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    shawn803 reacted to Chris is awesome in I Need pseudo code help   
    Well, you need 2 variables and a constant, the tip, then just write it out in plain English e.g,
    var total as real
    const tip as real = 18/100
    var bill as real
    input bill(56.23)
    total = bill+ bill*tip
    Output total
    Always remember to indent and use sensible variable names.
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    shawn803 reacted to fizzlesticks in I Need pseudo code help   
    I guess it depends on the language but the tip shouldn't/can't be constant if it is given by the user.
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    shawn803 reacted to Thunderjolt in I Need pseudo code help   
    I wrote this in Python quickly
    Bill = input ("Bill here: ") Tip = float(Bill)*0.18 print "The Tip is: "+str(Tip) print "The total bill is: " +str(Bill+Tip)   input ("\n\nPress Enter to Exit")