factor would be nice to use anyway. the 660p is only $100 for 1TB it seemed like a good deal to me
  8. I think I actually might have herd of this on the WAN show, basically asus released a list of x470 and b450 motherboards that support PCIe4 and my motherbaord happens to be on that list. I was already considering upgrading my shitty SATA 256gb SSD to a NVME one, but now that the support for the PCIe4.0 SSDs are out im not sure if it would be worth the extra money for the speed, The only intensive task my computer is ever used for is gaming, would I feel the benefit with a PCIe 4.0 SSD vs a 3.0? 5000mbs vs 3500mbs seems sizeable but I dont know if its out of the bounds of practicality for use cases like gaming. Also... if it is worth it I've got one tiny issue, they need heatsinks, my only m.2 slot is under my gpu slot, it would be fine for mounting an SSD that didnt need a heatsink, but because the newer drives do it wont fit i dont think. Ive got a couple of solutions to this problem. 1, Get a bigger case? so ive got a second pcie slot on my motherboard lower down but its very close to the bottom of my board so im a bit worried about gpu heatsink clearance with all the i/o connections down there. 2. Don't use the m.2 slot, im pretty sure m.2 is just pcie lanes so im pretty sure you can just mount the drive directly into the pcie slot? Confirmation on this would also be nice. Currently i have a pcie wifi card mounted there but considering its only uses 4 of the 16 available im pretty sure i can run the slot in 4x4 instead of 1x16. Now with option 2 Ill need some jank thing to hold the SSD in place... any ideas on that one lol? Motherboard in question is ASUS TUF b450m-plus gaming.
  9. so the thing is the 3700x actually wont clock higher than the 3600 (within 100Mhz or so) theyll both top out at 4.3 or so. I really just want to see what those extra 2 cores and 4 threads do for gaming performance Mostly I just dont want to bottle neck the 2080 with in reason, i know my 580will be my bottle neck but i plan on upgrading it in a couple years and would rather my cpu be sufficient for a better gpu at that point which realistically should end up being similar performance to the 2080ti so i want to minimize my cpu bottle neck in the future
  10. Yeah ive seen the GN review, I just need someone to do the review of both that way i can actually see the direct comparison between the two done on the same platform and with the same testing methodology that way its the true performance difference and not me trying to merge numbers from multiple reviews Also im looking for a gaming cpu, one to match with an rx580 with room to upgrade, one to match with a 2080 as my friend has a 2080 and im doing research for him aswell
  11. I've been struggling to find a reviewer who does coverage of both the 3700x and the 3600 as I want to be able to directly compare their performance. If anyone knows of any reviews which do this please link them!
  12. OP is original poster, also id say the new r5 3600 would be a good balanced cpu for your gpu
  13. Sennheiser HD 598se and an FX-audio Dac-x6, use this for gaming and listening to music
  14. I want to second this. unless the psu in question is absolute crap and i mean absolute crap then it should be fine for a 2400g and a 1060 6gb as peak power-draw for both of these is sub 250 watts underload. Likely a cpu bottle neck in my opinion, id recommend OP actually increases their graphics settings as unless they are using a high refresh rate panel they wont be able to see those extra 30 frames anyways so you might as well get some better looking graphics