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  1. Pixels, Display Resolution

    Dear Experts, i am confused with Pixels & Display Resolution.. I bought few monitors and TV's during last 10 years without knowing the concept of Pixels & Resolution. I was searching for this on web but still confused. 1. are pixels having dimensions? like "1mm square" or "2mm square" something like this? 2. is it possible to have 4K resolution in 20" TV 22" TV 24" TV 26" TV......................43" TV so on? if yes, in this case the size of the pixel varies?
  2. GDDR"X" Compatibility

    Sorry my MOBO is https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/B150I-GAMING-PRO.html
  3. GDDR"X" Compatibility

    Dear Experts, i am new to Graphic Cards, i would like to buy a Graphic Card for my PC. MSIB150, i3-7100, 8GBDDR4 HyperX, 240GB Kingston SSD 200W PSU. 1. how to find compatibility to my MB? any website links please. 2. can i use any one from GDDR3, 4 & 5? 3. what is mean by 3x4, 3x16?? in PCI Express, which one gives more performance? 3xHigher Number?
  4. GDDR"X" Compatibility

    thats very clear. thank you verymuch.
  5. CPU TDP

    Dear Experts my assumption is if the TDP is more, performance is more. i have i7-4770 which is 84W Desktop and i7-6550U which is 15W Laptop if i compare i3-6300 which is 51W with i3-6300T which is 35W which one will have more performance? is there direct relation with TDP to Performance? i would like to buy a 8th Gen i3 Processor but confused which one to take higher TDP one or lower TDP one i prefer to go with less heat generation of processor with high performance, please recommend me in this kind.
  6. CPU TDP

    Hi thanks for your replys. can you explain what is the importance of TDP? why to consider it?
  7. VRAM NVDIA Graphics Card

    Dear Experts.. I have a Toshiba Satellite Laptop bought 2 years ago. On it , there are two lables.. intel and NVDIA geforce.. I have several times freshly installed windows 10 on it. I don't have any idea about graphic cards. Recently I tried to check whether I am using these graphics card or not. I have gone to display manager, There it is showing intel HD graphics. Does it mean my laptop is not using NVDIA geforce graphics? When I go to manage my computer option and then display drivers..it is showing Intel HD graphics and NVIDEA geforce. Also if I right click on windows desktop empty place..I could see Intel graphics and NVIDEA graphics options.. My laptop box says i7-6500U (BGA) 4G+4G ddr3l/2GB VRAM Does it mean I have graphics card in my laptop?
  8. VRAM NVDIA Graphics Card

    Hi It's Thoshiba Satellite C55C2090
  9. HDD and SSD

    Dear Experts, recently i have bought Kingston 2.5" A400 SSD 120GB for my HTPC. i am using i7 laptop since 2 years. this Thosiba i7 laptop came with 1TB HDD. i observed that the boot time for windows 10 is taking long with HDD. i have tried to open laptop back case and removed the HDD. replaced the HDD with 2.5" A400 SSD and fresh installation of windows 10 is done and working fine. i observed that boot time performance is very quick with this SSD. here is my confusion. the HDD i removed from Laptop is without encasment. (plz see attached photos) the SSD i bought is fully covered. (plz see attached photos) when i fixed this SSD into laptop slot, it was bit tight compared to the HDD. but i could close the laptop back case without big trouble. 1. does this SSD requires ventilation same like HDD?? (do i need to remove the encasment of this SSD) 2. do i need to encase this HDD same like SSD for my HTPC usage?? Laptop: Thoshiba Sattelite i7-6th Gen HTPC: ASUS H81T i7-4770
  10. HDD and SSD

    hi, thanks for quick response.. case means, you mean Chassis for the whole hardware? i accept your suggestion. my query was regarding HDD encasement.. if we observe the HDD, green color hardware board is visible.. do i need to close with proper accessory? at the same time do i need to remove the encasement of SSD to fit it into laptop slot to avoid over-thickness?
  11. Operating System - DOS vs Supported Operating System Windows 10

    now i understand what does it mean. Operating System OS Architecture 64 bit Operating System DOS Supported Operating System Windows 10 System Architecture 64 bit Thank you very much for all your replies.
  12. Dear Experts, while i am looking for a laptop to buy, i am confused about a specification like this Operating System OS Architecture 64 bit Operating System DOS Supported Operating System Windows 10 System Architecture 64 bit Does it mean my laptop will have OS called DOS? i have never worked with this OS. Can you please explain whats the difference between OS-DOS & Supported OS-Windows10 after buying this laptop do i need to buy Windows10 License?
  13. Operating System - DOS vs Supported Operating System Windows 10

    https://www.flipkart.com/asus-x-series-pentium-quad-core-7th-gen-4-gb-1-tb-hdd-dos-x541na-go125-laptop/p/itmfycrpzkfhtwuf?pid=COMFYCRPSXAGHJD8&srno=s_1_4&otracker=search&lid=LSTCOMFYCRPSXAGHJD8DF4L7E&fm=SEARCH&iid=50359677-6b31-4647-a137-8aa3d19434a2.COMFYCRPSXAGHJD8.SEARCH&ppt=Search Page&ppn=Search Page&ssid=eeqpnr0hox07suf41515286050397&qH=1cef9fdf4db1b279
  14. Intel Optane

