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    helping other build PC's, and recommending people parts.
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    I like computers and helping others.
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    Building designer


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    Ryzen 3700x
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    Msi b450I ac mini itx
  • RAM
    16gb Corsair vengeance LPX 3200Mhz
  • GPU
    Msi Rx 570
  • Case
    Silverstone sugo
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    2tb seagate sshd hybrid drive
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    600w seasonic fully modular 80+gold
  • Cooling
    Corsair H110
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    Crap Dell keyboard
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    Hyper x cloud 2
  • Operating System
    windows 10

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  1. Ahahah I tried to push further so I could get that 6k in cpuz CPU benchmark But now that I have it I want to keep it but don't know if the voltages are gonna be great for the cpu in the long run
  2. Hello guys I recently over locked my new ryzen 3700x to 4.5ghz on all core with a voltage of about 1.35 to 1.45 at about a maximum temperature of 82c The motherboard I am using is an msi B450I ac mini itx motherboard in a compact Silverstone sugo mini itx case if that helps with anything. Does anyone know if these are safe and reliable temperatures and voltages to keep this processor at or should I dial it back to the previous 4.4 @ 1.3v? Any info on this would be greatly appreciated
  3. ah ok cool getting started on that now just pulling a few important files from the drive thanks heaps for you help guys
  4. ah ok, i did a bios update and thought that was it ahaha i will give it a try. If i format it will I loose the software and files on the drive that my windows os is installed on?
  5. Hello guys I just built a new computer and installed my previous storage devices and configured them correctly and when I went to boot into windows on boot windows blue screens and sais that the error code is system service exception and it said the thing that caused it was asIO.sys I looked into asI0.sys and it said it was an asus software, I used to have an asus x99 motherboard and now use an msi B450 motherboard and i don't quite know why this error is occuring. does anyone know a fix to this? thanks
  6. here is my ES intel xeon e5-2687W v3 CPU-Z validation - https://valid.x86.fr/xmp5gz Cinebench R15 - in uploaded image - score is 1574
  7. Oh ok cool yeah it's like 50 while doing nothing I was just unsure if they were normal. Thanks
  8. Oh lol ik what idle is I probably just worded it wrong sorry
  9. Oh god did I spell it wrong or something ahahahabahaa I mean like when. The of just doing nothing U know
  10. Hello so I recently bought a 10 core Intel Xeon e5-2687w v3 and I was using a hyper t4 and it was idling at 70 - 80 degrees Celsius while gaming and rendering so I bought a Corsair H60 and in gaming where the CPU isn't being used much I (20-30%) and in getting about 65 to 70 is this normal for a 10 core with a all core turbo of 3.1ghz?? If it is normal is there a way to lower it without spending any more money?
  11. Ahahahabahaa I was freaking out before because it would stay at 50% and I thought rip I think I got a dud but it was all g
  12. In not sure on the Intel page it just said max turbo 3.5 but when I did a single core test even that didn't go past 3.1 im pretty sure. But looking at stuff now it said it was a 3.2ghz all core turbo
  13. Hello so I recently bought a engineering sample Intel Xeon e5-2687w v3 and I noticed that after some tweaking although it said its target turbo is 3.5ghz at 100% usage in cinebench it will stay at 3.1ghz the board I am using is an Asus x99-A and I have the CPU settings to per core and everything but it won't go past 3.1ghz. Does anyone know how this can be fixed or is this just an engineering sample thing?
  14. hmmmmmmm thats strange could it be a cpu seating issue?? or something that you can't just check quickly?
  15. the cpu I have at the moment is an i3 6100. dw I saw they had it working on the board I bough which is a x99-A and the cpu is on it's supported list so I thought why not ahahah