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    His majesty, King of RGBistan


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    X99 OC Formula
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    2x8gb tridentz rgb
  • GPU
    980 ti G1 (if you have a block I reaaally want it)
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    960gb samsung oem nvme m.2 drive
  • PSU
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    24" 1920x1080p thingy
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    Custom hardline (as soon as that case gets here)
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    Corsair strafe MX brown
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    G502 spectrum
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    Win 10

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    PC building and tiny homes
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    I lift heavy things in the sun.

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  1. Enthusiast Rig

    *is always* Other than mining the 18 core capable of 5ghz will always beat the 16 core capable of 4ghz
  2. I don't know where to turn

    The case you have is meaning less, describe these things: Motherboard Cpu Gpu Power supply
  3. Enthusiast Rig

    Corsair isn't bad for a mainstream company but the build quality doesn't really go up with their top end cases. The 570x is actually better constructed than the 900D for example. If you get one of the all aluminum lian li or caselabs beauties you'll understand what I mean. Yep, it's certainly not a requirement. You can buy them pre-delidded from silicon lottery if you want to have no risk. Yup, it's got 2 more cores, a full ghz more clock speed headroom and 3 generations worth of ipc gains over threadripper. Double the cost but hey. No prob
  4. Enthusiast Rig

    Both have very low build quality for what you're paying. Get a lian li or caselabs if you want something that's actually high end. X299 cpus have horrid thermal transfer on the stock IHS, you see about 20c better temps after a delid. nope, wouldn't do that. The 7980xe is better in every way and the titan v is like 40% faster. Nope, if you run a 100w system on a 2000w psu the worst that will happen is the fan will never need to turn on.
  5. WatScreenshot_20180220-234231.thumb.jpg.705da04e74faf0c11e7cf286dc7b93ce.jpg

    1. WhisperingKnickers


      Wow great deal!

    2. Masters2150


      Would be a shame if someone who doesn't like crypto miners found him....

  6. 20180105_194827.jpg

    Yeah, it's an extra t h I c c 980 ti strix block.
  7. 1tb ssd for main pc, 256gb Samsung evo + 1tb hdd for 1 and a 2tb 7200rpm hdd for the rest.
  8. Alrighty, any distro or wiki I should look at?
  9. I've got a basic understanding of Linux but don't use it much (too much of what I do requires windows) I'll check out proxmox.
  10. I need to epoxy it as Well, going to go to town with gorrila glue and a plastic spatula.
  11. As I mentioned, I actually don't know much. Unraid seems like a good option but I haven't looked into it much. Oh, I've got a 8800gtx incoming as well for the hypervisors display.
  12. Eh, I think what I'll probably do if I go through on this is hook up a second 650w psu to power 2 of the gpus. Don't want to spend so much on a project like this.
  13. I just really enjoy complicated tdch fuckery and want to see if i can play pubg with 3 firends off of the same PC. Actually I just happen to have a 6950x, didnt really have to go out of my way on picking one. I already had the board and a 6800k, traded my 980 ti strix for the 6950x and then sold the 6800k. Boom, total cost of $350 USD or so for the 6950x.
  14. Oof, that's a lot of replies Yep, I figured as much. I'd like to OC the 6950x and have 1 - 4 people gaming on it at the same time I didn't know VM's can share cores! Still a noob for vms, do you know of any good websites? Yep, figured as much. I think I could probably get away with 1 extra 770. You think I could do just 3 770s? I've already got it, bought my ax860 a while back as a redundancy effort without going too overboard (for a really good price) Hell yeah dude, I've actually got the blocks sitting right here ready to go
  15. So, I've got my PC up and running again after months of down time and have recently come up with a diabolical plan. I have 2 gtx 770's already and may get another soon, a 980 ti in the mail and a 6950x all running on a board with 4 pcie x16 3.0 slots. I'd like to run a vm where one pc runs 5c/10t plus the 980 ti, another with 4c/8t plus 2 or 3 770's in sli and the 1c/2t remaining goes to the hypervisor. Can an ax860 handle all of that? It has enough connectors (barely) but by my calculations the pc will probably take 1200w (200 + 200 + 200 + 350 + 150)