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  1. i have an nzxt h700 and id like to try and stay sub $200, although i see other people saying adjust the fan speeds in bios so as of now i have changed to the ryzen power plan and i will change the fan settings, i will probably upgrade anyways but for the time being i will see what the new changes do to the fan noise
  2. Hello, i recently upgraded my cpu to the ryzen 5 3600x and i noticed that the stock cooler (wraith spire) was winding up and down a lot and that causes noise that i don't enjoy so i wanted to switch to something quieter. i was thinking about water cooling and after some research i noticed that custom loops are expensive, so that option is out i have heard that aio coolers are much quieter but they usually run in the middle range of expenses and air coolers can be quiet and effective but i don;t enjoy the looks that most of them give. my main thing is i;m not one to overclock so i don;t need all the cooling power but i would like something that can stay quiet and keep my cpu at temps that are as good as if not better than the stock amd fan. any suggestions on air or aio fans that look nice and keep things cool?
  3. I'm currently vamping up my pc and i want to upgrade my power supply Current pc: radeon 5 3600x, gtx 1050ti (upgrading to an rtx 2060(reason for power supply upgrade)) 16gb ram, corsair cx500. i want to upgrade to a 600w or 650w power supply but i dont want to spend a bunch on the power supply but if there arent any reliably good ones that are cheap then ill go with whatever (hoping for as close to $100 as possible and lower if possible)
  4. 1. Budget & Location USA, budget is about $500 - below, i don't care where the parts are from 2. Aim Gaming 3. Monitors don't need monitor already have one. 4. Peripherals need an OS (microsoft) already have keyboard and mouse 5. Why are you upgrading? never had a pc and would like one to play games with friends 6. Other info. i would like to include the nzxt s340 case in black
  5. are you possibly able to find me a keyboard like the razor turret but without the mouse stuff and a wire?
  6. if someone can help make this cost a bit less but still have good quality then please help. -https://pcpartpicker.com/list/98CpNN - i prefer to keep the case and fan, other than that, have at it - i already have a monitor and keyboard
  7. if anyone can make the price better on this or recommend parts that will still keep it below $1.1k then please do tell https://pcpartpicker.com/list/98CpNN