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  1. I recently build a new pc and have had alot of issues that have been super annoying also NZXT CAM gives me good temps for both cpu and gpu Specs: windforce oc 1080 8gb ddr4 2666 asus z370 prime p nzxt kraken x62 i5 8600k (tray cpu if relevant) s340 elite white 120 gb kingston ssd 1tb barracuda I have played games like gta v which gave me insanely good fps in story mode upon buiding the pc and now in gtao im getting 80 to 60 when driving as well as it only on medium high fortnite is alright but on performance settings i only get around 80 -100 fps in tilted towers when there is lots of building in a playground also dragon ball xenoverse 2 A STUPIDLY LOW demanding game had like a solid 144 and when i start getting into bigger fights with more characters it drops to like 50 and doesnt go back up until the mission ends even if everyone dissapears?? also idle on windows i have around 30 40% ram usage when my user is using like 1 gig of background stuff which i did originally think was windows fault but 40?? cmon idk All 1080p btw ask any questiuns you need to because im confused that i spent 1200 on a pc to have it be outperformed by my friends 1060.
  2. Hello so my evga 750gq is not fully screwed in with as it wont align with the case however it is very sturdy in place and am wondering if it will work and if not how to fix it thanks!
  3. my monitor is 144hz non freesync also i dont like v sync
  4. I have a pretty decent PC (Rx 480 i5 6500) but whenever i play games and enter open areas or areas with enemies my games fps drops bad and even if i am still getting like 150 fps after the drop games look unsmooth and what seems to look like micro stutter occurs any help is appreciated
  5. @Brooksie359 so should i get a xl2411 an asus VG248QE or should i fork out extra and get an xl2430
  6. @Brooksie359would that be the same case with 144hz say a benq xl2411
  7. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Alienware-AW2518HF-24-5-inch-Response-Free-Sync/dp/B074JDKN3Q/ref=sr_1_5?s=computers&ie=UTF8&qid=1517344701&sr=1-5&keywords=alienware does anyone know if this monitor is good for csgo or not or should i get something else
  8. @Vandorlot is freesync necessary to remove screen tear alot of the time im over 144hz btw i have and amd card
  9. @themctipers why do you reccomend benq also does dual link dvi give a disadvantage over dp also i experience screen tear
  10. ok thanks man also do you recommend xl2411 or xl2430 also does dvi dual link gice any advantages/disadvantages over dp
  11. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Alienware-AW2518HF-24-5-inch-Response-Free-Sync/dp/B074JDKN3Q/ref=sr_1_5?s=computers&ie=UTF8&qid=1517344701&sr=1-5&keywords=alienware is this monitor any good for competitive csgo because i dont see any pro players using it and i am considering just getting a regular 144hz benq and am wondering if this alienware is good because it doesnt seem to get many amazing reviews compared to the benq ones thanks
  12. AH4

    Help choosing monitor

    why are they the same price tho is there any specific thing people dont like the alienware for beacause its not very popular also this is for csgo