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  1. I enable xmp but it display at 3200mhz so I press the reset button to let the xmp to reset because error q code show up
  2. my windows is 1903,OS Build18362.207 my friend's windows is 1903, OS Build 18362.175 our aura ver are also 1.07.66
  3. today I updated three intel drivers: 1. intel-system 2.intel corporation-Bluetooth 3.intel corporation-display and three updates for Windows Defender Antivirus will it be the reason? the only hardware issue is I put 2400mhz ram and 3200mhz ram together...
  4. I just transfer my boot ssd to another rig and reinstall aura. the result are the same as before. that means it is the problem of aura and windows 1903 not the problem of hardware?
  5. is it just my mobo's problem? my aio and ram will kind a refresh after reinstall aura but my mobo still keep the same color
  6. I tried it just now. now I still can't open aura. btw when the install wizard is 100% the top of that window will fresh is it the onboard aura chip error? because I mess with the ram(I think it is the reason)
  7. my aura ver is 1.06.68 I download it from https://www.asus.com/campaign/aura/jp/download.html I go to settings > storage then find aura and click uninstall I extract all the files because the system will ask me do u wanna extract all files I run everything as administrator and I use aura for a year this problem I have never happend
  8. today I installed another two dimm of ram into my system. after that it kind a fail to boot because the speed are different of the rams(I think). so I hit the on board reset botton and hope it can disable xmp. but the boot was too slow so I press the safe boot botton next. then I feel it is not safe so I pull the new two dimm of ran out and boot in to windows. after the boot the problem shows. I can't open aura and my on board rgb leds stuck at the color that I set before. later I downloaded the g skill rgb software. the soft can't let me in but I can get into the aura to change the lighting for the ram. I tried uninstall aura 5 times already(now I think it is an error of the mobo on board data) I also frash back the bios and update again but nothing happened. btw my aio did not show up in side aura mobo: maximus 9 formula cpu: 7700k ram: old set 2400mhz trident z rgb new set 3200mhz trident z rgb aio: strix lc 240 it is unable to fix?
  9. the cpu usage is around 75-85%. i use msi afterburner
  10. but the performance of the 2070 inside the 7500 rig is almost the same or even worse than my old 1060...
  11. the difference of two rig are so big and the 2070 in 7500 rig is not stable at all. is it the lanes or the power problem?
  12. my 2070 only have 60-80% load on gaming. My cpu is i5 7500 that have 16 pic-e lanes and my mono is strip b250f that have 12 pci-e lanes. My rig also have a ssd and a hdd using 6x sata. Is my rig do not have enough lanes for the 2070 to get the peak performence? Or my mobo do not have enough power phases to let the rig stable and perform well? p.s. i also used a z270 formula + 7700k rig to test the card. the card can perform over 90%.
  13. make sure you peal the plastic of the copper plate
  14. I used msi afterburner to check the gpu usage
  15. I didn't experience the previous driver and I can't find any wrong report posts of this driver, btw I saw a bios update for the mobo and the name is It's not the normal 1xxx
  16. My rtx 2070 only have 50-60% load on pubg and battlefield v. Should I update the bios of my mobo? I've already installed the lastest nvidia driver for the gpu. Or I should go to send it back? Or it just a cpu bottlenecking? My rig: i5 7500, strix B250H, 16gig ram 2400 MHz, gigabyte windforce rtx 2070
  17. Can I use two gpu(gtx580&680) non sli for two displays? My rig is z270-e strix, 7700k