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About dragno

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  • Birthday 1982-08-02

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    Australia Sydney


  • CPU
    I7 8700K
  • Motherboard
    ASROCK Z370 Taichi
  • RAM
    32 GB Trident G.Skill RGB 3200MHZ
  • GPU
  • Case
    NZXT H500i Matte Black
  • Storage
    Samsung 970 EVO 1TB M.2, Samsung 970 EVO 500GB M.2
  • PSU
    Corsair RM850x 850W 80 Plus V2 Gold
  • Display(s)
    Asus ROG SWIFT PG348Q 34.0
  • Cooling
    NZXT Kraken X62 280mm
  • Keyboard
    Razer Blackwidow Chroma
  • Mouse
    Razer Naga Trinity
  • Sound
    Razer Nommo Chroma
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. dragno

    Microsoft Store won't open because Administrator

    Nvm problem solved a complete wipe and re install did the trick
  2. dragno

    Microsoft Store won't open because Administrator

    My account has Admin as well
  3. Hi there, My problem is when I open Microsoft Store i get this message on my screen. Have googled it done the Group Policy editor and Regedit as well nothing works. Tried a USB Window reinstall that didn't change. All the other apps work except this. I have a second machine and it works fine. Thanks in Advance.
  4. dragno

    Might need to upgrade

    Well everytime i did got it up to 1400Mhz it would run the bench fine, but after i would let it run some more but it would crash. I would give more juice still lead to a driver fail or a hard freeze.
  5. dragno

    Might need to upgrade

    Hey i've spent sometime doing some overclocking and boy its fun doing it Here is my result of it http://www.techpowerup.com/gpuz/details/draec/ MSI Afterburner Settings Core Voltage: +20 mv Power Limit Max Temp Limit Max < Priority Set Core Clock: +95 MHz Memory Clock: +400 MHz Temp (benching) 75 - 78 Temp (in-game) 78 - 80 It's not much i think i know other have overclocked it higher i think but it's what i am comfortable with.
  6. dragno

    Might need to upgrade

    Thanks you the reply I will monitor that closely, I have set to game mode using the ASUS software.
  7. dragno

    Might need to upgrade

    Hey just add I'm running 2 x Benq RL2455 and 1x Asus ROG SWIFT PG348Q as my display. I'm just wondering performance wise i'm getting around 50 - 80 FPS in BF1 on Ultra settings I'm not complaining but im just wondering if my cpu is bottleneck. In the Division im getting 50+ solid and that is on Ultra. Also my FPS thats a nose dive to 20FPS when im in the character loadout not in a match in BF1, i don't know why? And now that i've seen the new 1080 ti and Ryzen i really thinking of just keeping this rig as backup and just start from scratch.
  8. dragno

    Might need to upgrade

    I use Maya, Zbrush and Photoshop
  9. dragno

    Help me spend 1k on "swag"

    Atm i have no space, I'm planning to do that.
  10. dragno

    Help me spend 1k on "swag"

    My Collection atm, it's a Working progress
  11. dragno

    Help me spend 1k on "swag"

    I would start looking here https://www.sideshowtoy.com/ - premium stuff
  12. RAM is important for video editing the more the better, SSD in 500GB should be find for moving video being worked. GPU wise i think a 1080 is kinda overkill unless you need the textures for 3D rendering so even a 1070 is good enough. Since you have monitor include as the budget i think you should look at Premade $2000 and start adjusting for what you need it. What applications are you going to use? Might want to budget that as well.
  13. dragno

    Dell UltraSharp U2414H screen scratched

    I know that car polish + scratcher in the same compound works great which i have seen on a car but yea not really sure about the thickness of plastic of the monitor. You think by now that our monitors would have something like gorilla glass on it or something.
  14. dragno

    Dell UltraSharp U2414H screen scratched

    http://www.wikihow.com/Fix-a-Scratch-on-an-LCD-Screen I know its for phone but its worth a shot also if you are going to try it do it on small one section to test it.
  15. dragno

    Crash when using nVIDIA card

    Make sure you do a clean install as well.