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  1. Hello, I have a computer running unactivated win10. Can I somehow activate them using a product key that's embedded into a win10 installation ISO without having to format the computer using the iso?
  2. i checked my mail and it is listed. i also checked my passwords and the one tha the send me is leaked like 20something times but the newer ones and the one (thats currently for my "leaked") isn't sp i guess i dont even need to change it, even thought i will just in case
  3. You are that sure that this is just a bluff? But how he knows the password?
  4. Hello, I just checked my spam mail and I found one from someone called save yourself (password) In the email (look at attached files) he is informing me that my computer is infected with his malware RAT (remote administration tool because my browser (google chrome) wasn't update and I visited a website with his iframe. He is prompting me to search drive-by, I did the only hit I get are from antimalware sites that esenssialy tell me to download their software so that they can find the virus. This is why I am posting here, from a different computer threw a different account, different network because I am scared that he might find out. In the email he says that he has footage of me pleasuring myself. Well this is the first red flag because my computer doesn't have a webcamera nor a mic . This doesn't mean much thought beause I doubd he would hand write every email, its propably something automated. This doesn't mean he doesn't have access to my pc. In the mail to prove me that he has hacked me he sends me a password witch is truelly one of my old passwords but it doesn't correspond to my email nor many of my acc. Have you ever heard of this before, that drive-by scam or is it all a bluff. I am thinking that he might just had access t some very old account of mine, found that password and the email, and he is just threatening me by bluffing, or he has complete access to my pc and he just happened to send me that pass even thought he know the others. I just started a deepscan with malwarebytes , my windows have been updated to the last update. What should I do now? I am afraid of changing the passwords of my paypal na dotehr accounts in fear he might do something. he send the mail on 24 and told me I have 2 days to respond with the money in bitcoin, I happened to see it today as I was checking the junk mails. Thank you for any help
  5. So I have connected to the back 3,5mm output of my motherboard a 2.1 system and i use the case 3.5mm out for my headphones(audio technica mx30). Unfortunately I tripped on the headphone wire sending them on the ground.Fortunately nothing broke, the sound fine. The problem is with the case plug(i think).When i plug the headphones in, win10 doesn't recognize them, the popup on the down right corner asking me what i plug in does not appear. The thing is that the headphones do work if i connect them on my phone/another computer/the back of my computer(mobo output) OR if I use a 3.5mm extension cable and connect them on my front case plug. The plug also works with every other headphones/ speakers i have in my house. How can this be?The plug and the headphones work fine with every other piece of equipment but not with each other except if i use a extension 3.5mm cable in between them?? I am completely amazed about the situation and 100% positive that i am not mistaking something.Ofcourse and i have restarted teh computer, reinstall realtek drivers. I am sure something bend when i tripped on the wire because if i plug in the headphones and start fidgeting around on the connector i can get it to show up but I cant visually see the damage.
  6. UPDATE I put my psu on another system and that system did not work. The others system psu did successfully gave power to my system WITHOUT the gpu because we where idiots and forgot to get extra pcie psu power connectors for the gpus power delivery. I returned the psu to the shop I got it and had them check it for me. In a few days I will have an answer, I hope it's just that. Though I have to say the way it died, the fact that I worked for 3 weeks and that it's from a very reputable brand seems weird. I hope there is not something in my system that made it fail.
  7. No guys, I made sure the psu switch is on and no I am not Zeus. The fuse relay is OK, there was no power fluctuation on the hole house nothing deemed out of the ordinary. There are two things I can think that might have to do with it. 1st You know, atx mobos middle screw in not usually a screw but a stand off to aline the motherboards holes with the one son the case. But u can remove it and replace it with a stand off that has a whole for sale screw. This is what I did. Could this be? 2nd. On the io shield there are two small fins on each hole, while I put on the mobo two of them one in the ethernet power and one of a USB port bend inwards blocking the mobos ports. Me being bored to take everything apart I just bended them outwards so they are out of the way..csn this be? Would I get problems from the start and not 3 weeks afterwards?