    Dear Experts, Can you please clarify about Intel Optane. Is it a Hard Drive? or it supports Hard Drive to accelerate? is it only to install OS like Windows, Ubuntu or Can i store little data also in it? my purpose is to install lite OS like Ubuntu and Browse, nothing more than this, i dont need any data storage. So can i use Intel Optane for this purpose or is it mandatory to use HDD, SSD paired with Intel Optane.. Please answer Y or N to run a PC with KabyLake supported mobo+7th gen processor Intel Optane is enough or Intel Optane plus HDD/ SSD?? Thanks in Advance.
  15. Graphic Cards

    Dear Experts, Can you please explain what are the differences between Intel Processor Graphics (Intel HD Graphics 630) & Other Graphic Cards?? Why do we see DVI and HDMI Slots with these Graphic Cards?? means we should not use the DVI & HDMI Slots of Motherboard??
  16. Intel Box Fan Vs Other CPU Cooling Fans

    Dear Experts What are the differences between Intel Box Fans & Other CPU Cooling Fans? Why are they required? I have used i3-i7 K series in HTPC's, i did not find any difficulty with Intel BOX fans.. of course my usage is only for Browsing, YouTube Videos & Skype So when are the Other CPU Cooling Fans Require?
  17. Dear Experts! i bought 8GB RAM of Single Stick to use with i7-4770K.. Later a friend of mine suggested me that i would have bought 2 Sticks of 4GB RAM's instead.. Will there be any difference in performance based on number of Sticks?? please explain
  18. Single RAM of 8GB or 2 RAM's of 4GB ??

    means if i plan for total of 4GB RAM, 2x2GB is suggested?? total of 8GB RAM, 2x4GB is suggested?? total of 16GB RAM, 2x8GB is suggested??
  19. Fast Booting

    Dear Experts! I was confused with NVMe or 2.5" SSD in order to get fast booting.. where should i install OS? if i have both NVMe and 2.5" SSD in my PC
  20. Dear Experts, i was working mini-ITX Mother Boards & Laptops since 5 years.. i never got rite tool kit to work with above.. Can anyone suggest Screw Driver Tool Kit that helps to work with Laptops & mini-ITX/ STX mother boards
  21. Screw Driver to work with Laptops & mini-ITX Mother Boards

    Hi, thanks for the reply i started googling IFixit but not sure whether i opend the rite link.. can you please give me the link
  22. Hi Experts Can you please help me to understand while comparing i3-7th gen CPU's 7101E, 7101TE, 7100T, 7100, 7350K, 7320, 7300, 7300T, 7167U, 7100U, 7100H, 7102E & 7100E, which one is the 1st Priority from below? # of Cores # of Threads Processor Base Frequency Cache if speed is the requirement which one to consider? Cores? Threads? Processor Base Frequency?
  23. # of Cores> ? # of Threads> ? Processor Base Frequency> ? Cache ?

    Hi, Thanks for the Reply i will go with 7100 * will there be any difference in performance if i use a single stick of 8GB RAM or 2 sticks of 4GB RAM's?? * can you please reply to my query in this post https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/742442-ram-speeds/
  24. RAM Speeds

    Hi Experts I am about to buy i3-7320 & ASRock H110M-STX i wanted you experts to confirm that if i buy a 2400Mhz RAM, will i really have this speed or 2133Mhz?? Can you please suggest whether speeds of RAM is based on CPU's or MOBO's or Combination of Both?
  25. # of Cores> ? # of Threads> ? Processor Base Frequency> ? Cache ?

    I thank you for your time for suggesting above products.. my preferences are mini-STX (new form factor which is recently available) AC DC Adapter easy installation (NVMe SSD) So i selected 1. ASRock Mini Desk 110W (ASRock H110m-STX board, Wifi+BT Module, 120W AC DC Adapter) 2. Intel SSD 128 GB 600P series 80 mm M.2 PCIe 3.0 TLC 3. CPU INTEL Core i3-7320 BOX (4.1GHz, LGA1151, VGA) 4. SO-DIMM 4 GB DDR4-2400 MHz Crucial CL17 SRx8 Fast Booting is my priority.. after Booting i will use it for Browsing, Youtube Videos & Skype.. Can you suggest now to best configure no. 2, 3 & 4 from Above as no. 1 is Fixed.