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  1. Ambitious NAS on a shoe-string budget

    Thanks @Jarsky for all this wisdom. I'm probably going for an hybrid, perhaps I'll use some virtualization to set up a proper linux for the NAS part and have windows on the TV side if I wanna stream games, or a more user friendly linux if I keep it to just movies and web browsing. If I am going to spend some money on a GPU, I might just take the GTX960 from my main rig that I've been planning to upgrade for quite some time (I bought my main PC at a time everyone could tell Maxwell cards were going to be replaced soon, so I didn't spend much on the GPU). And I'm not buying a brand new i7 just because intel and netflix tells me that's what I need for 4K (yes, I am one of those guys who pay for Netflix but still sometimes download their content from illegal sites just to get them in 4k, and I find that pathetic). Given what I'm finding on the french's equivalent for craigslist, I'm probably definitely going for a second hand Xeon too, my gosh these guys are cheap, and they're not even always very old : I found an 8-core e5-2650, in a bundle with a MoBo and 32gigs of ECC memory for 350 euros, and there are tons of guys just throwing away their old servers for less than the price of the PSU inside... I'm thinking Linus should do a Scrapyard wars server build
  2. Ambitious NAS on a shoe-string budget

    Well that is not going to hold 12 drives and I'm not in the US so it definitely won't do the trick. I'm not buying that kind of harware anyways, for a few reasons : 1 : no, it's not cheap at all. I don't need super fancy disk bays with hotswap features like Synologys have. Just a buch of drives piled on top of each other in some dark corner. 2 : I don't mind setting it up. I love linux environments, and I love troubleshooting them. On the other hand, i HATE not being able to troubleshoot anything and being reduced to raging against the manufacturer in frustration. 3 : This is not meant to be a clean, shiny-looking build that I will give to my grandma when complete. It's a trash-recycling build, meant to be used by someone who just loves to be in a love and hate relationship with his machines (that is me). I want to be able to tinker with anything at any moment and I'll probably break it a thousand times trying to make it better, but hey, that's perhaps mostly why I want something like that, who actually NEEDS local storage when you have a 500Mbps internet connection...
  3. Ambitious NAS on a shoe-string budget

    Well I don't really know. If i can get a decently working system for approx. 500 euros or less, I'd be considering it right now. Anything more expansive and I'll have to save up money for a little while. I don't need RGB fans or anythging labelled "Xtreme gamers' Overkill edition", I don't need it to be hosting dedicated game servers, and of course who needs a case when you have some cardboard and plywood. I know that for gaming hardware you have be willing to invest a decent amount if you want the best "bang for your bucks" but from what I'm seeing in my first searches for this kind of project I guess the cheapest possible would be best. I have no problem with using a CPU which is not very energetically efficient if that means I can get one with better specs for cheaper.
  4. Ambitious NAS on a shoe-string budget

    Well apart from supermicro, do you have any examples ? Buying anything from supermicro would be ludicrously expansive right ?
  5. Ambitious NAS on a shoe-string budget

    Oh okay, so then my best option would be to pick some 'regular' PCIE to SATA cards right ?
  6. Ambitious NAS on a shoe-string budget

    Nice thanks I'm seeing prices for RAID cards right now and I'm thinking why does a glorified PCIE to SATA adapter has to cost so much ? Does anyone knows of any cheap-ish option for a bunch of RAID cards ?
  7. Ambitious NAS on a shoe-string budget

    Oh and also, is there a perfect linux distro for nas servers currently ?
  8. Hey guys, My father just gave me 6 1TB Seagate Barracudas which he isn't using anymore at his company. I'd love to put them to use in a NAS/Home server. I have some expectations but I'm still hesitating on some key points of the design, so any help would be appreciated. I have many questions but try to consider the global picture if you're so kind to answer any of them. Please also consider that I do not know much if any at all about server and NAS hardware, so the following may be complete nonsense. -First, RAID ? Basically I'm hesitant on which type of RAID to choose, and I'm not even sure if I should do any RAID at all. I'd like to have as much storage space as possible, I already have a 3 TB crappy WD NAS and it's completely saturated. So redundancy on the storage would probably not be a good thing, but I'm wondering if a RAID array optimized for speed (data split on multiple disks) would not be too risky. Does that necessarily means that if one of the drives fail all of the data is lost on the 6 drives ? -Then, I guess I have to choose some kind of MoBo. Basically I'd like a cheap MoBo with a grillion SATA ports. Obviously 6 would be a minimum but I'm thinking, why not open the crappy WD NAS and get its drives too ? Plus I already have 2 extra 1TB drives lying around and I can probably grab a few more. Let's say maybe I could get to 10 or 12 1TB drives. Is that ludicrous ? I mean if I was buying anything I'd obviously buy some 2 TB or even 3 TB drives but I have all these lying around unused, so it would be nice if there was some relatively cheap way to take advantage of all of them. The end result is going to be big and ugly so I really do not care about the mobo format. -Third, is the "features" I'd like to have. I want to use this mainly as a NAS, but I was thinking why not also use it as a media player ? Is it reasonable to hope that I could build a system which both allows me to run a dozen sata drives and also has some kind of hdmi output that I can plug on my TV ? From there, and given that I'd like to keep it as cheap as possible, can I expect to be able to : read 1080p or even 4k content from the drives, browse the internet from my couch, use steam streaming to play silly games on my TV ? Or would it be more reasonnable to build a dedicated machine for this kind of use, and just have the NAS as a 100% storage oriented build ? Last but not least, should I buy used parts if I really want to save money or is it not a good idea for that kind of build ? Does it make any sense to buy an old xeon for a fraction of its former retail price, or are they so cheap for a reason ? Thanks for any advice you can give, as you've probably guessed by now I'm completely lost.
  9. Power-line networking versus wifi in an old massive building

