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  1. So have been going to thrift stores and finding old broken radios and then gutting them completely if they could not be fixed. Then taking a cheap bluetooth speaker taking the internals out and cutting of the part of the housing where the button for controlling the bluetooth speaker was located with a dremmel. The fitting the guts of the bluetooth speaker inside the old broken and gutted radio, cutting a hole on the back of the radio with a dremmel to fit the plastic part with the controls from the bluetooth speaker then soldering back the wires for the speakers, battery and bluetooth module and getting it all stuck back into the radio with hot glue, epoxy and screws... Have done this 3 times now and have not been able to keep them for my self, as "that kind" of hipsters are basically paying what ever price i set when i am asked if its for sale... Approx. price for parts (in Danish kroner and USD) Broken radio 25 - 75 DKK / 3 - 11 USD Bluetooth speaker 149 DKK / 21USD Time for me to make one of these Time to make one... 1-2 hours Tools used Dremmel Flush-cutters screwdriver set. soldering iron. (solder, flux, ....) Hot glue gun (with glue) So here have the 3 i have made and all ready sold. at a OK price ;) Hope you like them. Currently I am looking for one to make in to a diy google home speaker, but I just have to locate the right model for that idea. Philips D2130 year 1983 Grundig rf310 year 1972 Star Lite RN-7 year 1952 (Really wish i could have fixed this one and had it working with the old tubes but nope all corroded inside from old batteries)
  2. @Radium_Angel Thanks ... been to the US several times love it there but would for sure also miss the things back in Denmark (but NOT the hardware prices here )
  3. So i am one of the many that are sitting and drooling over some of the awesome builds that are shown on the channels of LTT, Jayztwocents, Bitwit, Paulshardware, gamersnexus and so on.... Dreaming and dreaming about having those kinds of builds, but realising it's just never gonna happen, so we have to make the most of things as they are, and work with what we got.!! I did not plan to make this as a build log, but after being "done" with my setup, i kinda realised that i might not be the only one that is one a budget (Not everyone can afford the crazy high end builds of @LinusTech) So this is kinda gonna outline what my setup is and the cost of it all. As i am from Denmark i will list danish prices DKK and converter in USD prices as well just for the fun of it. Also just to outline why its on a budget, I am living alone with my son, working a semi crappy job for a crappy pay and have to make due with what you can get your hands on in a 2nd hand market, and also wanted to show what it kinda costs to put together a "budget" build here in Denmark that can do both ok'ish gaming and productivity work. Also keep in mind this is not build in one go, this is done over time, the computer was build with lesser parts that in the description and upgraded over time approx 1 year to the setup listed below. So this is my setup and the approx. cost of it. Desk: 2nd. hand MDF plate from an old desk "no legs for it" that have some kind of wood veneer on it, got this at one of the local thrift stores for approx. 150DKK / 22,40USD 2nd. hand Ikea KALLAX to use a legs on the wide end of the desk approx. 100DKK / 14.90USD 2nd. hand 2 ps.Ikea ADILS legs to use at the narrow end of the desk approx. 25DKK / 3.70USD Random board to attach underneath the desk so that the legs are the same height as the Ikea Kallax approx. 25DKK / 3.70USD Random screws to hold it all together. Total cost approx. 300DKK / 44.80USD Desktop workstation: Put together over time "approx. 1 year" and upgraded to its current condition. So the cost is spread out over time. 2nd. hand MSI Z87i gaming ac ITX motherboard approx. 300 DKK / 44.80USD 2nd. hand Intel core i7 4790 CPU approx. 1000DKK / 149.40USD 2nd. hand 2x8GB DDR3 1600MHz kingston valueram approx. 300DKK / 44.80USD New Samsung EVO 860 500GB Sata SSD approx. 640DKK / 95,60USD 2nd. hand Samsung EVO 850 256GB Sata SSD approx. 150DKK / 22,40USD New Asetek AIO 120mm cooler, given to me for free as from a friend at Asetek New 3 ps. Corsair 120mm pwm fans and fansplitter cable given to me for free as from a friend at Asetek New Corsair SF450 modular 450W SFX PSU approx. 600DKK / 89.60USD 2nd. hand Phanteks ENTHOO EVOLV SHIFT approx 500DKK / 74.70USD New. Asus GTX 1060 DUAL OC 6GB graphicscard approx. 1900DKK / 286.80USD 2nd. hand Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic keyboard approx. 400DKK / 59,70USD New (old/used) Logitech MX master mouse approx. 400DKK / 59,70USD New Steelseries arctis 7 headset given as a gift to me. 2nd. hand Creative speakers and sub-woofer approx. 100DKK / 14.90USD 2nd. hand 2 x Philips 241b4l 24" LED 60hz monitors approx. 600DKK / 89.60USD (NOT VERY GOOD MONITORS!!!) Windows 10 Pro key approx. 1000DKK / 149.40USD New Steelseries mousemat approx 149DKK / 22.20USD Lego men... "borrowed from my son" Free Random cables that is needed in a build, price no idea. Total cost approx 7139DKK / 1104.30USD Laptop: work laptop.... not mine Lenovo Thinkpad T460S and Lenovo docking station Intel core i7 6600U 20GB DDR4 memory 512GB Samsung m.2 SSd bla.... bla.. blaa....... (not mine DAMN!) Ohhh yes and here is the cinebench score.... WOOP!!
  4. Just got this from a friend that where about the throw it out... NOPE !! let me take that... Motherboard: Asus P5Q Deluxe Graphics card: MSI Nvidia 8600 GT 256MB CPU: Intel core 2 duo E8500 Ram: 4 GB Corsair dominator DDR2 1066MHz Ram: 4 GB Corsair XMS2 DDR2 1066 MHz Cooler: Arctic Freezer Xtreme
  5. Two questions regarding the black hole image... Is it just me or..... Did they just have 50petabyte of furmark lowres screenshots and just layered all the screenshots on top of each other and just called it a black hole to comer up what they been doing all these years.. Or is the black hole image just furmark without RTX on ???
  6. Where is it possible to view a some what in depth review of the Lenovo X1 Carbon 2017 laptop... I have a X1 carbon 2015 version that runs great and all that. I have read all the stuff on lenovos website and searched youtube and found some people talking about the X1 carbon 2017 while on the floor of CES 2017 But has any one done a in debth review of it yet ?? Also need to try and convince the IT guy at work to provide me witht the new one !!!