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  1. The screen is a TN Panel. Not the best in color accuracy or viewing angles......Try to get a laptop with an IPS Panel
  2. Hey, I have a Sony Alpha 37 currently, and want to upgrade to a Nikon D5300. I already have two lenses for the Sony, an 18 - 55 Default lens and a SIGMA DG 70 - 300 lens. Can I use these lenses on the new Nikon using an adapter? If so which one?
  3. The Wattman error is related to Radeon GPUs. But CPU failure with GPU error is something ver unlikely. This has occured in laptops with radeon cards, and had to do with windows tellin the mobo to go to sleep state. But for a desktop, I have no idea.
  4. Also, what is your CPU cooler?
  5. Just try unplugging and plugging back the cables as a first step.
  6. Hmmm.. I also found the SkullCandy Method Wired for the same price, but reviews say it overexaggerates the base a LOT.
  7. Hmm... I did not know much about Vega, my bad. But maybe Ryzen instead of the 7500?
  8. Actually, 3200Mhz RAM is pretty fast..... no bottlenecking will happen there.
  9. Yeah, the upgrade for crossfire not worth it now. Vega is coming out soon, but in late 2017, so...
  10. Hey! I have been on the lookout for a great budget in-ear headphone. Currently, I am looking at the ANKER SoundBuds Sport or the Adidas Monster Sports Supernova (LMAO that name tho). Cannot go over current budget. THese headphones are similarly priced in my country. If you were to choose, whch one would be a better steal? The ANKER is wireless, while the onther one is not.
  11. All's well. Exept maybe you could save some money by going for a less watt power supply? Just a suggestion.
  12. That's great. So the rest of the parts for the PC have to be bought?
  13. The FX-8320E has the most number of cores for a little more than the i3 6100, which has 2 cores compared to 8 cores on the FX. Most games only require 2 cores, but if you really want to futureproof, go for the full 8 cores. If your friend already has a GTX 1060 which he can lend, this will be a lot easier.
  14. One more question. I have not considered buying any case fans for the build, and I was wondering if the NZXT S340 has enough fans pre-installed. Also, is the case good for a first time builder?
  15. Excited to build soon, but may have to delay. Going to be my first build, but have to delay due to certain personal reasons. 😭😭