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    i7 - 7740X
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    Asus TUF X299 Mark 2
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  1. Upgrade for Galaxy s6

    Google Pixel 2
  2. I have created a list (Here: https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/HrBZJ8 ) for a PC that goes just over the £500 mark. Anything you would change? It will be used for gaming, but he isn't serious, I am looking for a system that is easy to run and will play most AAA titles.
  3. Running Windows & a server from the same PC

    I want to be able to A. Access my storage & B.Host my website (yes my bandwidth is adequate)
  4. Running Windows & a server from the same PC

    Isn't that still a VM through
  5. If I wanted to use my (powerful) home desktop as a server at the same time as being a normal desktop, how would I do this? Could I (for example, yes I know a licence costs a bomb and a half) run Windows server? I don't really want to run a VM as that would impact the performance
  6. Once you have done @tj_420's solution, you'll want to re-install GRUB as the deafult bootloader over Windows 10's. You can also do that with this method from the official Ubuntu Forum - which was a simple Google search away. Try that first next time. Link to the above Forum page: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows
  7. I know that this has been talked about a lot here. The question "Can we have a LTT forum App?" or "What about native mobile notifications?" Is normally met with a "This isn't going to happen" BUT. While I am not promising anything, for the course I am doing for the next year I need to make an app. I have a choice between an Android App (in either Java or Konklin) or a UWP app (Windows 10) and I plan on doing both. Just because. I am a student, and this will be slow going while I learn the ins and outs of the language. It will be open sourced, so if anyone wants a Linux, iOS or Mac app they may use my code. I have a roadmap setout but I want to hear from the community. Is this something you would want? Features I plan adding in: I am welcome to ideas and help, but I cannot have anyone directly help me due to the nature of the assignment. Any feature ideas or design ideas are welcome. Should this garner enough intrest for me to do it I'll post a live changelog on here and on the Github page (which I will link to when live) If not I'll chalk this up as a bad idea and go through another one. I have some prototype designs, again, with enough intrest I'll post them.
  8. Welcome. Can you not track it? Perhaps up it to 7 or so, and then if anyone goes above, they pay. Simple
  9. Cherry MX Browns or Reds?

    I have a smiliar use case to you and I mainly am a Brown guy. I do have a partial for blues tho
  10. Well number one, as for passwords, can you not make a small program (or find one) that would do it for you, then spit out the password to the nearest printer? As for printing, just connect everything upto Google Print and set the limit to about 30. Then you should get less people coming to you.
  11. If that doesnt work, just use Bootcamp, make the MacOS partition about 2GB more than it needs Am not sure, thinking about it, if this or @oskarha's option would work as I am not sure if it has bootcamp. Just check, if it does, both options would work, but if not, the above *should* work in theory but you'll need to do some digging for the drivers
  12. Need New Phone Verizon

    Well best of luck to you While I (hate to) admit it, yes the display is nicer. But your going to have a phone that next year will be put on the backburner, and possibly (if some large hardware defect comes up *cough Note 7 *cough) chances are they will not replace it. I would go for the new Note if you really want to go Samsung, but any of the features that Samsung has are present / better on Google's Pixel, and if they are not there, chances are no one uses it
  13. Sony WH-1000x MK2

    Good review but just to point out that this should be in the review section. Please repost there! https://linustechtips.com/main/forum/25-member-reviews/ Other than that though, good review. I would also leave a link so that people can find the product on Sony's website or on Amazon but thats my opinion.
  14. Need New Phone Verizon

    Fu**ing hell. Hope your ok. As far as a new phone (your main concern obviously ) I would go Pixel 2 XL. Reasons? Well imo it looks better, has a waaaayyy better camera (in terms of Software and quality) comes with all of Googles addons, stock Android, latest updates and does not have the "Samsung Experience" - Which I hate, but thats personal opinion. Yes Samsung has slow-mo & ripoff Animoji but how often are you going to send them?
  15. RSOD

    What I would do is have the troubled programs open and have a video recorder looking at Task Manager, while you use your computer normally. When it occurs, have a look at the footage and see if anything intresting happens