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    His majesty, King of RGBistan

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    PC building and tiny homes
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    I lift heavy things in the sun.


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    2x8gb 2133mhz
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    980 Classy
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    DSE Breathe
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    850 evo 512
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    An ultrawide
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    Dynatron T318
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    Ganss GK87
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    G502 spectrum
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    Win 10

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  1. Damascus

    Are nuclear powered aircraft viable?

    Shielding needs to be dense and thick to stop radiation. Dense = heavy. Heavy x massive = bad aerodynamics
  2. Damascus

    CPU cooler for overclocking R7 1700

    The neptwin and generic are both great options.
  3. Damascus

    Best 980tTi Cooler

    The link is dead, but I can tell you that the Accelero extreme III/IV are both awesome, as is the morpheus. If both of those are out of your budget, and you have a lot of space consider adapting a CPU cooler to the GPU as a cost effective and quiet solution (remember to keep the vrms safe)
  4. Damascus

    Hp windows mixed reality..... Any good?

    Your response was rather obtuse lol. The vive's total space isn't "a few inches squared"
  5. Damascus

    Hp windows mixed reality..... Any good?

    The WMR doesn't require a lightbody setup.
  6. Damascus

    What is going on here ...

    Yeah, that's a CPU bottleneck. Use this website to help find compatible CPU's for your motherboard or upgrade the whole thing http://www.cpu-world.com/CPUs/Bulldozer/AMD-A10-Series A8-7600.html
  7. The APU's aren't soldered. IMO the biggest cost here is the motherboard, a custom PCB in the style OP wants would probably run an individual with no connections 10s to 100s of thousands of dollars
  8. Damascus

    Your opinion on RGB

    I like it when done well (see tridentz rgb, a handful of gpus and mobos) but nine times out of ten it's gaudy as all hell and gets a hard pass from me.
  9. The 7700k would be the best, with the highest baseclock, though a 7700 or 6700k would perform in the same ballpark
  10. Damascus

    Low Profile cooler for LGA 1366

    Get an L9x65, you may need to ask noctua for a 1366 mount but it should be under the height restriction
  11. Damascus

    How can i use nvme on my z77 ?

    An NVMe adapter will run you about ten bucks, I'd go for it. M.2 is the best form factor around right now, might as well get on that train early!
  12. Damascus

    144hz or 1440p

    Probably paid 3-4x as much as I paid for my 1440p/165 as well
  13. Damascus

    144hz or 1440p

    Good thing the one I linked is TN
  14. Damascus

    144hz or 1440p

    Go with the one you linked, it's a pretty solid display.