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  1. Hello, I have a ryzen 5 2600 with a stock cooler on a msi b450 tomahawk along with 16gb of gskill ripjaws 3200mhz memory. I build the thing 3 days ago. Initially I run some benchmarks without messing around with any hardware settings and it performed as a stock 2600 should proform run easily at 3400 core and boosted to a little over 3.7ghz. After that I enabled xmp profile 2 so my rams can run at 3200mhz and nor 2133. I am using msi afterburner to keep an eye on the number whike I game and I have noticed that none of the cores ever exceeds 2800mhz. I run cinebench and got an 970 (the first run was 1250) because the cores never went above 2.8 ghz. Single core suffered as well. I thought that maybe xmp was responsible so I disable it nothing changed. The thermals are OK, never exceeding 55c(how could they with that click..) and I have 4 fans on the case. What I found peculiar is that in the bios the frequency is set to 3.4ghz clock ration etc is set to auto. Power management is set to balanced (I haven't messed with advanced power management settings like processor max power state etc) What could be causing this?
  2. Motherboard battle

    Is the b450 carbon much better than the tomahawk?i dont realy care about the lights, the gigabyte x370 gaming 5 is about 50 euro more than the tomahawk + it needs new bios.I knwo that the asus prime pro is propably the best budget x370 because of the power delivery but it lacks in feutures and looks. I want to be realistic, i doubt i will be doing any extreme overcloacking that a tomahawk cant handle nor i will need oen sience i am not going for a top end gpu.
  3. Motherboard battle

    Yhea i know..thought the X470 AORUS ULTRA GAMING is 30 euros more. Maybe i should consider this. its a 4+3 power phase design and it has a bit more feutures.
  4. Motherboard battle

    The b450 is not availiable here...not the cheaper msi b450-A. Well as Void Master said if yo consider the 10 euro bios scam, i am heading into x470 territory, so i could go fot a gigabyte X470 AORUS ULTRA GAMING for 150 euros thats 173.(anotehr option is the msi x470 aming pro..)
  5. Motherboard battle

    Where?I live in europe, here its 120 euros=140 $.i just converted eveyting to usd
  6. Motherboard battle

    175 dollars seem a bit expensive for me. this and the msi gaming pro for 160 are the cheapest x470 in my country.
  7. Motherboard battle

    well, my other option is an ashrock x370 fatality, i thought the newer msi boards are much better(i remeber back when ryzen first came out, msi was the worst ryzen mobo manufacturer.)Besides the tomahawk has superb reviews
  8. Hello, i am looking to buy a mobo for a r5 2600, I have narrowed down my options to 4 motherboards: msi b450 tomahawk(138$), msi x370 sli plus(138$), msi x370 gaming pro carbon (167$). I am aware that the x370 boards will need bios update(that will cost 10$ because none of my friends have a first gen ryzen).Between the sli plus and the pro carbon i am leaning more towards the cheaper option both because of the price and becasue of the looks, I just dont know about the tomahawk, everyone is giving it good reviews and its a no hustle option.I will be overclocking but nothing extreme.The case will propably be a fractal design mesify so the airflow will be pretty good.Any other recomendations?(yhea asus x370 prime pro has propably a little better power delivery but i hate how it looks and it cost about the same as a carbon)
  9. R5 2600 VS R7 1700

    is ryzen 3rd gen going to be suported by 1st gen mobos?I can get a x370 ahrock fatality for 120, it was one of the best 370 board vrm-wise.Also wh you chooce 1700 over the 2600?
  10. R5 2600 VS R7 1700

    why a b450 an not a b350 or even a b370 sience it' the same price as a b450?
  11. Hello, AMD 2600 or 1700 simple question, dificult answer. In my country a 2600 retails for 170 euro (197USD) while a 1700 goes for 210 euros (240USD) and you can pick a b350 for 90$ while a b450 goes for 115 usd (x370/470 are around 20$ more,respectively) what is the better deal. I am going to use the build mainly for gaming and i do know that the ipc-singe core performancy between the two generations is cosiderable, so its bound for the 2600 to perform much better in gaming aplication on the stock clocks. But when you count in the mobo price diference 20$ for 2 more cores 4 more threads seam a good deal, espacially if you overclock(the 1700 comes with a much nicer cooler as well).What do you recon?Is 20 cp single thread increase of the 2600 worth the 2 less cores it has?I would like to approche this desission from a ''future-proofing'' prespective, becasue lets be real, right now in gaming thease two have only a difernce of 3-5 fps tops, but what happens 5 years down the line?