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  1. Can RM650x handle Vega?

    It's not power related then, seems likely to me that the GPU is at fault. Make sure you have both 8 pins on the GPU, and your cpu on different rails if possible
  2. Can RM650x handle Vega?

    Yeah I see now.
  3. Can RM650x handle Vega?

    Did you misread something? OP has an RM650x, not a CXm
  4. Can RM650x handle Vega?

    @17030644 let me be clear, I don't consider a 1700 + V64 high end... A newish RM650x is putting nothing in OPs PC at risk, and even if something did go wrong he's got a 7 year warranty. Don't tell someone to upgrade their power supply to fix a driver issue
  5. Can RM650x handle Vega?

    Why would you waste money on a higher end PSU for a single GPU + mid range CPU? The $100 ot so saved could go towards a larger ssd, better motherboard or nicer case, all of which will have more impact on day to day usability and performance than a slightly better PSU As for the issue of this thread, did you DDU @aquilaadrian? Your system has issues related to drivers, likelt had nothing to do with hardware (GPU OR PSU) The Windows 10 Thread Stuck In Device Driver error is caused by adriver file being caught in an endless loop while it waits for the hardware to enter idle state. This is usually a driverproblem and rarely hardware. Thankfully, a driver or BIOS update can fix it. The fault usually results in a BSOD crash
  6. Your pfp looks like a sitting deer/doe at very quick glance.


  7. Ryzen 7 Mini-ITX and Liquid vs Air Cooling

    The evolve series is really bad when paired with an aircooler. Try and get a 140mm aio if you can
  8. i5-750 + hd 7950 ?

    It's P55 none the less, the thing is 9 years old. I value the RAM at $40, CPU at $5 and mobo at $45, though if it's a truly nice one maybe up to $60
  9. i5-750 + hd 7950 ?

    And I would pay around $100 for the RAM, mobo and CPU. $100-$150 for the GPU, $20 for the case and $10 - $50 for the PSU
  10. i5-750 + hd 7950 ?

    It can be overclocked actually. The chip isn't what I'd worry about here
  11. I have $200, what can I do?

    They should be fully compatible, you'd be replacing your current motherboard, CPU, GPU and RAM with the list @Streetguru made
  12. Compact 4K Gaming Rig

    They have the H200i in PCPPR
  13. Point of a GPU backplate?

    My evga boii (ftw3) has such a gloriously overkill backplate, the entire thing is just slathered in thermal pads.
  14. 51fps drop with vsync on

    Do you get more than 60 fps on TW3 with v-sync off?