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  1. Is there a specific service you'd suggest trying?
  2. I live in on the East Cost of the US, and I'm trying to play Borderlands with a buddy of mine from Australia. Is there any chance I'd be able to get us both on a VPN hosted somewhere in-between us, so we can balance out the latency we have to the game? I really want to play the game together, but sending a jump input makes me wait around a whole second before it happens.
  3. I've tried other joycons, and the console is almost always up to date. It's definitely a problem with the connector on the switch.
  4. Recently my Switch's left joycon connector has stopped allowing connection to the console for handheld mode. It still charges, but I am not locked into using my switch as just a home console. Is there any way I can repair the connector? I've tried using a toothbrush on the connector, but it hasn't worked. My switch is also out of warranty, so I'm kind of out of luck there.
  5. Tokeegee

    Running Steam on Mac Pro 2006

    Actually I might give bootcamp a shot.
  6. Tokeegee

    Running Steam on Mac Pro 2006

    That kind of defeats the purpose. Can you even install windows on this hardware?
  7. I recently bought a Mac Pro 2006, the original dual xeon version, and I wanted to run some old games on it. The original owner installed an 8800 GT on it, so I wanted to see what it could do. Unfortunately I can't install steam on this system, because it's not supported anymore. Does anyone know if there is a way to install an older version of steam so I can at least launch the games, I don't need the new friends list or anything, I just want to launch games. Is there a better way to get games for this computer? I was really hoping to be able to do more with this system, but nothing seems to support OSX lion anymore!
  8. Sorry if this is the wrong part of the forum to put this. I don't know where would be appropriate to talk about expansion cards. I tried posting about this on the Blackmagic forums, but they moderate literally every post you make, so it's taking forever to get anywhere. I have a Blackmagic Intensity Pro (non-4k) that is not taking HDMI inputs. I've tried using my main computer, a PS4, an Xbox 360, and a Nintendo Switch (which as far as I know doesn't have HDCP), and nothing shows up in Media Express, or OBS. I set every one of these to 720p and 1080p and tried different RGB ranges, and still have nothing. I can only assume my issue is the HDMI input itself, but I'm wondering if anyone else has had issues with this card.
  9. Didn't know what subforum to put this in, so sorry if this shouldn't be here : So I have a Blackmagic Intensity Pro and I am having issues getting the HDMI input to work. I've tried using my main PC, a PS4 and an Xbox 360 going into it, and I get no picture from any of them. I don't really have anything else with an hdmi output, so I don't know if I'm running into issues with copy protection, or if my capture card isn't working. Does anyone know what could be wrong with the card? Thanks for any and all responses!
  10. Tokeegee

    Maximus 7 HERO error code 99

    I tried outputting to VGA, got a proper post, now the board works normally. I have no idea why.
  11. Tokeegee

    Maximus 7 HERO error code 99

    So I called Asus and apparently 99 is an issue with the BIOS itself. Everywhere else online says it's a Super IO Initialization issue, and basically I wouldn't have plugged in the 4+4 EPS connector properly. I've tried 2 power supplies both the the connectors in correctly, so I am now awaiting a response form Asus support.
  12. High End Desktop Platform doesn't have integrated graphics. They kind of expect someone people who is spending that kind of money on that kind of hardware to be buying a discrete graphics card, since they're probably making a workstation computer.
  13. Tokeegee

    Buying a New Keyboard

    I actually really like the design of that keyboard, but it doesn't have cherry switches, and they're brown equivalent, when I like blues. Also I've pretty much given up on finding a decent TKL keyboard, so numpads are fine with me.
  14. I am running a system with a Core i5 4690k, an Asus Maximus vii HERO, 16GB G.Skill Ripjaws X RAM, and I was using a GTX 1060, but I've ruled that out as an issue, so I've just been hoping I can get the system running with just integrated graphics. This all started after I moved my parts from one case to another. According to the manual for this motherboard this is a "Super IO Initialization" error. Does anyone know what this means, and what I should do to fix it? So far I've tried: Clearing CMOS (like every time I change something) Reseating the RAM Reseating the CPU Using a Different power supply (I went from a 500W terrible Azza PSU to a 600W Corsair 80+ Gold PSU) I've unplugged all of my peripherals and tried booting Changing the CPU cooler (I got a different error code that had to do with CPU initialization at one point) I have no idea what to try anymore. This is the most confusing issue I've ever run into, I've been trying to fix it for hours. Thanks for any and all responses!
  15. Tokeegee

    75Hz IPS UW vs 144Hz 16:9 TN

    If you don't plan on playing competitve FPS's then the extra refresh rate won't be super crazy helpful IMO, but I just don't like MOBA's or RTS's much