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  1. https://youtu.be/vf7vT389vVA?t=2099 34:59 Quote from Linus on the WAN show. I'm interested to hear what other think of this. ".... multiple people on staff here, that are being forced to come in on the weekend, in order to get our videos done on time, it's not right, it's not fair, and it's completely unnecessary" It might be unnecessary from an outsider's perspective but I fail to see how that's AMD's problem, there may be good marketing reasons. What about the many people who are "unfairly forced" to watch LTT live streams at unsocial times... No one is forced, LTT chooses to follow and review other companies, it can't be their problem to fit your timetable. There are benefits and drawbacks in every line of work.
  2. I think they're right about the VR situation, it's mainly the click bait title that went too far and bit them in the ass. Now they've changed the title.
  3. Slightly off topic but I just want to say how incredibly well mannered and intellectual your kids are at such a young age. This can only happen with consistent good parenting over a prolonged period of time. They will surely be a large asset to society in the future.
  4. Mainly thinking about ryzen 3000 but if anyone has any information on previous releases of processors or other products to get a rough idea. By all accounts Ryzen 3000 is being announced at CES in January so how long would you anticipate until you can actually purchase one? Straight away? 1 month? 3 months?
  5. Tesla has single handedly ignited the change to electric vehicles, that was Elon's goal, not to take over the automotive industry but to make them want to change and sustain the push. That's why they started with luxury cars, as others have stated it changed people's perspective, got the desired attention. It's phenomenal how quickly things are changing and how normal electric cars already are in such a short space of time. I think it's amazing how well Tesla has done despite the onslaught of negativity and unfair criticism they've faced. It's like abusing an 18 year old for not being as good or efficient at work as a 50 year old veteran. They're young and not perfect, but they may well go on to lead the world. We're lucky Tesla wasn't killed by these short sighted nihilistic people. The big players obviously had their reasons to try and take down Tesla but many of the general public just seem so short sighted... stating their gas car is better, well I'm not surprised given the decades of refinement and infrastructure, it's the '50 year old employee'. You don't buy a Tesla to save money right now. If you have the money it's about creating a better future, one without air and noise pollution, and one with less extreme weather cycles. I agree with the repair issues and wish Tesla allowed 3rd party repairs but it could well be a necessity right now to limit the chance of more negative press when inevitably someone fixes something wrong and Tesla get the blame.
  6. I was looking for a new SSD but frequently found spikes in prices just for the black friday weekend. It's still not a terrible deal overall but they actually raised the price by 50%. https://uk.camelcamelcamel.com/SanDisk-PLUS-Sata-Inch-Internal/product/B01F9G46Q8
  7. I was wondering if there was an actual use for these and this sounds pretty neat. Otherwise I've never thought to myself I wish I could make the room red today, or go to the kitchen and have it all blue... I can see content creators using them for lighting effects or people wanting something fun to play with but you must have cash to burn as I can think of many other better things to buy. If you just want remote capability there are far cheaper options without the RGB.
  8. I had no idea that the ryzen 14 to 12nm was not a new architecture so I rely on reviewers like yourselves to tell it how it is. I agree with your frustrations, I hate the marketing deception, we don't all have the time to dig into every product we buy to find the truth, and it's not just in the tech area. I don't think companies will take notice of this because their goal isn't to make good products, it's to make money with good products being a possible requirement to achieve that goal but it's not a necessity. They won't let morals get in the way of money. There will always be a big basket of people who just buy anything based on advertising so companies aren't going to just stop this practice. Knowing this, my request is that you and all reviewers keep digging out the truth, tell it to us how it is with every product and make it clear for those of us who do seek out reviews. Don't assume we know even if it's obvious to you guys following tech everyday.
  9. I totally agree with what was said in this video. This has the potential to be really good. There is a gap in the market for a "portable desktop/workstation". Something to rival the eGPU option. There are plenty of options available if you want a thin lightweight laptop with the thermal issues that come with them. A thick relatively heavy laptop like this doesn't matter and is in fact a positive for the better cooling, higher performance and upgrade-ability. It's to be used once you arrive at your destination as a desktop alternative, not literally as a lap top else go buy one of the many other options. The biggest turn off for me though is the styling, it has no place in a business environment unless you want to explain to everyone including your clients how it's not unprofessional. If it looked more like a thick version of a macbook or Dell XPS, a clean look, then I bet even many "gamers" would appreciate it more. I know this because I'm a gamer as well and can't stand the gamer aesthetics.
  10. Wow! This is a HUGE deal, I know nothing about VRM limits or what that even is really. Time to learn more about this as it cries out as a huge deception tactic from intel to me. I always thought any motherboard could fully utilise a stock chip that was socket compatible.
  11. A lot of people seem to be upset at Linus over the intel thing but my take on it is that we've all been burned so many times by misleading advertising and lies that many of us have come to accept what we can't control and not trust anything they say so why even bother trying to critique in house benchmark results, history tells us not to trust them so why are people surprised, just wait for the actual release. If you want to get upset, sure, it is wrong that manufacturers can do this but perhaps frustration would be better directed towards advertiser regulation.
  12. For starters I believe this was just deep banter, when you've known someone for such a long time there's a connection outsiders won't see. I have friends where we insult each other to a point that outsiders would think we're on the verge of fighting but it's actually a really good friendship. This has been touched on by some people here already but this is a problem with society now, people looking for reasons to be offended, and now even when it doesn't apply to them! This restricts our ability to communicate with each other honestly, scared to offend someone despite speaking what you truly think or even being factual. Our schools and governments might try and wrap everyone up in cotton wool but the world is still a real place where good and bad things happen. If you can't cope with some words then you're going to struggle hard when real problems occur. Realise this, wake up, toughen up, grow up and get on with life. TLDR: Watch Jordan Peterson videos
  13. Buck converter or buck/boost converter would have helped here.
  14. I'm sick of this as well but it's not just Apple, all companies find loopholes to save money. There's only one solution to this and that's to change the law. We need to get rid of those corrupt individuals in power taking bribes from large companies and put those who are in touch with the modern world in charge. Get rid of the people like those in the Mark Zuckerberg hearing who have no clue about modern technology and the rapid progress of civilisation.
  15. I think the opposite, people are more interested in others failings so are more likely to stay and watch, that's why the media focus on 90% negative news coverage because it gets the most views.