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  1. There was the Titan X (Maxwell), then the Titan X (Pascal, the internet just started calling it the Titan XP to keep things clear), and then when the 1080ti was just a tad bit faster than the XP, Nvidia refreshed it as the Titan Xp (now with an official p™) so that the Titan line was faster. The naming scheme is still stupid, though.
  2. I set up my mother with one of these for the exact same scenario. Works like a charm. It has optical in and out, and it comes with all cables needed in the box. https://www.amazon.com/TaoTronics-Bluetooth-Transmitter-Receiver-Wireless/dp/B01KO1JNCA/
  3. You can allocate more ram to Java, if you're using the Java version. 12 GB is way overkill, unless you're running a shit ton of mods or something. And even then probably. But 8 GB works well, even with a lot of mods. He probably will want to use method 1, if he has the latest version on Java. https://www.wikihow.com/Allocate-More-RAM-to-Minecraft
  4. Well, technically I have the 65XF9005 because Sweden, but yeah, they're the same. Input lag is low enough for me. I'm not the most sensitive, but it's probably around what rtings measured for 1080p 120 (12.9 ms). I have no complaints in either Forza Horizon 4 (in HDR) or Injustice 2, both using a wireless Xbox one controller and Microsofts wireless adapter (not BT).
  5. I have a 65" Sony X900F connected to a HTPC. I run it at 1440p 120Hz 4:4:4, with no frame skipping.
  6. Broadwell E can be annoying to OC, especially with XMP or if you have a chip with a weak IMC. Ignore the ram to begin with and make sure the BCLK is 100. Set the multiplier for all cores to 42x, the voltage to... 1.34V and see if it's stable. Then either increase the multiplier or decrease the voltage. After that, OC the ram. Instead of using XMP, OC it manually. Set the speed, timings and voltage to what it's supposed to be. If you're unstable, bump down the speed and/or timings. Overclocking cache on BW-E is really not worth it (very little performance gains for a lot of heat and power draw), so 27x is good. I have a 6850k that I got to 4.4GHz @ 1.35V with DDR4 at 3000 mhz, and a 6900k that I got to 4.3 GHz @ 1.32V using the same ram, but at 2800 MHz. The IMC on the 6900k is weaker. I could also clock both higher, but it got too hot and loud for my taste and my cooler.