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  1. Budget 1080p monitor for new PC Build.

    Thanks for taking your time to do this. The options are pretty affordable and look great! I think I’ll get the second one.
  2. Budget 1080p monitor for new PC Build.

    Also thanks!
  3. Budget 1080p monitor for new PC Build.

    So these the the best and reputable online stores for pc parts: uae.souq.com uae.microless.com
  4. Budget 1080p monitor for new PC Build.

    Yup that’s the problem. Prices here differ so much compared to the US. But recently an Amazon global store opened on a local e-commerce site called Souq, so let me check there.
  5. Okay, so I'm planning to build a new system, and need a monitor to go along with it. Here are the conditions: 1. Should be affordable. 2. Should be decently color accurate, since I do more editing work (Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere Pro) as compared to gaming. 3. High-Refresh Rate is not much of a need for me. 4. 1080p or higher is a requirement. Thanks in advance!
  6. First time PC build. Suggestions?

    Haha that's true in most cases. Unless in professional workloads and such.
  7. First time PC build. Suggestions?

    Also, willingly went for a SATA ssd instead of m.2 nvme cause again, m.2 nvme is much more expensive than SATA in the UAE.
  8. First time PC build. Suggestions?

    Yeah, my first consideration was the Core i5 8600K, and overlock it. But in my place, Intel CPUs are much more overpriced compared to Ryzen, that’s why I chose the red side. Even the 7600K, 6600K and 8400 are more expensive than a 1700X
  9. First time PC build. Suggestions?

    Hmmm. I’ll look into it
  10. First time PC build. Suggestions?

    Also, my brother plays fortnite, Minecraft with mods and shaders and stuff and I also do flight simulation. I’m using the 1060 cause just in case he wants to game, he should be also to at good FPS. He’s also looking to get into pubg.
  11. First time PC build. Suggestions?

    True. Guess ill stick with the CX550M, cause future proofing. ANd didn't consider coffee lake cause they are more expensive here.
  12. First time PC build. Suggestions?

    Thanks for the suggestion! I was planning to use 2X 8GB sticks of DDR4, but accidentally selected 1 stick in pcpartpicker by mistake. Thanks for pointing it out! 1. Ripjaws are less costly here, but out of stock for over two weeks. Will wait and watch for availability. 2. SSD is available, for the same price. Thanks for the suggestion! 3. MasterWatt series not available here, so went for the cheaper CX550M.
  13. First time PC build. Suggestions?

    Actually I’m going for the 1060 cause I want to use it for GPU acceleration in Prmeiere Pro and After Effects. Als, some gaming by my bro so.
  14. So this is my first time building a PC. I think I’ve picked out some pretty well balanced parts, but I do need a second opinion 😁. All prices of parts are based on UAE prices, since that’s where I stay currently. Part prices are pretty variable here, sometimes over or underpriced compared to the US. Use case scenarios: I’m more of an editor, doing photo and video work. My bro does some gaming, but this build will be more focused on programming/editing. Using the 1060 for CUDA acceleration in Adobe Applications. I’m also a flight sim enthusiast, using Microsoft FSX and pay ware addons. Also I am using 2X8GB sticks of DDR4, ignore the listing in the image. That was a mistake. https://pcpartpicker.com/user/aditya_rts/saved/gWpsJx Part list image attached below. My queries: 1. Will the stock wraith spire cooler be enough to OC to 3.9/4 GHz? 2. Also need a good recommendation for a decent 1080p monitor. 3. Is the CX650M a decent PSU and is 650 Watts enough? Also if you guys have any part recommendations please do tell me. Thanks in advance! Aditya.