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  1. I have looked but maybe in the wrong place. Here is my problem. So I've heard that the "Linkup" SLI cable is suppose to be one of the better SLI quality cables. And yes, I know SLI is basically dead for new games and titles. I have always liked SLI, that's just me. But to the problem. I have two 9800 GTX, two GT 545, 2 GTX 285, two GTX 680 and using this linkup cable (i have two i just bought) i get all kinds of crashes and graphical anomalies. i used these cables on each set of cards, same result, BUT the old orange " flimsy" ones work perfect on every paired card. What could be the issue? And please don't scold me on why I'm testing or using SLI, lol!
  2. Thank you for the responses. I just basically wanted to see if using some type of adapter/external psu to supply the backplane power so i could access 4 250GB SAS drives independent of a server setup/motherboard! I do not have any need for a server. I was able to get these for free and decided, wth not? I was thinking at least I might be able to sell some of the parts. Never turn down anything for free!
  3. that is the problem, i am using the original RAID card and the backplane receives power from the motherboard. the connectors from the backplane to the RAID card is a single connector. It's kind of hard to explain. It's like the data and power are all on one interface instead of separated like on SATA. from the raid controller to the backplane, the cable is one LARGE connector. on the other side of the backplane is where the actual drives connect, but the backplane needs power. I was curious as if there is an adapter that converts the 10 pin backplane plug to maybe use with a standard ATX power supply? thank you
  4. I came across 4 HP Proliant dl385 g2 servers, for free. I was just curious, the scsi adapter "LSISAS1078 C1 has two connectors that connect to the backplane. The backplane is powered by a 10 pin power plug. As an experiment, is there some adapter that I can use to power the backplane so I can use it with the scsi adapter to connector sas hardrives? it is just an experiment! thank you!
  5. I can confirm it is a driver issue. I am using the current version of msi afterburner and tested evga precisionx and both work under the 391.xx driver release in win 10x64. I do not know however, which driver version creates the problem! Problem fixed and thank you LoGiCalDrm for the suggestion!
  6. I know i am late, but thank you for the response. I will try an older version of nvidia drivers and an older version of msi afterburner. Again, thank you! I will post results!
  7. First, is this the correct forum to discuss MSI afterburner. I was debating on posting in the graphics card forum, but this forum is listed as software. Please, if I have posted in the wrong location, let me know so I can post in the correct forum. If this is the correct forum, then my problem is listed below! specs: core i5-4460 16GB Gskill DDR3 crucial 128 GB SSD Samsung 250 GB SSD asrock z87 extreme4 antec 850 Watt PSU GTX 780ti problem: to start off, i have never had this problem until i installed the most recent version of afterburner. after install, i restart windows as told. mind you, all i want to do is set the fan curve to be a little more aggressive. after i set my fan curve, the problem starts when i click apply! the PC comes to a grinding halt or intermittent freezes. it's like a traffic light, stop and go. I was able to check cpu usage using taskmanager and the cpu usage spikes at 100% for 5-7 secs, (computer is unresponsive or very, VERY slow to respond) then drops to normal for a few secs then spikes again at 100% for 5-7. Only when i uninstall afterburner does the pc work correctly. the thing of it is, i tried installing evga precisionX, and that program mimicked the exact same behavior of msi afterburner. What could be the problem?
  8. OMG, I have found a problem and should be kicked in the a$$ for it! So, my pc has a 4770k right? Come to find out, when you fail to look or remember replacing my i7 with a celeron 1850, this usually and IS the problem! i had forgot that i removed my i7 and put it in Asus motherboard, and put a celeron 1850 in this (ASRock) board! no wonder there was stuttering or really lack there of! this is a HUGE bottleneck with the 2 cores running 100% usage constantly, even with no action on the screen, and the GPUs never reaching 30% usage! it is AMAZING, what replacing a celeron with a core i3 4370 will do!
  9. ah, yes! well there could be my problem! im launching games right off of the icon on my desktop!! my monitor is an old Asus! It does not have freesyn or g-sync as an option and vsync setting is off!
  10. i have reinstalled the drivers, but i have not rolled back to an earlier version and i havent run the game through the amd "control panel", although i run firestrike through amd's contol panel with the same severe stuttering! so, i will try the two suggestions first! As a little extra info, with crossfire disabled, gpu-z shows both card as identical, the the memory vendor the only difference! the odd thing is, when crossfire is enabled, gpu-z shows the second rx 580 very different! it shows the amount of memory with autodetect as the vendor and the memory bus as 32 bit and the core clock at 700mhz and the rest of the info is greyed out i can verify this b/c when i open msi afterburner, the core clock is 700mhz instead if 1411mhz, but when crossfire is disabled both cards show the correct speed in afterburner, just only one being used!
  11. I am trying to test tom clancys the division using two powercolor rx 580s in crossfire! My problem is severe stuttering! I have seen micro stuttering, but this is far worse! This is a continuous stuttering so bad that actual FPS drops by almost 70% on medium settetings! And its not just the game, firestrike, unigine's heaven and superposition, GTA V, and any tomb raider verion! All suffer from this problem! specs bellow intel 4770k 16gb ram crucial 512gb SSD 2 powercolor red devil rx 580 antec 1200 watt PSU ASRock z87 extreme4 most recent amd drivers
  12. Never mind! the IC fell off so that ends this thread, lol!
  13. well, thats the problem, im not good at sodering(sp) but i wouldnt have any idea what to connect it to. the solder points looks as if they were ripped with ic chip! hopefully the pic will give a better understanding of what i am trying to say!
  14. I just picked up a GTX 690 from Ebay. The card looks good, but needed a good cleaning, dust everywhere. I found a soft bristle small brush and cleaned the PCB side of the card first. Now my question comes when i found a IC chip labled A219 at the bottom of the card at the back end of the PCIe interface. This IC chip is a 8 pin chip and was hanging on by only one connection point. What is the purpose of the A219 IC chip. I am reluctant to install the card as I don't know if it could cause additional problems. Thank you!
  15. thank you VERY much for the feedback! if you dont mind, let me give a little more information! and YES, the GPU and mother are old! the motherboard is an asus a8n sli using amd cpu! now the gpu is or was new in box as if 3hrs ago! it is a Asus dual 7800GT GPU! the issue i am having is only 1 GPU is being utilized, but both are being detected! this card is specific (doesnt say why) to only like 5 boards! i have 3 other motherboards supporting SLI, 2 Asus boards and one EVGA board! one asus and the evga use ddr3 memory and the other asus board uses ddr4 so i have a wide variety of boards and this card will not utilize the second GPU on any board even running winxp, win 7 x32 and x64 or win 10 x64! i dont care for the card, but a friend of mine is a collector and he is about to go ape $hit for me to sell it to him! i hope that info helps