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    2x4gb avexir core ddr4
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    Rx 580 4gb nitro+
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    Ncase m1 v5
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    960gb samsung oem nvme m.2 drive
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    An ultrawide
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    Corsair strafe MX brown
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  1. [Build Log] Lian Li O11 Dynamic build So Far

    My second (or third? It was square and didn't have the circles) gen D5 pump top, D5 Dbay, R9 290x block, 980 ti G1 block and a few others worked 10/10 beautifully, I've never had issues with stuff released earlier than 2016 or so. Comparing the 980 ti block with the aforementioned 1070/80 block, the new one was light and chincy feeling, and compared with my bitspower 980 ti block both felt cheap. The acrylic is less solid, the block itself a literal lightweight in comparison. Basically, old EK stuff = pretty good (that D-bay was god tier and the 290x block was suuuuper solid) but every newer piece of kit has disappointed me.
  2. [Build Log] Lian Li O11 Dynamic build So Far

    @linustouchtips As you can probably tell from my profile pic, I get my blocks from Watercool (Heatkiller IV lineup) As for radiators, hardwarelabs win without question. Barrow makes the best value fittings (cheap and of the highest quality) and I recommend picking up a heatkiller Tube D5/DDC for the res
  3. [Build Log] Lian Li O11 Dynamic build So Far

    They have a very strong brand image to outsiders but a lot of people have issues with them. Mine personally are: Nickel plating on plugs stripped off and gunked up my entire loop GPU block has tons of micro cracks, refused to warranty or even sell me a replacement Supremacy evo has a very fragile design that's easy to break, and feels cheap in comparison to other brands my Supremacy Evo had it's nickel plating stripped as well My PE360 had both inlet extensions unscrew and fall off Others I've heard are: Vardar fans (like 12 of them) being DOA Cryofuel stains everything Shoddy O-rings on the fittings
  4. [Build Log] Lian Li O11 Dynamic build So Far

    Avoid EK, no other WC brand has given me more trouble
  5. Get Linus' Attention!

    You need to tag @Slick @LinusTech @AlexTheGreatish and other staf members if you want this to happen. Best chance is probably to go to LTX if you live in the region
  6. Anyone know what CPU this is?

    I'd try for a 1366 mobo + X5650 ($30 on average) as you get an overclockable 6c/12t chip that is on par with a 1600. If you can find a good deal on a mobo it's the BEST value for money aside for X79 with a $150 xeon
  7. Can this run 1440p?

    Not enough anymore
  8. Multiplayer games and getting old

    Depends on what you've been doing for the last 20 years, some tasks hone response time while others wither it away
  9. Need help picking a CPU Cooler Setup

    Nh-d15 or dark rock pro IV nvm
  10. Best halo rgb fans

    Pick one lol
  11. "How many watts do I need"? Check Here!

    Yeah, I'm on an x99e-itx. I'm honestly just enjoying cramming this much power in to 7L lol, just want to make sure I have enough wattage
  12. Replacing PSU Fan.... a really stupid idea?

    It's normal, the stock fan is just loud The replacement will just sound like ass, corsair makes loud fans What's he going to get? The sf600 is one of the best Presumably laboon has the 9x14, a perfectly suitable fan that has shown itself capable of cooling an sf600 in past testing No argument here other than you are way overblowing the risk.
  13. "How many watts do I need"? Check Here!

    Hmwdin? 6950x Rx 580 or gtx 1080 Ssd (meaningless draw?) Sff only, I currently have an sf-600
  14. How big is the Desk PC market?

    I'd buy a lian li dk-o4 Or the smaller pc desk that costs like $500