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  1. Budget (including currency): 5000kr to 10000kr, in US its $900 - $1130. Country: Sweden Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: CSGO, DOTA 2, Europa Universalis 4, Crusader Kings 3. Other details (existing parts lists, whether any peripherals are needed, what you're upgrading from, when you're going to buy, what resolution and refresh rate you want to play at, etc): I want atleast: 700W PSU 16GB RAM 1TB(HDD) + 500gb(SSD) Harddrive Im trying to find something out but im really bad at AMD cards and cpus so cheaper builds are difficult for me. EDIT: Im an entusiast, i have serious problems with not buying the best on market
  2. if you have 124 tabs then yeah, you are special
  3. Here i got something unusual for ya! Im getting myself a new laptop for about $2700, it gotta be a gaming but it should not look like one. Im considering Razer Blade 15 Adv. or GE65 Raider MSI. Do you have any other recommendations that are stronger and better for the pricetag? Or are these the top 2 there are? Then which one should I pick?
  4. Just like any poor/jealous man would say
  5. Hey I want to buy a new graphics card but i feel like new stuff is going to ge released in august, the cost of 2080 TI has gone down with about $400? so it feels like somethings up.
  6. SolidWorks is really GPU heavy, the better graphics card the better you can run these kinds of programs. If you also want to play games a good CPU is extremely important. Do you want a laptop or a stationary pc?
  7. none of those mentioned are 4k, having 4k on a laptop is not just expensive af but also unreasonable, useless. The screen is so small so it doesnt matter if its 1440p or 4k.
  8. Jesus christ! This is just crazy! hahah wow thats cool!
  9. Yeah but good watercoolers are better than poor aircoolers too
  10. Heey! As in title, how do you clean a Razer Gigantus for example? Is it ok to throw it in the washing machine or should you wash it for hand? Maybe not wash it at all? Pros and cons?
  11. Hello! I wonder, just watched the new ROG Matrix and noticed the extra 2x4 pins on the card made for fans. The program claims to check the cpu temp and then the gpu temp, but what happends if i connect the cpu radiator fans to the gpu directly? Will they still work on the cpu or will they adapt to the gpu? If they dont keep on working to the cpu, then why do you have these pins? What is the reasoning to have 2 special fans dedicated to the graphics card when they cant influence the card effectivly?
  12. Well that sounded difficult but its really just turning on "multicore enhancement"
  13. do i have to lock it on 49x100 cause its shifting between (8-49)
  14. boost clock is 4.9 right? now for some reason i get 4.6, does the update give me it all? checked a few days ago and it said 4.9. Cause the boost should be active when get it out of the box right? the multiplier is at 46 and not 49 as it should?
  15. i bought 9700k and maximus code and my programs say it runs at 4.9/5ghz
  16. Hello! I have been gone from hardware for a while, what are currently the best gear for gaming? Is the i7 9700k the grand master now or does i7 8086k still have that title? Hows Graphics cards? 2080 ti main ruler?
  17. Honestly, I dont see the problem. CSGO is filled with bugs right now which makes the fps drop, one for example is that for every round that passes you lose more and more fps if you open the scoreboard. In round 2-3 you may lose 1-5 fps but as more rounds stack up you lose more and more, one guy lose up to 60 fps due to this problem. Pubg is a demanding game and this is what you payed for. Id invest in a better graphics card and CPU. Ram in csgo and pubg is optimal at around 12-16gb RAM. Even I get fps drops with my build in csgo, its currently trash.
  18. Im going to get myself a new switch but i know nothing about switches except that i need a gigabit switch. Are there anything special or different about switches except VLAN and more ports that I should think off before buying one? Im not intrested in Wi-Fi or VLAN I just want a switch that can keep up with my internet speed.
  19. Hello, my sister is moving out from our parents house and she wants a new router for just netflix and normal use. She asked me for advice and im thinking of recommending this. Is it good? I prefer 5ghz over 2.4ghz but range wise, she going to live in a 23 square meters apartment. Is it OVERKILL? If you got a recommendation it will have to be cheap (around $105) but with good quality.
  20. They almost look like these but with 2 wires...
  21. I recall having simular in school when i was younger but I just dont know the name of them!