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    His majesty, King of RGBistan

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    PC building and tiny homes
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    I lift heavy things in the sun.


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    1x16gb ripjaws V 3000mhz
  • GPU
    Gigabyte 1080 mini
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    Jonsbo C2
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    860 evo 512
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    Dell 24" 1440p 165hz
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    Ganss GK87
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    G502 spectrum
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    Win 10

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  1. Damascus

    i7-6700k and GTX 1060

    Get an i7 4790(k or non k) for £150-200 and put the rest of your money into a good GPU and maybe an upgraded power supply
  2. Damascus

    Asus Turbo Gtx 1080 ti compatible vga air coolers

    Get a universal cooler like the accelero extreme III/IV or raijintek morpheus 2
  3. Damascus

    Is this AIO worth it for GPU

    Using an weaker pump and a tiny radiator. I'll let you in on a secret, AIO's are only bad because the pumps and evaporation. The GPU will see a massive drop in temps
  4. Damascus

    Is this AIO worth it for GPU

    Pretty easily enough, Ihave a 1080 + 8086k on the same 2x92mm loop and the 1080 runs at like 48c
  5. You can get some crazy silence optimization with 200mm rads/fans. 2 400mm rads will cool anything pretty much entirely silently
  6. This was with all fans at a "silent" curve, went from 0%-30%-70% max
  7. For passive it usually hovered around 70-80c, with an ambient of 10-25c and for the OC with fans running the highest temp I recorded was 75c but the average was closer to 60c or less, depending on the day. I did have several extra fans helping out for the total case airflow when I ran with fans, but none when I ran without.
  8. Back when I had my 6950x I ran it on an nh-d14, I could run passively at stock or OC to 4ghz at 40c over ambient (ie. 60c if the room temp was 20c, though it usually hung out in the 50's under full p95 load)
  9. I'd get the akasa to be honest, it seems to me that you're having some coolant issues with the aio. It's also a solid looking aircooler, at least on par with older 280mm aios
  10. Damascus

    Are nuclear powered aircraft viable?

    Shielding needs to be dense and thick to stop radiation. Dense = heavy. Heavy x massive = bad aerodynamics
  11. Damascus

    CPU cooler for overclocking R7 1700

    The neptwin and generic are both great options.
  12. Damascus

    Best 980tTi Cooler

    The link is dead, but I can tell you that the Accelero extreme III/IV are both awesome, as is the morpheus. If both of those are out of your budget, and you have a lot of space consider adapting a CPU cooler to the GPU as a cost effective and quiet solution (remember to keep the vrms safe)
  13. Damascus

    Hp windows mixed reality..... Any good?

    Your response was rather obtuse lol. The vive's total space isn't "a few inches squared"
  14. Damascus

    Hp windows mixed reality..... Any good?

    The WMR doesn't require a lightbody setup.