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  1. Core i3 7350K

    I do have one. Thanks
  2. Core i3 7350K

    Not everything goes as planed. The original motherboard I has planned on purchasing was sold out, so I had to upgrade. Oh well,,,, (Really hurt my feelings) For about $15 dollars more I picked up the MSI Z270 Tomahawk. After moving from one case to another and a fresh install of windows 10, everything is together and working great. Thanks for everyone's input.
  3. Painting Noctua Fans

    Perfect! Great job BTW! How did you prep/clean them prior to painting?
  4. Painting Noctua Fans

    Thanks everyone. The thing is that I have purchased these already about 2-3 years ago and was just wanting to make things look better.
  5. Painting Noctua Fans

    Thanks. Do they just pull apart?
  6. Painting Noctua Fans

    So I've been thinking,,,,, about how ugly these brown Noctua fans are. Has anyone thought about and successfully accomplished it? If so would your share the process you used? Thanks
  7. Core i3 7350K

    Sweet. Thanks again. Will update when I have everything. Should be end of next week or the beginning of the following. Waiting will be the hardest part.
  8. Core i3 7350K

    G.Skill Aegis 8GB 48.83 with Promo. SO that would help the budget by 5 buck also!
  9. Core i3 7350K

    Will check that out real quick, thanks for all the input
  10. Core i3 7350K

    Been researching this. With a new account at Jet.com you can get 15% off an order up to $30 using triple15 code. using 3 different orders I can get the i5-7600k for 198.92, an MSI Z270-A PRO for 94.58 and 2x4 Ballistix for 53.79 making my total 347.29. How does that sound?
  11. Core i3 7350K

    Looking into that, really appreciate the effort!
  12. Core i3 7350K

    Correct. I have a Samsung 1tb SSD and a Corsair 750 PSU.
  13. Core i3 7350K

    Right now I'm looking to get something "newer". I don't game, I work from home, MULTIPLE spreed sheets running, Several online apps running. Budget for board,cpu and ram is around $ 300 US maybe a bit more.
  14. New to group. Have question.

    Wonders never cease