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About limegorilla

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    Liam Doyle
  • Birthday 2003-02-27

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    Lanzarote, Spain (España)
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    Content creation (Video, photo, web design) - Computers - Networking
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    All around geek with interests in Web Design, Photo & Video. User of Windows, Android, Chrome OS, Linux.
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    i7 - 7740X
  • Motherboard
    Asus TUF X299 Mark 2
  • RAM
    8GB HyperX SAVAGE 2x4 DIMM
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    (MSI TWIN FROZOR) nVidia GTX 750 ti
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    Corsair Carbide
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    2x SanDisk SSD - Seagate Barracuda (500GB) - WD Caviar Blue (320GB)
  • PSU
    TooQ 700W (no clue who they are lol)
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    Samsung HDTV, Series 4, 32" - ACER 19"
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    Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO`
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    Painful membrane
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    MX Master
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    Logitech 4.2 (Basically, surround and two subwoffers)
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

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  1. limegorilla

    Questions about windows 10 upgrade

    If you have it plugged in via USB then it will only boot from it if the boot order dictates it is before your internal one. This is normally the case, as most people (if they have a USB drive connected - which will be what is detected as) will be set as before their main internal drive, so you can install an OS. You can change this from your boot settings within your BIOS, however to avoid confusion, just don't have it plugged in during bootup, and plug it in once windows has started. You will be able to change partitions, format and everything using USB. I have tried this and it didn't work (August of last year) for me. I didn't have a retail key, so that could be it, but OEM, Single Language and 'N' versions of Windows do not transfer over, and this only works in some regions. Saying that, if you have a Retail key, yes it probably will work.
  2. limegorilla

    Constant packet loss??

    This is (I hate to say it) most likely an ISP issue. I had something similar a few months back with mine - I use a WISP due to where I live and even with perfect weather I was seeing considerable packet loss. It took forever to actually get them to realise it was their issue, not mine. To be fair, once I showed them that I wasn't a dumbass and had set my connection up properly, and once they verified that by sending out several techs to poke around my house to conclude (funnily enough) that yes, I did know what I was doing and I had no issue on my side, they did fix the issue within a week. Without knowing your exact situation, I would definitely place my bets on it being them that is causing this. It could be external (like outside interference) but from what I know it's unlikely. Personally if they refuse to realise the issue, I would (if it is at all possible) change ISP's. No point being on someone with shoddy customer service
  3. limegorilla

    Questions about windows 10 upgrade

    Your Windows 8 key is not able to be used for a Windows 10 installation. There was a free upgrade back in 2015-2016, but that finished a long time ago. Your only option (to get Windows 10 at least) is to buy a new key, or not buy a key and not pay for Windows. I would recommend UEFI & secure boot (regardless of recent security holes. You may want to check for BIOS updates while your at it) Your BIOS should be setup out-of-box for Windows, and so you should be fine. I don't change much other than things like Virtualization. You won't have any issues with your drives, and a SATA to USB adapter should work fine - although you might not get full transfer speeds on your SSD
  4. limegorilla

    External graphic card docks for laptop

    I haven't heard of using HDMI instead of USB but in theory it should work. The HDMI one looks more polished too, but will require a 6-pin power connector, so take that into play. Personally - as they are not extremely expensive (cough Razer core cough) I would try the one with the HDMI cable, and if it doesn't work return it and use the USB one. The reviews on the USB one don't paint it in a great light. Side note: either one of these will bottleneck your GPU due to their bandwidth being considerably less than PCI-E x16.
  5. limegorilla

    My PC doesn't detect my network card

    Have you tried reinstalling Windows?
  6. limegorilla

    External graphic card docks for laptop

    This just uses USB to pass through the PCI connection. It's an inelegant solution, as you will need to free up a PCI slot in your laptop - requiring you to open your laptop and replace your WiFi card with this every time you want to use it.
  7. limegorilla

    Switching gpu laptop

    In settings, under system > Display - you should have an option for "Advanced Graphics" here you should be able to choose what GPU is used by default. To make life easier you can choose exceptions (from the same menu) and choose to use your Nvidea card for things like games. Windows will dynamically switch between the two depending on your settings.
  8. limegorilla

