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    His majesty, King of RGBistan


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    R7 1700
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    Biostar x370 GT3
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    G.Skill Ripjaws V Series 2400Mhz 8GB (1 x 8GB)
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    MSI 1070 Seahawk EK X
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    Inwin 301
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    256GB Samsung 850 pro
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    EVGA Supernova 550 G2
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    G247HYL 23.8"
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    Stock wraith cooler
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    Corsair strafe RGB mx brown
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    Logitech MX master
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    Gamdias Hepheastus
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    Win 10
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    PC building and tiny homes
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  1. AMD new Ryzen chips

    Still worth waiting 1 1/2 months if OP has a capable system rn
  2. Wow, i must say that your mods have been a source of awe to me ever since that first slow, trippy sounding music played over glorious custom kit. Followed!
  3. i7 8700k or i7 8650k

    The 1900x has plenty of lanes but its a sluggish chip compared to either i7 once overclocking is involved. Cpu performance, depends greatly on task Speed related software (gaming, modelung etc.) Short list 8700k 6850k 1900x Expansive list 8700k 7900x/7820/7800/7920 etc 5960x 6950x/6900k/6850k 1900x/1920x/1950x Core related software (renders, streaming etc.) All cpus assumed overclocked. Short 1900x = 8700k 6850k Expanded 7980x 7960x 7940x 1950x 7920x 7900x 6950x 5960x 1920x 7820x 6900k 1900/8700k/7800x/6850k Pcie performance for your usecase 1900x (Tr4) = 6850k = i9 8700k
  4. Performance pcs is good as mentioned, though fir anyone who stumbled onto this thtrad later there are several options Canada Dazmode Aquatuning.us Monsoon/EK/alphacool (manufacturer direct) USA Aquatuning.us Modmymods Monsoon/EK/alphacool (manufacturer direct) PerformancePCs
  5. Need appraisal on $1k AUD system

    Did you mention the 30-35% performance boost?
  6. Need appraisal on $1k AUD system

    Looks good, I would try for a used 980 ti
  7. Upgrade suggestions?

    Something isn't right, a 1700 doesn't bottleneck a 1080 ti like that. Is v-sync or gsync enabled? What resolution are you playing at?
  8. Might want to drain, disassemble and scrub the loop.
  9. Afaik that's how it's supposed to work
  10. Replacing system

    This guy
  11. QUAD 1080Ti SLI with 5930K inside Lian Li PC O11

    Sidegrade, the 6850k is functionally the same once both are overclocked
  12. QUAD 1080Ti SLI with 5930K inside Lian Li PC O11

    M8 you forgot to bridge the gpus
  13. Gauging public interest, what case?

    Yup, this is my current first place (despite 0% votes) the db 700 is what I'll get if I run out of budget btw do you think a monoblock is worth it? Specifically a bitspower block that's actually a CPU block + vrm blocks in a neat looking package