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    Liam Doyle
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    That British place
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    Content creation (Video, photo, web design) - Computers - Networking
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    Non boomer who likes technology.
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    Student, Sales at Currys and PC World


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    i7 - 7740X
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    Asus TUF X299 Mark 2
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    16GB Corsair Dominator RGB
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    (MSI TWIN FROZOR) nVidia GTX 750 ti
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    Phantex Evolv ATX (Tempered Glass Edition)
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    (Boot) Samsung 960 Pro nVME SSD 250GB
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    EVGA SuperNOVA G3 750W
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    BenQ GW2270
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    Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO
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    MX Master (OG)
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    Logitech Z333 80W
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    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
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    Razer Blade Stealth

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  1. I haven't heard reports of the cooler being especially loud - but I would, as @slippers_ said, log it with AMD. Try adjusting the fan curve though. It might just be set to go really high by default. And make sure it's plugged into the right header - like it's not meant for a PWM pump or something. I've heard some things about that being an issue - it might not be but it doesnt hurt to check
  2. I would try and see if you can see it in Diskpart on Windows - I'm not familiar enough with Disk Utility on Mac to be sure. Just open Run (Win + R) and type "diskpart" Then type list disk if it shows your drive chances are you can save the data or at least reformat it. If not, it's dead. If you need the data I recommend looking for data recovery specialists in your area for more help.
  3. You need specific ones for both Android & iOS - and having different sizes is a good idea too. It's convoluted and complicated for no good reason.
  4. That’s what I mean - can we add that to the Forum
  5. Yeah but all it would need is a line of HTML and a manifest.json file to tell it the name. So as that has no affect on the forum whatsoever I don’t understand how it can’t be done
  6. Yeah it should be absolutely fine. I mean you might have problems with things like case lighting, USB devices and such, but if you can get all the drivers before hand that really helps. If anything plays up just straight install the driver from the website.
  7. Someone’s decided to mow their lawn.

    In December.

    At 12:35AM.

    what the actual fuck is going on.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. limegorilla


      Oh yeah we’ve had that. Half the street is lit up 

    3. Caroline


      This is madness.

    4. Gegger


      my neighbors don't take down their xmas decor, they keep it year round

  8. Your probably not going to find much luck there then. If your looking to use it out and about that’s pretty much a no-go anyway as any extender I have ever used requires quite the bit of setup. I’d say your much more likely to get results out of using the Personal Hotspot feature in CMD. So basically use your laptop as an extender, if that helps.
  9. Okay so seeing as I use the Forum from my phone a lot, I keep it on my homepage on my iPhone. For some reason the Favicon hasn’t been set to download when you ‘install’ the webpage as a WebApp, so Safari just screen grabs the page. It would be really nice if we could just add the icon there so it looks nicer. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone.
  10. Okay so I looked up the file extention, and it should work. You've got an Open Vertualization File there (OVF) so basically you should either create or add the machine in VirtualBox. Up at the top their should be two buttons, Add and new. Try both
  11. Okay so; Are you trying to install windows? Is the SSD new? Has it been used/tested before?
  12. To be honest I upgraded from a Pentium to a X299 platform - so new CPU, new RAM, new RAM type (DDR3 to DDR4) as well as the completely incompatible chipsets. No problems. Whatsoever. Windows took about 5 minites to boot - but after that It installed everthing itself. I did end up reinstalling windows, for a seperate issue, but I would still reccomend it. If anything it refreshes your PC and you don't have to loose your files if you do it correctly.
  13. Can you give us the link rather than me going and trying to find it. Also - the page I linked is Kali's official distribution, so