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    His majesty, King of RGBistan

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    PC building and tiny homes
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    I lift heavy things in the sun.


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    2x8gb BALLISTIX 3600Mhz
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    OEM cutie 1660 ti
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    Custom boii
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    You dont want to know
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    Some cheapie 1080/144hz
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    T318 + Noctua baybee
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    Ganss GK87
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    G502 spectrum
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    Win 10

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  1. A buddy of mine has the razer phone 2, he gives it a 10/10. Add the recent price cuts and it's an absolute steal, especially if you like the aesthetic
  2. Share the model... How can we help when cyberpower has literally dozens of cases to look at?
  3. They dont owe you a free contract if you can't use the service. Ditch them, or pay for the 16 hours a day that you can use the services.
  4. I suppose a tag is in order @LinusTech
  5. 9700k IMO, because of how hyperthreading works. Each of the extra threads is optimistically, about 45-50% of the power of a "true core" from there, we can do some maffs and see an incredibly rough idea of the total performance each chip could output in a full load scenario (all other factors being equal) 9700k 8*1=8 8700k 6*1 + 6*0.5 = 9 The theoretical lead with an 8700k becomes slim, right? But now we add in three major factors - IPC, clockspeed and latency. The 9700k will have higher IPC/clockspeed, and lower latency as there are less cores to divvy up the work. The 8700k wins out in situations that require a lot of instances with less of a speed requirement, but that is definitely not your usecase.
  6. That, right there, is an atx 8 pin. Also known as non standard. You will need an adapter, punch atx 8 pin adapter for "insert model of computer" on ebay LMAO, glanced at the video you shared and he uses an adapter
  7. So ignoring everything about not seeing any difference, why not just run the game at 1080p? That's how I get my 870m alienware13r1 to play modern titles, 720p everything lol. No need to pay for a new display at all
  8. Gaahhhh it's been terrible. Although, @Zando Bob would probably appreciate the build you're making. It uses a 2x80mm rad, right? Custom loop kings of smol lol
  9. The 212 sucks for value btw, that's what I was hitting at. You can get a performance equivalent for 25 AUD right now. The cooler included with the 9500f could've been half the price with no issues as well
  10. Aish, that is correct. My bad, although my main concern wasn't that to begin with. I think this has been giga derailed though, so I'm tapping out
  11. Like you said, not really OPs question. They never asked which overclocks better, or which platform was superior. Merely which cpu, in it's own right, was higher performing. $50 off? Pretty good reason for me. Unless your downtime is worth more than $50 an hour it's a worthwhile exchange.
  12. A 9600k stock more or less = 3600, oc'd or not. Speaking from personal experience. On top of that, a cheaper cooler will reduce the total cost by about 7%, a significant and rather important distinction Also, what seller hasn't updated the mobos yet lol. And if it isn't compatible, return it and try again, assuming a platform like Amazon was used (or buy a celeron on Amazon, use it for a day and return it )