    Finding OS

    In which case, @LukeSavenije's option of VM'ing it is a good one - one I have used in the past. You said that you have a MacBook though OP? In which case, the best way to do so is to download MacOS Mojave from the App Store. It will download the app - which you can forget about. Use this guide (Apple.com) to create bootable media, and then this guide (tonymacx86.com) to install Clover Bootloader onto it. That's a very condensed version - but its what worked for me. This will install it as a fully fledged OS to your operating system, and if you want you can dual-boot with Windows. I'm not an expert on what kexts you would need, but the links I gave should give you a good starting point
  9. limegorilla

    Finding OS

    Your kidding. Lols shows how much attention I pay
  10. limegorilla

    Finding OS

    Not to be that guy, but Hackintosh discussion is not allowed on here (for whatever reason, I assume legal) But, from experience, I would say probably, but head on over to Tony-MacX86 - a dedicated Hackintosh community. They helped me get setup and over several roadblocks when setting up my system. Installing is quite simple, albeit more confusing than Windows - I'm sure someone there will walk you through it
  11. limegorilla

    Samsung galaxy tab e, super slow

    Firstly - yes it is rootable, quick Google search showed that. Have you looked into settings to see what apps are eating up resources? I have a Tesco Hudl 2 with worse specs and it's still alright, only slowing down if I start opening quite a few apps. You'll probably find its a mixture of Samsungs ROM + Googles services. If you visit your tablets XDA page, alongside methods on rooting you'll also find a nice selection of ROMs to choose from. If the option is available to you, Lineage OS is a nice, clean and stable (mostly) ROM to use.
  12. limegorilla

    Used iPhone advice

    I used to be an Android fan, but I have moved to iOS and in all honesty - slightly prefer it. As a budget, well as I said, literally nothing. I know my options on the Android side (A OnePlus 5t / Pixel 2 used) edit: And to be honest I would rather get a phone that I enjoy. Whatever you have against iPhone, the OS experience is more polished and the hardware is made to last longer (other than the battery lol)
  13. limegorilla

    Used iPhone advice

    To cut a long story short, I am currently phoneless (oh! The horror!) and I don't have money for a new phone. especially as I have managed to ingrain myself to Apple's walled garden of no-return to get a new one. So, I need to get a used iPhone in the best condition possible. Out of sheer coincidence, one of my friends is selling hers - for much less than the prices on eBay. However, her iPhone has a screen tinted blue. Not much - but noticeable enough. She broke the screen about a year ago, but started picking at the glass. Eventually she exposed some of the logic, and her being her she poked it with a knife. To answer the obvious question, yes I also question her sanity, but hey she is my friend, she has to be somewhat crazy lol. Anywho, after poking it with a goddamned knife the screen stopped working - no surprises there. She sent it in for repair, and when it came back, the screen had the now present blue tint. However, she did not use an Apple Authorised repair center, it was a rather suspect one, which leads me to believe it is the panel which is at fault, not the fact that she short-circuited some of the logic. The area which she poked with aforementioned knife was the top left if anyone is wondering.
  14. Ok, so this is not an issue per se, but recently (two weeks yesterday I think) my iPhone turned off due to lack of batter - like normal. However, on turning it on, it went straight into DFU mode and I could not get it to restore with iTunes - or any other recovery app. iTunes came back with the error code 6. I took it to a repair shop as I had no clue what to do, and as it turns out, neither did they. There was nothing physically wrong with the phone. So, about an hour ago, Im sitting in my room, on my laptop, and I look over at my desk and as I do, guess what turns on?! My 'dead' iPhone, in full working order. I have no goddamn clue what happened, but if anyone has had a similar experience, let me know. I don't fully trust it at the moment - not yet anyway - but it looks to be absolutely fine with no issues whatsoever!
  15. So I recently used Google's service to download all my data from them. When asked for a storage option I selected my Google Drive (which is on a plan for 115GB) It took a few days, but I then noticed that I had no storage on my drive. Once I figured out what was causing it - my 150GB backup, I deleted the files (they were in a folder on my drive homepage) and continued on with my day. However, they are still 'there' just invisible. The space is taken up, but no files are there. The data backup control panel shows that I have no active backups. Also, I know Google support is pretty good, other than they are really hard to get hold of as they make you jump through a bunch of hoops to get there. I would have done that but I don't think they have an option for Google Accounts - at least there is no forum option