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  1. So we started using a CRM called Nutshell and everyone at the office is happy with it and is actually using it (FINALLY!) The only issue I have is when we go to create a new lead, person, or company there are some a few extra steps that are needed (on different pages) so while talking on the phone with someone it can take longer than we'd like. So, what I was thinking is I could write up a program (C++) that could integrate with the API. That way I can have a form that would have a few inputs so we can enter the new lead in with all the fields available on one screen and then send that to the CRM software with the ability to rotate leads between our sales guys evenly and also to integrate Google's Place Autocomplete API. This way when we're typing in an address it'll automatically lookup address to autofill the rest of the info. I just wanted to know if anyone else has had experience with using a JSON web API in a desktop application. I'd rather not waste a week of my time to find out there's going to be tons of code (like months worth of work) that would go into something like that. Thanks for any and all help/info you may have! Ryan
  2. Dad and Son Minecraft Server

    I will have to look into the recommended specs. Yeah the Server is actually going to be used for a couple other (smaller) things as well so it will be running anyway. Thanks for the input though!!!
  3. Ok, so I've done a little looking around and come up dry on this one. I play Modded Minecraft like religiously (seriously is there a meeting I can go to?) I got in to it to bond with my 8 year old Son on Daddy weekends and we both enjoy it a lot. So, I was thinking about figuring out a way to make it so that I can create a Minecraft Server out of an old Windows Server 2012 R2 Server that I have but I'm not sure how I'd go about it. I know you can download the Minecraft Server Software I did find that but from what I can tell you have to pay to run a Minecraft Server. Maybe I'm wrong on that one though. I would like to set up the Server so that we can both connect to it and play in the same world. I was thinking get some headsets so we can talk and build our world and just have a good time. I guess when it comes to the Server portion though I'm in the dark on what I need to do or if the Server itself is even going to work with that since it's really nothing special (HP Proliant ML350 G6). Anyone have any experience with this and could maybe give me some input on how I might be able to go about this. I don't want to open it up for anyone else but us two. Thanks, Ryan
  4. Basic Info: Server (HV2016) - Microsoft Hyper-V 2016 (Standalone Installation) Second Server (WS2012): Windows Server 2012 R2 Desktop (Win10-TechPC): Windows 10 Pro Domain: ri.local Issue: I'm trying to set up the Hyper-V so that I can install Server 2016 Standard in 2 Virtual Environments. I can connect through Remote Desktop to the HV2016 successfully I can also add it to my Server Manager but when I right click and select computer management it opens Computer management successfully and I can view the Event Viewer logs and see local users and groups but if I click on Device Manager I get an Access Denied Error and if I click on Disk Management I get an RPC Server unavailable error. I have disabled the firewall and I have enabled PSRemoting. I was following a video for the standalone installation but it was for hyper-v 2012 and they used hvremote and it doesn't work in 2016. Someone wrote in a comment how they were able to get it to work and I tried that with no success. The HV2016 is on the domain but I feel like I'm missing permissions (obviously) somewhere and just not sure where to go from here.
  5. Windows Server 2008 R2 Crashed

    Perfect! Thanks for your help.
  6. Windows Server 2008 R2 Crashed

    Yeah, I removed it and unfortunately no luck... I was kind of dreading that answer. I have a feeling it's about to be a long weekend of work. Lol
  7. So the other day our HR lady was on a website of some sort and SEP caught and quarantined a severe virus... Now yesterday our Primary DC (PDC) stopped working (still able to log in) so luckily I had our other server setup as a Backup DC (BDC) so we're limping along right now. I am in the process of backing up a local copy of the files on the PDC but I worked from yesterday at 10 am until 10:30 last night trying to get the PDC to work correctly again without success... I'm running into errors all over the place and frankly, I am running out of options on ways to solve the issue. I am to the point where I'm thinking it's getting to the point I've dreaded the most (reinstall) I would list out the things that I've tried but I'd be here for an hour writing a book. I have re-added the ADDS, DNS, and DHCP roles but they're still erroring out and I have the static IP setup but it's not able to connect to the internet or see any local machines. The main errors I'm seeing are "The DNS Server is not responding" and "The server is not operational" I've checked and double checked the settings and everything is correct. I'm thinking if I am going to have to reinstall should I just move on to WS2016 (or even WS2012) or should I stick with WS2008 R2. I know it's not going to be too long till I'm going to need to upgrade anyway so I was tossing around these options last night and wanted some input. Thanks, Ryan
  8. New Laser Engraver - HELP!!!

