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    Kansas City, MO
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    Software Engineer


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    i7-7700k @ 5.1ghz @ ~1.42v
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    ASUS Prime Z270-AR
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    32GB (4x8) G.Skill TridentZ RGB DDR4 3000
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    1080ti ASUS Strix OC @ ~2ghz
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    Be Quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 Silver
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    500GB Samsung 960 SSD for primary (m.2 nvme), and 256GB Samsung 850 EVO SSD as secondary
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    Seasonic Prime Titanium 850W
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    Acer XG270HU (and a couple extra 1080p monitors for 3 total)
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    Custom water loop http://imgur.com/a/ZmKo4
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    Das Keyboard 4 Professional (MX brown)
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    logitech G pro
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    Sennheiser HD650
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    Windows 10

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  1. reniat

    Can't Upload Sketches To Arduino Uno

    just a stab in the dark, but if you have something interacting with the arduino like the Serial Monitor you will get sync errors when trying trying to upload sketches.
  2. It's a ternary operation. something = somecondition ? thing1 : thing2 is the same as something = null; if (somecondition) { something = thing1; } else { something = thing2; } So in your example in the title, it's effectively setting wagePerPiece to the wage, or 0 if wage is negative.
  3. reniat

    Certifications for programmers

    For general programming, there really aren't any must have certs that i'm aware of. There are some around information security, (pen testing, etc.), but nothing that i know of for just getting a standard programming job. Most companies only require some kind of 4 year degree for an entry level position, though some don't and will take bootcamps or just a solid interview instead (usually smaller companies). I work in a large software development company (not part of the big 4, but a similar culture), and no one i've ever talked to mentioned getting a certification for anything, either on the recruiting side or the engineering side. You do mention Big Data, which is technically a bit of a different field than general programming, with a different set of job pre-reqs. AFAIK a lot of big data positions prefer at least a masters in stats or math, but i'm not in the big data space so I can't speak to that. I only wanted to put my 2 cents in for the general programming.
  4. reniat


    What class is students, an ArrayList? where is that toString() method you included defined? Can we see more code? Assuming students is an ArrayList, when you call toString() it will go to the ArrayList class's implementation of toString, not the one you defined there. In order to override that, you can make your own subclass of ArrayList with an override, or just write a function which creates a string from a list of students by going through each one. Here's a quick example of how you might extend ArrayList: https://ideone.com/fb0zqp (ignore the static class bit for now if that confused you. That's just needed to put all those classes in the same parent class (class Ideone) and have them run via main)
  5. reniat

    SMART MIRROR ideas welcome!

    IP54 waterproof touch screen mirror LCDs. problem solved.
  6. reniat

    Hardware for Neural Network Training

    I know in theory everyone should be able to afford an i7 with 16GB of ram, and that university expectations don't NEED to go beyond "hey, this is the reqs take em or leave em", but given that financial assistance programs often only provide a base level of discretionary assistance, i do firmly believe that a university should really provide computer labs with the minimum specs to complete the coursework of a given degree program. For example, when I went to college I did get financial aid, where you got X dollars per semester. And you received a check for X - tuition as discretionary funds, but that had to cover living expenses, food, books, etc. It's really not always as easy as just "use financial aid to buy kickass computer hardware". I think it's not unreasonable for a university to supply these kinds of utilities, especially given how much tuition costs. It's pretty backasswards to go into heaps of debt and live on scraps for 4+ years to go to a place that said "You don't have an i7? tsk tsk tsk we don't want to pay for a computer lab, so you'd better pick a different course this semester". also, for the record before it's asked, I worked as much as I was allowed to as a student, and then did freelance work on the side, and still struggled. Shits expensive. Though this is DRAMATICALLY off topic. Also I do realize I might be a tad biased, but I do feel pretty strongly about this. At least for large academic institutions with a healthy amount of resources.
  7. reniat

