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  • Birthday 1993-10-01

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    Residential support worker


  • CPU
    i7 6700k
  • Motherboard
    Asus z170
  • RAM
    corsair vengeance DDR4 16gb
  • GPU
    MSI 970
  • Case
    CM Storm
  • Storage
    240 GB SanDisk Ultra II, 2X 2TB WD, 3TB toshiba
  • PSU
  • Display(s)
    27 inch Asus, 27 inch Aoc & 50 inch Panasonic tv
  • Cooling
    Thermal takeReservoir/ Pump Combo 400ml, NZXT Sentry, 560mm rad, blue coolant, Bitspower Cpu block, thermaltake compression fittings
  • Keyboard
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    logitech G600
  • Sound
    logitech 5.1 z506
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. Many of my first builds had problems because i did not click the ram in correctly?
  2. Hi all, So small bussiness IT, looking for simple open source logging code i can modify to suit my network. Excel can only do so much lol. I simply want to log all of my equipment, that is all.
  3. So i read through the ultimate DIY pc desk construction, there is very little reference for where a lot of the components come from, just lots of comments without answers. So i am looking for how he was able to do add the usb ports, i found the links to the power buttons, that all makes sense. However i cannot see where to find the usb. Assuming you want to connect anything to it at the front. As well as how you used the HDMI/display port connections, did you use an extender from the gpu and then a female at the exterior of the desk? There is a lot of the whole build that is missing, for someone that wants to do it themselves.
  4. The smart watches, The cellular vs Bluetooth, also mention the coverage or lack thereof in different regions, (cellular/esim) not available in many other regions obviously other than fkn US this is been rectified as for Apple only
  5. So this is really awesome, but I am from australia, I have a lot of trouble with getting the right parts. Last year I did a small practice of water cooling however i got the wrong gpu block. Can any please tell me where to find gpu water blocks that ship to Aus. Thanks
  6. I definitely agree with this. Linus has admitted a few times about having basically given up his personal life to be who and where he is, but it wouldn't really be fair to expect him to be having to keep up with his fans when he is trying to chill playing games. That is if he even has time for that shit anymore!
  7. So i was new to this whole computer thing but linus inspired me to be creative. As i am sure he has for everyone. Fricken legend. So a few years back i bought a 560mm radiator cause i never research before buying, obviously it didnt fit and it meant buying the rest of the products well i finally did and i managed to find a way to fit it all in. Sadly i bought the wrong gpu waterblock for the same reason- no research done. Anyway this is the result of newbies 12hrs of tinkering. (custom box as well) Also cpu runs at 30-35c without any fans running. HDD get a little hot so i turn on low for that. Specs are simple: i7 6700K Asus Z170-AR MSI 970 Corsair Vengence 8GB I do hope to save and buy a 1070 and waterblock for it when i upgrade so that should be fun. And hopefully better looking
  8. i can see there is a link to cable mod, this seems like cable extensions. Does anyone know how he has done and where he got the case cables. The powerswitch/resetswitch and the buttons and other things that come stock in case- usb (dont really care about the power or hdd led)?
  9. You sir are the legends of all legends. This is now on my bucket list. I have to do something like this. you seriously need to be knighted. Call the fricken queen. Just incredible!!!!