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    born premature, came premature, died premature - some movie I've seen awhile back
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  1. Okay, but is it a 120 pin sodimm or 260? What's the pin count???
  2. Does anybody know what kind of RAM this laptop uses? I know it's DDR4 but I don't know what kind of pin number it is, like 260 or what not. Thanks.
  3. The PC won't have a direct internet connection, it'll just use its built in wifi The PC will be connected with a standard HDMI cord to the TV for display and Audio The PC itself will be used for internet browsing and light office tasks. Nothing too big
  4. Hey techies, i need some help with a project. My uncle asked me to pick out a Smart TV that's preferably 45" could be a little less or more; he likes Vizio, and he wants it to be wall mounted. On top of that, he wants a new windows PC to be able to be mounted either on or next to the TV on the wall, so I figured something like the Intel NUC, but it has to be small and thin, so it sits flush with the TV. Price isn't a big thing, however, the PC must be win 10 (I'll provide a copy) and I don't think he needs anymore than an i3 with 256GB must also have wifi included. Also a wireless keyboard and mouse would be nice, doesn't have to be RGB but if it's backlit that'd be gnarly Please and thanks guys, I'd love to hear your insight. Also links to items please.
  5. Well, maybe not albino (no offense meant) but I have this pc and its a white and clear All in One and I wanted to get a matching keyboard and mouse maximum budget to include both is 150 USD $ any reccomendations?
  6. yeah man I got this MSI Trident 3 case and the mobo is even weirder, everythings uber compact lmaooooo
  7. yes, but like, im super analytical and stuff, whats your verdict? please decide for me
  8. nah, just cruising on ebay, the 2400 doesnt list a specific brand or model etc. and its 3 bucks less than the 2133 which is a kingston hyperx impact module
  9. will a 1060 suffice? will the 2133 be alright?
  10. system in question is a i7-7700 and a gtx 1060 6GB
  11. So im browsing for some 2x8GB 260 pin ram and I found two sets: one 2400 and the other 2133 is the difference significant? I'm going to be using this for gaming. Neither one has a built on heat spreader, but RAM doesnt get that warm.... does it?
  12. I wish I was as brave, I just need a enclosure thats mountable which can house a mini itx with a lga1151 socket some ram and an m.2 or ssd
  13. I will check out this website for sure, thank you for everything so far