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  1. theminnesotanman

    Looking at getting a boom arm for the at2020

    looking at getting a reliable boom arm for my mic. the edge of my desk only has about 3/4" clearance because there are support boards/ steel rods on the edge of the desk. was wondering if that would be enough space to use a clamp mount or would i be better off just standing it on my desk with a mount in front of my face.
  2. theminnesotanman

    >$1800 CAD Purely Gaming Rig

    have you even looked at prices of mobos dude, you can get a b350 board for less than 100 and you cant even find a z-170 under 120
  3. theminnesotanman

    Are gaming chairs worth it??

    Personally ive have a Herman Miller Aeron and an Embody as well. Currently have a dxr tank. honestly like most people are saying just get one that comfortable. (If you can afford an Aeron i would highly recommend it)
  4. theminnesotanman

    Have the g910 looking to replace it

    currently have the logitech g910 keyboard and i looking at either getting the black widow chroma v2 or the k95 plat. To anyone who has owned or own either the specific keyboards or ones similar what are the pros and cons and what wouldyou guys recommend. I do general programming, gaming, editing, etc. usually at my desk for about 8- 12 hours a day. Looking for something comfortable and a little clackier than the g switches on the g910. Thanks for any help
  5. What is this float plane thing that's I've been hearing about and how do I sign up/ watch the float plane videos
  6. theminnesotanman

    new to overclocking. gimme the basics

    this is what my card is currently at (its idling if it matters) i want to know much more i can get out of the card before i start seeing problems. I have never really had a problem running any games but if i could run them better thatd be nice. basically i want to know if there is really a need to oc and if so where do i begin on doing it and also how do i know how far i can get it (not looking to max the card just looking to get more performance). any help is appreciated. Thanks all.
  7. theminnesotanman

    new to overclocking. gimme the basics

    okay. ill probably buy the 3d mark ones. What do you mean blow vrms? like actually destroys the card? ill probably start my oc this Saturday night and ill post back my results. Thanks so much!
  8. theminnesotanman

    new to overclocking. gimme the basics

    also how long should i run tests to make sure its a 24/7 oc? should i run it for a day or so?
  9. theminnesotanman

    new to overclocking. gimme the basics

    okay. so heaven, fire strike and time spy are free and furmark is paid for?
  10. theminnesotanman

    new to overclocking. gimme the basics

    what are some good free benchmarks? do i want the power target all the way up? how much should i move the memory offset compared to the gpu clock?
  11. theminnesotanman

    watercooling case

    personally have a 750d airflow. have 1 120mm rad and a 280mm rad (both aios) and still plenty of room. also there are pre determined spots for reses and pumps. Would be an awesome case to do a loop in.
  12. theminnesotanman

    Smartphone with fake dual cameras

    iPhone beta here. only got it cause i had the note 7 and returned it due to the battery issues. it was in between phone cycles and i had no phone to use
  13. theminnesotanman

    How many PCIe Extensions is TOO MANY??

    gets cucked by admin because point made is pointless
  14. theminnesotanman

    GPU Recommendations £500+

    personally have the 1080ti hybrid card from evga. Games wont utilize it to the max. I left it at base speed and still have 200+ frames in most games on ultra and less optimized games like pubg i play at 1440p at 110-120fps. But i mainly bought it for 3d rendering and auto cad for school and im the lead designer for my robotics team. for strait up gaming the 1080 is a perfect card.
  15. theminnesotanman

    SLI Config does not show up in NVIDIA control panel

    Also with what board wouldn't the cpu he has matter as well? because many of the pcie lanes come from the cpu so in that regards it could be an sli compatible mobo but just not enough pcie lanes off the cpu to run a sli config.
  16. Found out it was the ram thank you everyone who responded!! it was at 3066 but then i dropped it to 2886 and everything boots perfect now! thank you everyone! <3
  17. This is my full build X370 taichi mobo 1700x kraken x62 16gb (2x8gb) corsair vengeance 3200 at 2933 1080ti hybrid once in a while my computer will go through a phase of Abbott loop where the computer will boot and run through post codes until it his f9 then it will restart. Can't find anything on google anout this error code so was wondering if anyone could give some troubleshooting or insight on what to do?
  18. Currently have a single pg279q asus monitor at 165hz. was wondering if i added another 60hz monitor would cap the framrate of my monitor. Ive heard this complaint about the monitor but thought i should ask before buying a new monitor. edit: my gpu is the 1080ti hybrid from evga
  19. theminnesotanman

    want dual monitor setup. will it cap the refresh rate?

    alright i will be looking for some monitors tonight and will probably be picking one up tomorrow. Thanks all for the responses it has been a huge help!
  20. theminnesotanman

    want dual monitor setup. will it cap the refresh rate?

    So just to be clear. As long as i dont use a gpu bounded task on the second display, it SHOULDNT cap it but if it does just check and see what the fps is at on my main gaming monitor.
  21. theminnesotanman

    want dual monitor setup. will it cap the refresh rate?

    so run both on DP. Alright. Im gonna start looking at some monitors. how do you check what refresh rate the monitor is running at. how will i know what my main is running at when i plug in the other monitor.
  22. theminnesotanman

    want dual monitor setup. will it cap the refresh rate?

    okay. also since we are on the topic of refresh rate. Ive noticed and some recent youtube videos that they(bitwit, jayztwocents) can display the current refresh rate of a monitor in the upper right hand corner. Do you know how to do this?
  23. theminnesotanman

    want dual monitor setup. will it cap the refresh rate?

    so basically keep it to just the web based programs and obs?
  24. theminnesotanman

    want dual monitor setup. will it cap the refresh rate?

    how would i stop this from happening?
  25. theminnesotanman

    want dual monitor setup. will it cap the refresh rate?

    okay sweet. any good recommendations for sub $200? Preferably from bestbuy (there is one just down the road from me.