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  1. SSD is the latest piece of hardware I installed in 2020 january. And I have installed Ubuntu in 2018. And never update Ubuntu after installing that SSD ?
  2. This is the boot menu. I have dual booted windows with Ubuntu. Windows on 250 GB SSD and Ubuntu on 500 GB HDD and the other 1 TB HDD is for windows storage. But my problem is when I remove the 500 GB HDD which has linux on it. This Ubuntu boot menu stills shows up in Boot Menu. Even if there is no hard drive connected in my PC still this Ubuntu option shows up. If I try to select this Ubuntu option if no HDD connected it just shows that select a boot drive with a black screen. But after connecting the 500GB drive it just boots Ubuntu normally. It was not like this before. This Ubuntu option used to go away when I used to remove the Ubuntu 500GB drive. Now it stays there for ever even with no drive. I am planning to install Manjaro KDE. But I am a little afraid to break something because it feels like its embedded somewhere in my BIOS and my BIOS also holds my windows 10 activation key, which I don't want to loose. This boot option acting a little weird. When I remove my windows 10 drive that UEFI boot option goes away. Can I fresh install Manjaro over it? I have 385GB NTFS for windows storage on 500 GB drive and rest 80 GB for Ubuntu. But now I learned a little bit about linux now I want to give 150 GB to linux with separate /home. I was thinking to delete the 80 GB partition from windows and then increase the size to 150 GB then install manjaro. But this boot menu scares me. Will this boot menu cause any problem?
  3. Actually thats what I'm asking. And I also do wanted to know which file triggered it. So that I can work on it
  4. Thanks for replying. My PC is from 2014 I guess. So almost everything is older. I recently installed a 1TB Seagate HDD along with a Samsung 860 EVO. Rest I have a LG optical drive, old 500GB Seagate HDD, Gigabyte GT710 GPU. 2+2 GB RAM with Pentium G2030 and Gigabyte H61M-S mobo. My mobo is using older drivers as its system manufacture released its drivers on 2013 and never updated it. Edit: I did all the test and it shows test completely completed and no errors found. So I should be concerned or ignore those BSODs?
  5. Last night I was playing CS: GO and was not able to connect to a server so I rebooted my pc and then I tried to join that server and I am able to join it. Then after playing I shutdown my windows. Now in the morning I turned on my pc I saw a BSOD telling me that the system got an error and needs to reboot and it rebooted then I analized the memory dump file and the mini dump file and I am not able to know what caused that error. It happened twice so far after installing windows 10. I freshly installed it on 20th Jan 2020. Here is the memory.dmp and mini dmp (I have pasted it in pastebin) It would be great if someone can tell me what is the actual cause of the problem. Thank you.
  6. Thanks for replying. But when you reboot even if fast boot enabled its gonna show the newly attached hdd right?
  7. Yesterday I went to a seagate service center with my 1TB Seagate Baracuda which had around 1976 bad sectors. They instantly replaced my HDD with a new Recertified one. I came home and try to install in my PC. But its not showing even in Disk management (I have windows in SSD). Nor in BIOS or Boot menu. Even if its the only HDD plugged in my PC not detected anywhere. I also tried installing windows 10 with a flash drive and in disk partition menu it shows no drive detected. I plugged my 500 GB HDD and booted Ubuntu from it (It had ubuntu in it). That 1 TB HDD not showing in gparted also. But one thing I noticed is when I plug my 1TB HDD its not detected anywhere but the motherboard logo shows for really long(around 30 seconds) when I boot the pc up. But when I remove my 1 Tb HDD that mobo logo just shows for like 2 seconds. Anything I can do to fix this error please help me.
  8. Its a flash drive (Pendrive). So do I need to worry?
  9. I have a 8 GB pendrive and I have some useless data on it which I don't care loosing. But it has around 240 MB free space and the windows shows that the pendrive is almost full and shows a red bar instead of blue. So, if I leave it like that forever completely filled. Will it damage my pendrive? Actually I have windows 10 and some drivers and softwares on it.
  10. I have this motherboard and I want to buy a SATA SSD 240 GB Kingston or maybe WD green. But this mobo is from 2013 I guess will it support these ssd? I heard something about ACHI must be there in BIOS. But I don't have complete knowledge about it. Can anyone tell will any ssd work in my pc? CPU is G2030.
  11. No its kept on my desk , I barely even touch the chassis except the power button
  12. Happened twice. 1 was 1 year old and other is 4 months old.
  13. I wanted to create a windows bootable pendrive. I have a 32 gb (around 29 gb usable space) pendrive and the windows iso is hardly 6 gb. So what I thought is if I make a 7 gb partition and keep windows bootable image there. And make the rest 22 gb separate partition for normal usage for keeping files etc. Will it work or is there any better method to get this job done?
  14. I got a new HDD Seagate Barracuda 1 TB this August 2019. And now I have 2016 bad sectors in it. My previous WD 1 TB HDD which was 1 year old also failed due to bad sectors. I wanted to ask why my new HDDs getting bad sectors so quickly. I shut down my pc properly and I do have a UPS so it won't shut down suddenly due to a powercut. My windows boot file is corrupted and it shows that windows not able to diagnose your pc and gave me option to restart or go to advanced menu and still I am not able to fix it. I think I need to reinstall windows. But still if someone have some knowledge why my HDD is dying so fast and getting bad sectors so quickly? A months ago it had around 150 bad sectors. But my 2nd 500 gb seagate hard drive which is almost 5 years old has no error or any bad sectors.
  15. Can you recommend any reputable source for KBDUS.DLL?
  16. Already verified the integrity of game files but still having the error
  17. thanks for your reply. How and where to set the time limit of troubleshooting?
  18. Limited budget. Just answer my question will this gpu work on my pc?
  19. Motherboard Graphics Card Motherboard specs says it has a 3.0 x16 pcie slot and the graphics card has 2.0 x8. Will this graphics card work perfectly fine on this motherboard? Is it compatible?
  20. 20$ I don't care about quality unless it doesn't hurts when worn for longer period of time.
  21. Today my headphone broke. I want to purchase another one. Can someone suggest some good quality closed back over ear headphone for CS: GO with mic under 20$. Mostly I am looking for light weight and comfortable for longer gaming sessions.