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  1. MastaDragons

    Best Gaming Laptop

    Whats the best laptop with 17 inch screen, i9 processor, Full RTX 2080 (Not a Max Q). Any laptop even in future releases.
  2. MastaDragons

    Lenovo Y740

    My sister has been thinking about buying a Lenovo Y740 both good for gaming and productivity work from the RTX 2080 Max Q. The problem comes with the upgrades and the wifi card. Am i able to put a Intel Wireless AC 9560 inside?
  3. MastaDragons

    Typing Keyboard

    Which keyboard/switches has the least acuation point for typing. DasKeyboard with Gamma Zulu Keys and Roccat Vulcan 120 with their titan switches
  4. MastaDragons

    Looking for a good Protective Iphone Case

    I have a Iphone 8, and the rhinoshield case is the SolidSuit
  5. MastaDragons

    Looking for a good Protective Iphone Case

    It might drop at certain occasions but no throws like intentionally
  6. MastaDragons

    Mobo won't post

    you can just buy a cheap mobo on amazon less than 100$ USD and use that for now
  7. MastaDragons

    Mobo won't post

    RMA the motherboard
  8. MOUS vs RhinoShield whats the difference?
  9. MastaDragons

    Pc build help

    I think you should invest in a ATX Case with an ATX motherboard for future upgrades. I suggest getting a Asus Z390-A prime motherboard for $183 since Asus makes some good quality boards. I'd also suggest getting a P400S or Fractal Design Meshify C since it has air filters so you don't have to clean your system alot
  10. MastaDragons

    Does it fit

    Specifically Asus ROG Strix one but if any RTX 2080TI can fit just lmk
  11. MastaDragons

    Does it fit

    Will two RTX 2080TI SLI fit in the new Phanteks P600S
  12. MastaDragons

    How many watts do I need?

    That computer is for a friend
  13. MastaDragons

    How many watts do I need?

    Pcpartpicker doesn't have RTX Titan
  14. CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700X GPU: RTX TITAN (x2) MEM: 32GB DDR4 G.Skill Trident Z RGB SSD: Samsung 860 PRO 1TB HDD: Seagate Barracuda 6TB Case: Phanteks P400S and then the NVLink for Titan SLI
  15. MastaDragons

    Which case

    May I ask why you recommended me the Meshify C and not cases like the P400S?