    So we purchased a Laser Engraver at work and I've been working on learning how to use the thing and trying to find resources to help me figure out the best ways to create nice designs so that we can start making money on projects but there's virtually no information that is of use on their website and you can't join the forum that they have because their tech hasn't fixed the issue it's having registering new users. I've contacted the FSLaser company multiple times and their tech support is lacking, to say the least... I was wondering if anyone else has any experience laser engraving so that I could collab with them to hopefully figure this thing out. I can engrave on wood just fine for the most part but engraving wine glasses is proving to be difficult. Just trying to find a good source to get things figured out. I wasn't sure where else to go to find help so I figured this would be the best place. Thanks for any and all help! Ryan
  9. Ok, so I'm going to try and explain this as clearly as possible without writing a book. So we'll see how well that works out for me. Lol I'm trying to create a Lead sheet program so that we can keep track of calls that come in and which sales person it went to. I'm trying to figure out how to take this XML data and have it populate the CheckBoxes and data for the ComboBoxes automatically. Like creating a "Template" maybe, so that I show the XAML that each CheckBox should pull the information from the Service tag in the XML and then the ComboBox should get its information from the SubService tags. I have looked around online but I can't figure out what exactly I'm looking for so that doesn't help. Here's a picture of the program. An example that makes sense to me would be like: <Window> <Window.Resources> <XmlDataProvider x:Key="XMLData" Source="./Resources/Data/ProgramData.xml" XPath="/Data" IsInitialLoadEnabled="True" /> </Window.Resources> <DataTemplate> <CheckBox ItemsSource="{Binding {Source="XMLData", XPath="Services/Service/@Name"}} /> </DataTemplate> <DataTemplate> <ComboBox> <ComboBoxItem Content="{Binding {Source="XMLData", XPath="Services/Service/@Name.Value="CURRENTCHECKBOXITEMSUBSERVICE" /> </ComboBox> <!-- THIS WOULD POPULATE ALL THE COMBOBOX ITEMS FROM THE XML FILE SUBSERVICE TAGS UNDER THE CURRENT CHECKBOX ITEM --> </Window> I have the TextBoxes and everything laid out and I have the Data for the ComboBoxes in an XML file that's located at Resources/Data/ProgramData.xml with the data laid out as follows: <Data> <Users> <user id="01"> <Name>User Name</Name> <Phone>555-555-5555</Phone> <Email>someone@somewhere.com</Email> <Position>Sales</Position> <isSales>Yes</isSales> <isOffice>No</isOffice> </user> <user id="02"> <Name>User Name</Name> <Phone>666-666-6666</Phone> <Email>someone@somewhere.com</Email> <Position>Manager</Position> <isSales>No</isSales> <isOffice>Yes</isOffice> </user> </Users> <Sources> <Source Name="Radio"> <SubSource>Radio 1</SubSource> <SubSource>Radio 2</SubSource> <SubSource>Radio 3</SubSource> </Source> <Source Name="Internet"> <SubSource>Company Website</SubSource> <SubSource>FaceBook</SubSource> </Source> <Services> <Service Name="Batting"> <SubService>New Construction</SubService> <SubService>Existing Home</SubService> </Service> </Services> </Sources> </Data> The XAML for the CheckBox and ComboBox is as follows: <StackPanel Orientation="Horizontal" Grid.Column="1" Grid.Row="11" Grid.ColumnSpan="3" HorizontalAlignment="Center"> <StackPanel Orientation="Vertical"> <CheckBox Content="Fiberglass Batting" Margin="0 0 10 10" /> <ComboBox Width="135" Height="25" VerticalAlignment="Center" Margin="0 0 10 0" HorizontalAlignment="Center" ToolTip="SubService"> <ComboBoxItem Content="New Construction"/> <ComboBoxItem Content="Existing Home" /> </ComboBox> </StackPanel> </StackPanel> Well so much for keeping it short... Sorry about that I am just at a loss on how to explain this really or search for it for that matter. If someone could point me to a page that will explain this to me or help me with what to search for I'd GREATLY appreciate it. Thanks! Ryan
  10. MInecraft Stuttering (I believe)

    So I played for a little while last night and it does seem to be 100% better! I will have to play more tonight to see how well it actually works but I really think that took care of it.
  11. MInecraft Stuttering (I believe)

    No, it's just hosted on my machine itself. I have the specs listed in the video if that helps you.
  12. MInecraft Stuttering (I believe)

    Oh man, I didn't even realize that! I don't remember ever changing the setting in the BIOS but maybe I was drunk trying to pull out my geek skills! I just bumped the ratio from 41 to 38 so I'm running at 3.7GHz now. I'll see if that helps and post an update later. Thanks for your help with that! Yeah, it would do the same thing with the FPS uncapped.
  13. MInecraft Stuttering (I believe)

    I actually haven't OC'd the machine (ever) so it can't be that. I disabled the firewall and the problem persisted, unfortunately...
  14. MInecraft Stuttering (I believe)

    So I've been trying to figure out why I'm getting stutter in my MC game. It's been happening for a while So I know it's not the world that I'm in or the version. I've tried without any mods and I've tried searching all over for a solution but nothing seems to help. I've installed the 64-bit version of Java and implemented the Java Arguments that are supposed to help to no avail... The Mods I have installed currently: Forge OptiFine JourneyMap Gravestones What are We Looking at I have gone into the nVidia Control Panel and tweaked the 3D Settings per the recommendations and honestly, I'm just at a loss for what to do next... Here's a link to the video that I made showing what's happening as well as my computer specs and nVidia Control Panel settings. I've tried a different Monitor, Keyboard Mouse with no change. Video of the Stutter Issue Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank You, Ryan
  15. C# - Fun Game For Kids

    I'll definitely look into that thanks!