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  1. Recently I have been noticing that LTT is making add's for GlassWire. I understand that it is a network activity tool, but I genuinly wonder why it would be worth investing in software like that. Is anyone using it? If yes. Could you please give me some insight as to why one would use this software?
  2. Seems like normal behaviour to me since it simply doesn't need to use the card at full capacity.
  3. It is fairly common for manufacturers and Providers to roll out updates in waves. Most likely suggestion I can make is that your device is not elligeble yet since your wave is not here yet. AT&T apparently is doing a waved rollout for this device. If you wish to be sure you could always consider contacting your provider.
  4. So, do you notice the latency? Or does it work just fine?
  5. Could you tell us a bit more about the devices? Sounds to me the phone might simply not support the Australian Sim for some reason. Band issue perhaps? I am just grasping though.
  6. Blue screen is a possible sign of a overclock being to much. Same as artefacting. Those things are not the only signs though. When things are to much in extreme cases systems can even refuse to boot up. Seems indeed like the overclock is to much of a burden for sustained loads. 3D mark requires a heavy toll, but for a limited amount of time. Is there any similarity in the running time before the systeem freezes? You could try strekking stuff a bit more by running a benchmark mutiple times in a row. And again, do the Windows logs show any useful comments? Edit: Please note that it could also be the CPU OC and that this will normally not result in artefacts. BSOD could happen but are not guaranteed.
  7. Based on your story I can think of two possible origin points that caused the freeze. The game crashed the system hard The overclock was to much. How long do you have the overclocks running on those frequencies en did you stresstest these overclocks? What do the Windows System logs tell you about the seconds and minutes up to the freeze and power loss by manual shutdown?
  8. O the memory acces violation makes me think that it's trying to pick a fight with DirectX. Silly question but do you have the latest version installed? Could you check DxDiag for errors in the tabs? If there are none shown try: 'fixing' DirectX 10 (that's what Overwatch uses me thinks) by downloading and installing it from the MS website. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=8109. Don't forget to reboot before trying if this fixed it. If an error is shown don't install the Directx 10 package and tell us what it says. Worst case it will require you to do a fresh install of Windows 10. If both things result in nothing please let us know. I can think of another possible problem, but it seems unlikely.
  9. Assuming you have your drivers installed correctly and the settings in Windows 10 are correct things should work like that. Physical size will not be considered, but topcorner on display 1 should end in top corner display 2. If this is not the case be sure to check you settings. The advanced settings of Windows 10 gives you a lot of control when things are not working properly. In regards to the scaling issues I have experienced this too. Windows 10 can't always handle the scaling between displays it mostly depends on the program. There is not much you can do about that yet. Hopefully this works better in the future.
  10. It's going to be a exciting experiment. Can you please update us on if this worked? In theory I don't see a problem, but in practice many issues could arise,
  11. Even when you search for it? You could simply just try to install it again using the NVIDIA website. Link I am almost 100% sure you can't configure these assignments with the Intel driver tools.