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  1. This does look to me like the cable connecting the screen to the motherboard is failing. This is one of the more failure prone parts on a lot of laptops since it gets flexed back and forth every time the laptop is closed or opened, and this gradually weakens the metal strands in each wire. On most laptops (minus ultra slim models and MacBooks), this isn't too hard to replace
  2. A 500W PSU is more than enough to handle your CPU with a GTX 1060. If the PSU is failing though, it may have trouble delivering the required wattage.
  3. I would suggest using a dual monitor mount rated for at least 30" monitors, and to be sure the monitors can align, a stand with independently adjustable arms may be a good idea.
  4. Does it still shut down if you plug the old monitor back in?
  5. I've heard the Lian-Li O11 Dynamic is an excellent case. You do have to add your own fans though.
  6. An AIO cooler can be cleaned and refilled if you're careful. I had to do this with an AIO here a while back:
  7. A lot of newer displays kind of meet in the middle. The display is glossy but has an anti-glare coating that disperses glare without noticeably reducing the image quality. This way, you get the best of both worlds. Here at my work desk, I have a Samsung in the middle that's like this, and the difference between the heavy matte finished AOC and LG monitors on either side is like night and day. The high-gloss finishes are basically gone from most at this point, but the anti-glare coated displays usually look just as clear and sharp. Heavy matte finishes tend to have a sort of foggy look with a light shining on them, so I do understand why they're not desirable in a lot of cases.
  8. No grease in ours. It's just a waterproof and UV resistant sheath. If the connector is outdoors, all you'll have to do is make sure to seal it so water can't get into the connector.
  9. Blue light filters are very beneficial to some users. For certain types of eye issues, strong blue light can cause eye strain, headaches and other problems. One of our employees needed blue light filtering (he didn't use the glasses; had an app installed on the PC instead), and it made a big difference in his ability to use the computer at work for long hours comfortably.
  10. Thanks for your interest in our mount! We wouldn't recommend going over the 22lb weight limit for this one. I have gotten these to support over the rated limit by getting the tilt joint super tight, so it is possible, but it is a lot of stress on the arm. We do have other models that are able to support the weight of your monitor, although they do cost more. The models are STAND-V101H, V101G1 and V101GT.
  11. VIVO-US


    This is due to the grommet bolt included with the mount. If a longer M10 bolt is used in place of the included part, it's technically possible to fit just about any desk thickness.
  12. Once the GPU is upgraded, make sure to also use the correct HDMI cable. 4:4:4 rated cables are pretty cheap now, and they'll give you all the bandwidth you need for a good, clean signal.
  13. Betamax, and before that, all they had that I know of was slide projectors for displaying photos, but those were separate from the TV. The only way you could watch a movie on the TV was to check the schedule and find it on one of the 3 available stations.
  14. For solid wood or plywood, a 1/2" thick desktop will do. For particle board, 5/8" thick or more will be plenty strong. The Ikea Linnmon is made from empty cardboard with a thin laminate panel on the top and bottom, and we've seen these get crushed by clamped on monitor mounts way too many times.