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About limegorilla

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    Liam Doyle
  • Birthday 2003-02-27

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    Lanzarote, Spain (España)
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    Content creation (Video, photo, web design) - Computers - Networking
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    All around geek with interests in Web Design, Photo & Video. User of Windows, Android, Chrome OS, Linux.
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  • CPU
    i7 - 7740X
  • Motherboard
    Asus TUF X299 Mark 2
  • RAM
    8GB HyperX SAVAGE 2x4 DIMM
  • GPU
    (MSI TWIN FROZOR) nVidia GTX 750 ti
  • Case
    Corsair Carbide
  • Storage
    2x SanDisk SSD - Seagate Barracuda (500GB) - WD Caviar Blue (320GB)
  • PSU
    TooQ 700W (no clue who they are lol)
  • Display(s)
    Samsung HDTV, Series 4, 32" - ACER 19"
  • Cooling
    Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO`
  • Keyboard
    Painful membrane
  • Mouse
    MX Master
  • Sound
    Logitech 4.2 (Basically, surround and two subwoffers)
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

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  1. limegorilla

    Linus calendar

    The only thing I was able to edit when I got to it was the name - hence why it is now called “it’s not your office now Linus” the four our year old in me is really proud of that
  2. limegorilla

    3.5 mm jack on pc not working

    If your plugging into your PC, you are most likely using the headphone port - audio out only. You will need to get a mic for your PC as inline mics don't work
  3. limegorilla

    First PC Build

    Looks good from my point of view
  4. limegorilla

    First PC Build

    That link doesn't work
  5. limegorilla

    Is my old i3-6100 the problem?

    I would definitly say the CPU. You can, however, see for yourself. Start your games in windowed mode alongside task manager, and have the performance tab. You'll be able to see for yourself
  6. limegorilla

    Unable to Connect

    Do you have a decent internet connection? When did this start happening? Has Windows (or your games) had updates since then?
  7. limegorilla


    First - You haven't given any context on this. What watch? What Operating System? What is this for? What are you trying to do? We can't help you unless we know.
  8. limegorilla

    Best SSD and HDD combination on Windows 10

    It's actually quite easy. If you right click the Library and select properties (so just go to this PC, right click "downloads" (for example)) and then click the Location tab on the top, you will get a menu. Here you can change the folder where that library would be located by just changing the path. For example: As stock, Downloads path is at C://User/%username%/Downloads/ But I can change it to D:/Downloads/ This way you can put each library wherever you want on your system. It doesn't matter where it goes or what it's name is- for example it could even go in D:/steamlibrary/My-Downloaded-Stuff-Goes-Here It will still appear normally - clicking the download icon will take you to that location, and programs will download to it automatically (although some *like chrome* may not. You'll need to go into their settings to change that over) Also - your entire User folder doesnt have to move, just the specific library(ies) that you want to move
  9. limegorilla

    Broken router

    Probably. The power distribution is probably blown
  10. limegorilla

    playing on PS4 or switch and chatting on PC discord

    You could just run a AUX cable between the switch and your computer to the mic port. Then set that port to "listen" mode in Windows settings. Then plug your headphones into the PC. Alternative (if it works) use a bluetooth Audio Adapter (like chromecast Audio, but for Bluetooth), and plug that in to the microphone jack. I do not know if the switch supports audio over bluetooth, however.
  11. limegorilla

    Another 'reccomend me a laptop' thread

    I’ll be running on it at a time, would most likely be something like a couple of chrome taps, IntelliJ, Spotify would be an average workflow
  12. So. I currently own my beast of a Desktop (in my signiture) Then I own an Acer Chromebook R11 and a Sony VAIO S15 from 2013 I can feel the difference. In actuality, both of the aforementioned laptops are pretty much EOL at this point. While both are supported, the Vaio's POST takes forever, the trackpad is starting to act erratically and the screen is terrible. The Chromebook - well it's a Chromebook. It can do pretty much everything that I want it to now due the brilliant implementation of Chrostini, but it is so goddamn slow. That does not mean I will not want a Chromebook for my next laptop, but It must have decent support for Linux, Windows, MacOS or a mixture of the three. I'll be buying in time for Christmas so if there is a release that is around that time that is still an option. So what do I want? Well I want a more budget laptop for around £500. Second hand options are most definitly encouraged. Performance wise - it needs to be able to compile programs *decently* but it does not need to be a powerhouse. In fact I value battery over power, as long as it has a decent mid-range i5 or higher (or equivelant) that should be fine. Battery life should be 5~ hours, but to be honest that isn't a massive issue. I would like USB-C in an ideal world. Preferably I want a clamshell, but a 2-in-1 or tablet with keyboard is fine too. IT NEEDS A GOOD KEYBOARD AND A GOOD TRACKPAD. The trackpad doesn't have to be in terms of Apple quality, but decent is a must. If you are knowalagable on the subject - what is Linnux support like? Not a need (as It will probably run LInux fine anyway) Things I am going to be doing on it: Light Programming for school Web development (possibly - but not specifically needed) some light gaming (CS:GO, some lighter emulators, Fortnite (if it can run Witcher 3 I will cry in happiness lol) School work Four tabs in Chrome (on this note, large amounts or reconfiguable RAM is good, but not a necsessity) My current shortlist Surface Pro 4 (second hand) ASUS Chromebook C302 HP Chromebook X2 Thanks for your time!
  13. limegorilla

    iMoved - moving from Android to iOS in 2018

    Rooting (for me at least) wasn't much of a hassle. Due to the sloppy attitude most manufacturers have with updates, the lack of them meant it was not that inconveniant as I only had an update per year to do, although I normally got a ROM with SU bulit in - like Lineage - for the simplicity in that regard. But I see less and less reasons now to root, with a lot of the things root was used for (battery management, themeing for example) now are intergrated into either OEM ROMS or Android itself. I hope this does not mean the community will die, but in my opinion it is not as popular as it once was, which is a shame. It is all too easy now to 'settle' for the stock experience - not that that is a bad thing, unless your on the Samsung Experiance, which is my pet peeve
  14. limegorilla

    iMoved - moving from Android to iOS in 2018

    I agree. I do think I will be upgrading next year to the XR however, simply due to the chip boost. But that will probably be around this time next year
  15. limegorilla

    iMoved - moving from Android to iOS in 2018

    Never having had a current flagship I can't really say, but for the most part I do agree, The way iOS handles apps seems to just work better than it does on Android, where just one app can hog all the RAM. I reckon this will start being a thing of the past with the new 8GB phones from people like OnePlus (and apparently a new 10GB version of the Oppo Find X) One thing I do really like is the uniformity accross everything. I mean, yeah a lack of choice and diversity isn't brilliant - and I still prefer that. But I know that if I went out and got a Samsung, LG - anything that didn't have a skin resembling stock - would have an as stock ROM on it as I could find one. The simplicity of going from setup>restore>"whatever my old iPhone was called" is bloody brilliant. Android has something kind of similar now but it's not as seamless in my opinion. It is something I am looking into. Over summer - when I got the phone - my only option was to stay on iOS 11 (something I wasn't going to do) but I will look out for it as it starts to come out. It just annoys me that it seems to be that if I want a jailbreaked phone I could be a full iOS update cycle behind. Thanks for the suggestions, they are definitely on my list. I will have to see what extra functionality I would have as the assistant is still brilliant, but somewhat restricted at times (things like connect to *insert wifi network here*)