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  1. Oh dear. I think i have watched this 3-4 times and I'm not comfortable. The issue i have is i feel my chip is running at 1.4 stock.. Anyone willing to help out.. I might be doing anything right. First AMD Ryzen build
  2. I know this is a old thread but did you follow a guide? I'm new to AMD
  3. Side panel is off. the case is a coolermaster old thing lol i don't remember the case actually
  4. 75ISH, THE wraith cooler has a different mounting and you just turn a knob once it's seated
  5. Idle 47C maxs at 59C using a wraith cooler in windows
  6. I'm coming back in hopes yall can help me.When booting into windows I get the logo and the spin for a sec then it goes black. I have installed windows 10 3 times. The 2nd two times i took my damn time doing it. The install took about 1 hour (on purpose) and i never lost video. I have tried 2 different video cards. I have booted into safe mode and uninstalled drivers. and left it running for 15 mins no issues. What am I missing
  7. it's working for the most part. I have a weird issue with video but i think it's a bad install of windows. thanks all
  8. Yeah so i had 20 mins to replace the board or try the update. Stupid me replaced the board with a asus tuf x570... and guess the F what... no post the AMD fan doesn't turn on. the RGB on the Mobo does though.. over 30 years building my own PC and this one is the one that is going to drive me up the wall
  9. Anyone tell me if the ASUS - TUF GAMING X570-PLUS is a good board?
  10. Well F' I have no other Ryzen CPU's this was my first foray into AMD since my DX4 100.
  11. I just purchased the Ryzen 7 and a MSI B450 Tomahawk, the box says ryzen 3 ready so i figure that the board does not need the bios flashed. I have a power supply that worked just a few days ago. I have it on my make shift test bench and I think i have the power switch hooked in right but nothing.
  12. Bah, it looks like all the 49" 144hz panels are VA that i have found that use PbP
  13. THANK YOU!, if you know any by chance cool if not google here i come
  14. Hello all, I hope that the title did not confuse anyone. I need some help. I think i remember a video where linus had multiple PC's hooked up to a single monitor and each of them owned a portion of the screen. My issue is that I'm a gamer and I currently run 144hz but I also work from home. I'm currently using 2 monitor I'd like to drop down to a single monitor and when I'm at home I can have my right side of the screen be my personal PC and the Left side of the screen be my laptop hooked up via a dock. anyone guide me?