    So, time for an update ! I received my UAP-AC-PRO today aaaaaaand... Thanks for all your advice guys !
  10. Power-line networking versus wifi in an old massive building

    Well this does help, the point of this post was to determine which of wifi or powerline would be best in my case, so thanks for your contribution I'll definitely check the wifi option. I think most of my current problems really come from the crappy hardware inside my isp provided router. BTW can you imagine that this thing is actually so shitty that the pages on the network configuration interface take up to one minute to load, and then whenever you change something ; well it just crashes and reboot. Made by geniuses I tell ya.
  11. Power-line networking versus wifi in an old massive building

    I've looked up the M2 and M9 nanostations and these are not cheap at all, especially if I have to combine ai pair of them with other devices... Given that my place is quite small I would definitely prefer a one-thing solution, and if I have to spend a little more why not then wait a couple months for that new Unifi AP HD because these specs, damn, they look attractive...
  12. Power-line networking versus wifi in an old massive building

    Hmmm, I see the point but I'm quite concerned with the speeds I could get in 900Mhz or 2.4G given the catastrophic speeds of the actual router on that bandwith... Ubiquiti might do better though I got something that might not be actually 'very basic' but it's all i have http://imgur.com/XBAZd4F Green cross is my dekstop, red one is where the modem is and in blue the general area where I intended to put the AP initially. My room's wall is concrete, but not the one of the room where the modem is. So as you can see, both doors are aligned with my PC so I think a well focused beam could do the trick. Btw if that's of any importance, on the PC-end i got a dedicated ASUS PCie AC-68 (that's 1300Mbps on 5Ghz and 600 on 2.4 according to the specs). So I think even if I could get a decent 2.4Ghz nearing 500Mbps or so I would be able to max my internet connection. Thanks for all your advices by the way
  13. Power-line networking versus wifi in an old massive building

    Well I would like stuff pulling even more than that ideally, but basically not to a lot of stuff and nothing really far away, my desktop computer mainly, and eventually to my room mate's stuff in her room. The appartment is organized around a central corridor so I was planning to put the access point there, so really nothing would be far from it, that concrete wall is my only concern, I wonder exactly how much of the signal it would absorb. I sometimes manage to connect to the router's 5GHz antenna and pull some 350Mbits on average but I usually loose connection after a few minutes and switch back on the 2.4Ghz with speeds anywhere between 5.5 (most of the time) and 50-ish Mbits. Doesn't solve the problem if if I put different SSIDs, it actually makes it worse because the computer doesn't have anything to switch to when it loses connection. Forgot to mention, but there is actually a door in this wall so that I can enter my bedroom (really well thought indeed). Would it make any sensible difference if I aligned my computer, door and access point on the same line (that would be selfish) ? Also, your stuff rocks kerradeph, although I think we might not have the same budget here
  14. Power-line networking versus wifi in an old massive building

    Thanks for that clarification, then I guess I'm going for the wifi because I download stuff in 4K and everything but I don't actually do a lot of online gaming, and it's mostly minecraft. And even that is on some rare occasions, I just love Kerbal Space Program too much to have free time to spare for any other game
  15. Power-line networking versus wifi in an old massive building

    I could put an access point next to the wall, I just can't move the actual router cause the geniuses from the ISP thought it was a brilliant idead to actually put the TV decoder in the same device as the router/AP/cube of poo. Are you saying that the UAP-AC-LR actually has better range than the Pro ? I don't need that much range, 50 meters squared is not big it means that if the AP was in the center, no point in the appartment would be more than 8-10 meters away (30 feet or so I think). What I'm looking for is more speed and raw power ! The internet connection is fast but I'd also like something near Gigabit to transfer files to my NAS (it's nothing like a fancy fast NAS anyway though)