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  1. So bringing this OLD HP Pavilion TouchSmart / Sleekbook 15 back to life as a family member needs it to do small tasks on. "YES i am aware its an old AMD dual core CPU and so on.. but it will work for the task at hand." How ever the battery is dead and i need to replace it, i am looking at just getting one of the same capacity as the stock one but I was thinking if there where an original or off-brand battery with a larger capacity that would fit the machine ? Laptop Model HP Pavilion TouchSmart / Sleekbook 15-b160eo HP part number for the original battery "695192-001" But again unsure if there is a battery out there with a larger capacity that will fit the laptop, so any information would be helpful. Thanks
  2. A working Nintendo Gameboy dmg-01 with Tetris and Super Mario for approx $3 / 20 DKK A working Original Xbox with 2 games and one controller for approx $22 / 150 DKK
  3. Gave up waiting to be able to watch TQ on floatplane. gonna watch it on youtube, Good for me that i paid for the "OPTION" to watch it on floatplane HAHAHAH!!
  4. Speed test results done before opened floatplanes page. (Nothing wrong with my connection) There just seems to have been a ton of issues lately with floatplane.
  5. Its REAL *** BEEPING** Slow here on chrome at just loading the video list... and cant get any videos to load.. I know its just in "BETA" but come on...
  6. Sorry for the bad picture... But Classy as *BEEP* LOL!!!! HAHAHA or i might just be OLD... Drinking redwine and eating fancy chips while watching JayzTwoCents building with the new AMD Threadripper 3970x
  7. The pin that broke off what when i tried to correct the bend pins and it was one pin.
  8. UPDATE: Freaking AWESOME!!! the shop that i bought the the CPU from have handled the RMA case with AMD and have issued a full refund. WHAT are the freaking odds of getting this kind of good news on a Monday morning..
  9. YAY!!! update in the case... The shop here in Denmark will try and push AMD to RMA the CPU at the same time the talk i have had with AMD support... they have approved they will RMA the CPU So now the shop will ship the CPU to AMD and the shop also thinks that AMD will either refund or send me a new CPU.. So in any case at the moment it looking good. SO if you have had this happen to you I can recommend spamming AMD customer service
  10. YES there are a lot of things i "should have done" and I know them all... BUT i did not, forgot all about it.. and like i said previously it was a personal expensive lessons in remember what to do... and not to do
  11. Agreed... One of the reasons i got an AMD CPU this time was the cost, normally it would have been and Intel CPU but here in Denmark it cost double that of an AMD CPU ... well guess I did not save any money this time by going with AMD.....
  12. Already got a new CPU ... went out a bought a new one... will be eating pasta and ketchup the rest of the year!!! have send AMD a message but i am not getting my hopes up.. the store here in Denmark wont do anything, have asked them.
  13. YEP i know.... i just wasn't thinking.. I SHOULD have removed the stock thermal compound... and put on something good. But was just not thinking and wanted to test it all before putting it all together.. DOH!!!
  14. So this was an expensive learning experience.. Got new motherboard, CPU, cooler, RAM, PSU to upgrade my old rig. So to start i set everything up on the table before fitting it all into my case and also to test if everything was working. Installed the motherboard with the CPU, RAM, PSU and i oped to use the stock AMD Wraith cooler while testing on the table. And everything worked... no problem there.!! Now i had to take the stock AMD Wraith cooler off so i could fit it all in my case with the AIO cooler there. So i released the coolers locking taps and so on, but when i tried to remove the stock AMD cooler it felt like something was still stuck to the motherboard. I kept working slowly and carfully trying to release the stock AMD cooler and POOF!! it was off ......... and so was the CPU, it was stuck to the stock AMD cooler, and several pins where bend. *BEEP* *BEEPING* *BEEP* so after yelling a shit ton and breathing exercises, i locate an scalpel and some very fine tweezers and sat down to try and correct the damage. *BEEP* and one freaking PIN at the corner broke completely off the rest i got corrected. Brand new AMD Ryzen 7 2700X CPU DEAD as a Dodo.!! All because i did not take the time to remove AMD stock thermal compound from their stock cooler as it will kinda be like thermal compound glue... *BEEP* *BEEP* *BEEP* *BEEP* Sooooo digging deep in my pockets i went to a local store that had a AMD Ryzen 7 2700X in stock and got them to match the price from where i got the first one 1600DKK / approx 235 USD ... and now my new rig is running... expensive lesson learned... DON'T USE STOCK AMD thermal compound your CPU will almost be glued to you cooler... And not likely that AMD or the store i got the CPU at is gonna provide warranty on the CPU that i killed due to the thermal glue sorry thermal compound. OHH and on a side note... the NZXT Kraken M22 AIO has a mounting plate that goes on the back of the motherboard... soooo if your using an Asus ROG Strix B450-i Gaming motherboard that plate wont fit correctly, due to the taps it has for Intel mounting hole and they will on one side of the CPU rest on the soldering spots for you bottom RAM socket and a small chip. this will result in you motherboard not posting when both RAM sockets are populated. but its fixed by snipping those taps off for the Intel mounting hold on the mounting plate for the Kraken M22.. Again more lessons learned, even as i have been doing this stuff for over 20 years now. BUT YAY!!!!!! my new rig is running, but *BEEP* *BEEPING* *BEEP* i am beat... Picture... the last pin on the outer row is gone!!!
  15. @Stormseeker9 The CORSAIR SF Series SF600 80 PLUS Platinum 600 Watt is already in the mail and I should have it by tomorrow. So hoping that will help ... Also i just tried to flash my bios back one version and see if this will help.