    Hardware for Neural Network Training

    did your school provide a pc lab? I'm not saying schools can't recommend decent hardware, what i'm saying would be a problem would be "Assignment X is gonna be really compute intense, and you're gonna need a powerful discrete GPU to complete it, but the PC lab's machines are not strong enough so if you don't have that kind of PC already and don't have disposable income, I guess you don't get an A" There's a difference between "recommended" and "required". I could be wrong, but i'm willing to bet you could have used campus resources to graduate without having an i7 machine. It would have been annoying to not be able to work from your dorm/apartment sure, but squarely possible. I just want to make sure no one without much money feels that if they can't go out and buy a behemoth machine, they can't get certain STEM degrees like data science. Back to the original topic (my bad for getting us off course in the first place) I re-read what you said and realized I mis-read it. I definitely encourage getting a good motherboard that is scalable. I was under the incorrect impression you were telling OP to get all that RAM initially. I just can't reading.
  8. This is true, but the syntax is only a minor part (arguably the easiest part once you get past a certain point) of learning to program. Learning how to structure logic is the most important part of learning to write software, and python is a perfectly fine place to learn that. Python is perfectly fine to start with. It's harder to learn how to drive a race car if you started with a simple sedan, but that doesn't mean you can't learn the basics of driving with the sedan. You COULD start by learning on the racecar, and in some cases that's a good idea, but it's not something you should do just because.
  9. reniat

    Hardware for Neural Network Training

    I would think that any data science course that involved legitimately huge data sets would allocate some compute time to the students on the unversity's compute cluster. It's really important for courses not to discriminate between students levels of computers imo, and it would be a pretty big problem to me if a class forced students to buy a machine beefier than what is provided in a campus computer lab. To be fair, I only took one grad course in machine learning, so I don't have the experience of an entire data science/stats degree course to back that up.
  10. reniat

    Hardware for Neural Network Training

    This seems relevant and useful: http://timdettmers.com/2018/12/16/deep-learning-hardware-guide/ (it was also the 2nd google result ) tl;dr: with a gtx 1080 I would probably go with 16GB of standard ram (don't worry about RAM speed), and something cheaper but with a good thread count like an AMD 2600.
  11. though to be fair, that's mostly because the winapi is super old and weird to work with. GUI development is not C++'s main strength.
  12. reniat

    F mod or wwise with Python ?

    I'm not entirely sure what you are asking here. raw Python is not going to be as efficient as some other languages, but all the audio processing should be done via the FMOD DLL, which is not in python, so it kinda depends on what you're doing around the FMOD library
  13. reniat

    How to start coding in more profesional compilers.

    If we're being pedantic, there are tools which take interpreted languages and generate an executable for a given target You obviously lose a good chunk of the level of efficiency you get when compiling lower high level languages (C/C++), but there are advantages. This is how native applications are made using interpreted frameworks (e.g. Electron apps written in node JS), and as long as the platforrn is well supported, you can get a wide array of targets for free. It's kind of like combining interpreted languages and CMake. Sure you can (and should) get free cross platform compatibility in languages like C/C++, but in cases like electron, you get the advantage of also having a very robust GUI framework essentially built in. As much as I love C/C++, "native powerful GUI" is not exactly a selling point of the language (nor should it be, they are different tools for different purposes). This is one reason desktop applications are moving in this direction, since you can make fast native apps with a UI that looks identical on all platforms, since you can have the same UI framework running on the same rendering engine (e.g. V8 in the case of electron), and bypass most of the annoying web browser nonsense of webdev ui work. Slack, Spotify, VSCode, the Docker client, Discord, the Messenger desktop app, are all high profile examples of modern apps built using specifically Electron. @Tedstonegenious I go into this much detail to help convey the info that the compiler you use actually has very little bearing on your first hand experience a good portion of the time, unless you are working at a low level. You can make desktop apps in C, assembly, or javascript. Compilers are DEFINITELY worth learning about, and I'd expect anyone who claims to be a "Java expert" to know a good bit about the JVM for example, but I would focus less on the "under the hood stuff" as you just start out with learning. Start by getting hang of the fundamentals of writing clean code, correct logic, using data structures, etc. So to answer: this only applies to the dev environment in Khan acadamy, and in fact you can do quite a bit with things like Javascript. Does that mean you should always use JS? No, but every tool has a purpose and it's always best to use the right tool for the job.
  14. reniat

    Android studio "Tool Windows" is weird

    Are you maybe being confused because there are more folders? The only major difference I can see is that in your environment the packages are being split up into folders (which is pretty normal for a lot of java package IDE stuff). There is probably a preference in the IDE to change that to look more like the example (so it's one folder of com.package.name.here instead of: com package name here
  15. reniat

    Generating a set amount of prime numbers (C++)

    Just to make sure it's seen, this is definitely the route you'll want to be going. It's not only pretty easy to implement, it's a very well established way to generate primes.