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  1. Can you recommend any reputable source for KBDUS.DLL?
  2. Already verified the integrity of game files but still having the error
  3. thanks for your reply. How and where to set the time limit of troubleshooting?
  4. Limited budget. Just answer my question will this gpu work on my pc?
  5. Motherboard Graphics Card Motherboard specs says it has a 3.0 x16 pcie slot and the graphics card has 2.0 x8. Will this graphics card work perfectly fine on this motherboard? Is it compatible?
  6. 20$ I don't care about quality unless it doesn't hurts when worn for longer period of time.
  7. Today my headphone broke. I want to purchase another one. Can someone suggest some good quality closed back over ear headphone for CS: GO with mic under 20$. Mostly I am looking for light weight and comfortable for longer gaming sessions.
  8. PUBG mobile is a trending game in my country now.
  9. Why does this person follow me

  10. There are a bunch of random alphabets are in the crash lpg file. I am new to linux and I am unable to understand it
  11. I switched to linux from windows. Because I was bored with it and also wanted to learn linux.
  12. I am using Ubuntu Gnome 16.04.4 64bit. Suddenly my system froze two times today and this error pops up. How can I fix this ?