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Pascal lai

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  1. Pascal lai

    1600 with 970 really bad frame rate pls help

    Ok I will try then thx for the help
  2. Pascal lai

    1600 with 970 really bad frame rate pls help

    I see ,but I am using a normal 60 Hz display
  3. I just built a pc with a 1600 and gtx 970 all running at stock , when playing csgo with 1080 p medium setting motion blur off , direct x 11 I only have abt 50 fps ..... I think I should get abt 200 in my old system with a i5 4690k I have 150 fps with the same setting .......Pls help
  4. Pascal lai

    Formating a drive

    I don't know anything about software and I got a problem , I have a hard drive which has stuff on it , but It doesn't show on my computer , I can format it but will It delete all my stuff in the hard drive ??? If yes wt should I do , please help thx
  5. Pascal lai

    Second hand 980ti deal or no

    I want to upgrade my system since it has a really old graphics card, my friend offer me his gigabye g1 gaming 980ti for 250 USD ,should I buy it or not
  6. I am building a new pc and I have finished choosing every single part but the problem is that the asus motherboard hero xi is about 125 us more expensive in hong kong where I am , and I think is not really worth it , should I get a asus strix e or f or a m7 or m5 from msi, my built now https://pcpartpicker.com/list/dfpM2R pls reply it will help me for sure thxx