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  1. International shipping?

    There is a store called redline technology but they don't have much products we expect Eg -On their site they have listed a product around 10 and if you visit there place....Their will be only 2 or 4
  2. International shipping?

    Hi am vijai shanker from Sri Lanka I want to purchase a Pc and I haven't planned on my budget. I would like to buy it online than buying in Sri Lanka because there are only few(two) shops which has best products but only few products and other are locals deals. So I there any company or websites would help me to custom built pc and ship to Sri Lanka. (*I tried many sites but they won't ship here even amazon won't ship some parts here.) ########## Budget - probably cheap Rs.## Aim - multimedia and gaming(lol & overwatch) Case - something like tempered glass or full side window Others would be anything best (IDK what goes with what)and I would like to have water cooling, RGB and anything new generation also wide screen monitor *** IF MY ENGLISH IS SLOPPY..AM SORRY ***