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    The Netherlands


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    Ryzen 7 1700
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    ASUS B350 Prime plus
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    Team Group T-Force 16GB
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    MSI GTX 1080 Gaming X 8GB
  • Case
    Phanteks Eclips P400 Tempered Glass Black/Red
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    Samsung 960 EVO 250GB, Seagate Barracuda 2TB
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    BitFenix Whisper BWG650M
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    Acer XG270H in Red
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    Corsair Gaming K70 Red LED Cherry MX Brown
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    Corsair Saber Optical RGB
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    HyperX Cloud II
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    Windows 10

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  1. Im not an expert on workstation applications but for games, no
  2. Hi everyone! For my birthday I want a solution which allows me to use my desktop peripheral setup (mouse, keyboard and montior) on my laptop. My laptop does not have a thunderbolt port but it does have usb-c. The laptop is the Lenovo Ideapad 520-15IKBR. I use the laptop for schoolwork but productivity is a lot higher with the other peripherals so thats why I want to docking solution. I would like to be able to switch easily if possible. If you have any further questions let me know. Thanks for the help! -VicRik
  3. I live in a flat without access to the electricity panel (not sure what it's called in english :S) I have been living here for a little whille though and it only started recently. Is that possible with your explenation? Thanks for your help!
  4. Hello everyone, Recently my monitor (Acer XG270HU) keeps going black after a little while. It will stay black for a second or two and then turn back on again. And does this repeatedly (about 10-15 minute intervals) for as long as I'm using the computer. After it started I tried updating my GPU drivers but that didn't fix it. Didn't expect it would since it doesn't affect my second monitor. If you need any additional info feel free to let me know. Kind regards, VicRik
  5. You are quite often a bit of douchebag when other people post deals or don't agree with you, just keep it friendly my dude
  6. Any reason why you decided to go with a faster PCI-E drive instead of a large SATA SSD? Do you need the extra speed? I personally made the same choice and I regret not simply going for a larger SSD for the same price. But again, if you need it, let me know! EDIT: This is what I put together on your budget. I made it on Tweakers.net (Not sure whether you are familiar but it's a really neat tool which compares all dutch prices). I did go for the bigger SSD in this build but the SSD you listed is the same price so you can just interchange the two. If you skimp a little on some of the parts listed (not by much though) you can definitely fit in a 2700. Here you go!: https://tweakers.net/gallery/906639/wenslijst/?wish_id=1918166
  7. Sold out now, out of curiosity, what was the price?
  8. They are the shirt sponsor for FC Barcelona, that add legitimacy for me
  9. Have a budget in mind? EDIT: Also are you planning to overclock or to have SLI in the future? For gaming the 6400 should still be enough, so I dont immediatly see the need for a CPU upghrade.
  10. Hi guys, My question is pretty much in the title. I have a chinese buddy which I met during a exchange program. He told me he just bought PUBG in China. Does anyone know whether we can play together? Thanks for the help! -VicRik
  11. Hi guys, I just got my update to Oreo for my LG G6. I downloaded it immediately but by the time it finished downloading it showed: invalid Software Package. I've seen more reports online but without any working solutions. You guys have any ideas? So far I have only tried downloading again after rebooting the phone. Thanks! -VicRik
  12. Hi guys, My girlfriend and I want to setup her setup in my room for a week. Only one ethernet cable comes up to my room. Will this device work to split the ethernet cable into 2 usable signals? Thanks! https://www.allekabels.nl/stekker-doos-en-krimptang/188/970/isdn-splitter-rj45.html?gclid=CjwKCAjwq_vWBRACEiwAEReprFQMc9I3HVVICoZfwDzAFUW8n3-NMocQBsONWXMag-fggXOLr7XXOBoC1jAQAvD_BwE -VicRik The link is dutch but the picture should make it understandable.
  13. Hi guys, I have an old game I would love to play again but that is stuck on a cd. My new gaming PC does not have a cd drive. My parents' PC does have one. Is it possible to use that PC to get the game onto my PC using a USB drive for example? Help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! -VicRik
  14. Hi guys, I just got a new laptop that has an I5 8250U, which has Intel UHD620 Graphics. I am currently trying to find some awesome games that would run well on this. Older games are fine, but non-intensive new games are cool too! Thanks in advance for your help! -VicRik