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  1. josh conquest

    new headset

    my beloved manowar decided it would break this morning and although the sound stiull works perfectly the headset plastic now sticks into my head.ive got a few desires for my next headset but i am unable to find one that fits it for a reasonable price. what id like: - 7.1 surround - wireless - 3.5mm compatibility - long charge life - black so far all ive been able to find that fits this is the razer Nari but im hesitant because theyre clunky and my razer product decided to die after only 2 years. can anyone recommend me a good pair around those wants please?
  2. josh conquest

    Selling pcs

    defininitely could be classed as a bomb but it held strong for 3 years with an OC 7600k
  3. josh conquest

    Selling pcs

    I have acrewed a case, psu, cpu and cpu cooler from previous builds and im wondering if it would be a good idea to put a small system together. cpu - celeron g3900 780w psu if i added 4gb ram, a 500gb hdd and a cheap mobo how much do you think i could get for it? is it actually worth buying more for it?
  4. josh conquest

    custom keycaps

    it seems to be ansi when the blackwidow is iso. may have those the wrong way round but the enter key is definately the wrong shape
  5. josh conquest

    custom keycaps

    ah thanks, appreciate the help
  6. josh conquest

    custom keycaps

    i cant seem to find them. all that appears are moba key sets made from titanium
  7. josh conquest

    custom keycaps

    would you be able to send a link to it please?
  8. josh conquest

    custom keycaps

    i currently have a razer blackwidow chroma V2 and although the lighting is nice enough id really like to change it. Iv'e been looking for some key caps that are black on the top and milky white on the sides to allow for the light to diffuse out more but so far cannot find any to fit the keyboard. does anyone know of any that would be compatible? it also doesn't matter if they miss out the macro keys as i am going to buy custom keys for those anyway
  9. josh conquest

    ethernet slow?

    its straight in the wall without any circuit breakers in the way.
  10. josh conquest

    ethernet slow?

    currently using a devolo powerline adapter 550+ duo. i am getting 5mb/s download speeds when i used to get 25mb/s over wifi. anyone help?
  11. josh conquest


    Looking for a powerline adapter for under £50. My broadband is 200mb/s, the router is about 20 feet away and I will need 2 Ethernet ports. Any recommendations fitting these specifications?
  12. josh conquest

    US$500 build, please rate

    You’ll need a graphics card really
  13. josh conquest

    Slow speeds

    Ok I think I’ll have to go with powerline since the other options just won’t work
  14. josh conquest

    Slow speeds

    the ethernet cable would have to be 30 odd feet so i dont really want to. what kinda speeds could i hope to recieve on a powerline
  15. josh conquest

    Slow speeds

    ok so i have a virgin superhub 3 downstairs. The router could go right next to the PC but virgin have said that to get the coaxial cable activated it will cost £99 or i can do it myself and void warranty. i currently have a this - https://www.scan.co.uk/products/tp-link-archer-t9e-ac1900-wireless-dual-band-pci-express-adapter-with-low-profile-bracket?gclid=CjwKCAjw0JfdBRACEiwAiDTALg6ZuHaXu0ZFhTe296UO2aXZtIiTOyzotJW2UKelSVCIjzTCi4ZC-RoCOxcQAvD_BwE - in my pc and have an 802.11ac. I am happy to get a powerline adapter but do not know how clogged up the wires are from the router since it is across the house. all help is appreciated