  8. So, I was playing some games on my system, walked out of the room for a couple of minutes leaving the game open, came back, touched the computer case on the fan exhaust and the pc died. It won't boot, it want make a sound, the fans won't turn no diagnostic led lights turn on no nothing. I tried removing the gpu,swapping ram, made sure everything is connected, made sure that the power outlet works, plugged on the pc on the wall, removed everything from the mobo except for the cpu and the 24 pin and 8 pin. Nothing... The temperatures were good everything below 70c under load, I made sure he power button is not the problem by shorting the pins on the mobo. The only thing that show life is my mouse, whose led (that stay on even after I shut down the computer) are still on. Cloud it be the psu or mobo is dead but they still provide power on the mouse? I don't have molex fans to check the psu, nor I have tried shorting the pins on the 24pin cable because I have read that this doesn't indicate anything since there is no load on the psu's power rail. The system is new. Psu seasonic m12ii-520evo, cpu ryzen 5 2600, mobo msi b450 tomahawk, ram gskill ripjaws 3200mhz 16gb 2dimms, ssd sumsung Evo 860, hdd 1tb WD blue. Everything is brand new, bought just 3 weeks ago. Except for the gpu, a sapphire rx 580 nitro+ 8gb. This was bought used from eBay, it was working fine, everything checked (temp were normal and scored on benchmarks where on part with all the reviews for the same card). I just don't understand how it can run for 3 weeks with no problems and suddenly it dies when I touch the case( nzxt h500). Even if the gpu is bad and the country does have igpu, the pc should start.. Any ideas of what could be wrong? Why do I have power on the mouse?
  9. Hello, I have a ryzen 5 2600 with a stock cooler on a msi b450 tomahawk along with 16gb of gskill ripjaws 3200mhz memory. I build the thing 3 days ago. Initially I run some benchmarks without messing around with any hardware settings and it performed as a stock 2600 should proform run easily at 3400 core and boosted to a little over 3.7ghz. After that I enabled xmp profile 2 so my rams can run at 3200mhz and nor 2133. I am using msi afterburner to keep an eye on the number whike I game and I have noticed that none of the cores ever exceeds 2800mhz. I run cinebench and got an 970 (the first run was 1250) because the cores never went above 2.8 ghz. Single core suffered as well. I thought that maybe xmp was responsible so I disable it nothing changed. The thermals are OK, never exceeding 55c(how could they with that click..) and I have 4 fans on the case. What I found peculiar is that in the bios the frequency is set to 3.4ghz clock ration etc is set to auto. Power management is set to balanced (I haven't messed with advanced power management settings like processor max power state etc) What could be causing this?
  10. Is the b450 carbon much better than the tomahawk?i dont realy care about the lights, the gigabyte x370 gaming 5 is about 50 euro more than the tomahawk + it needs new bios.I knwo that the asus prime pro is propably the best budget x370 because of the power delivery but it lacks in feutures and looks. I want to be realistic, i doubt i will be doing any extreme overcloacking that a tomahawk cant handle nor i will need oen sience i am not going for a top end gpu.
  11. Yhea i know..thought the X470 AORUS ULTRA GAMING is 30 euros more. Maybe i should consider this. its a 4+3 power phase design and it has a bit more feutures.
  12. The b450 is not availiable here...not the cheaper msi b450-A. Well as Void Master said if yo consider the 10 euro bios scam, i am heading into x470 territory, so i could go fot a gigabyte X470 AORUS ULTRA GAMING for 150 euros thats 173.(anotehr option is the msi x470 aming pro..) well yhea..I guess, its not that i am off budget, but i started from a sub 100 board and i am now looking at 150+. Well i guess the cheaper choise isnt always the best
  13. Where?I live in europe, here its 120 euros=140 $.i just converted eveyting to usd
  14. 175 dollars seem a bit expensive for me. this and the msi gaming pro for 160 are the cheapest x470 in my country.
  15. well, my other option is an ashrock x370 fatality, i thought the newer msi boards are much better(i remeber back when ryzen first came out, msi was the worst ryzen mobo manufacturer.)Besides the tomahawk has superb reviews