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  1. example here: "Hello who are you...it doesnt matter" are coming form both speakers. "Welcome+" comes only from left Main voice in the head is always from left (I played only first 20mn). Those secondary whisper are heard left and right. I tryed that youtube video on my mobile phone with headphones, same situation. So I think that everything is alright? Googling I found that this guy had similar question: https://steamcommunity.com/app/414340/discussions/0/1471967615882440933/ Do you know where can I donwload that comic book that only come with preorder of game?
  2. WD my book case open

    I am planning to buy this recertified WD drive: https://www.wdc.com/en-ie/products/wd-recertified/my-book.html# Is it possible to open this drive storage case and switch it with another HDD?
  3. In this game voices that main character hears in her head are coming only from my left speaker. Other sounds seems fine. Is this some game feature?
  4. Windows clock is late

    This option was on OFF so I turned it ON. How do I know that this was really a problem and not the BIOS/Hardware/MBO/CMOS battery?
  5. Windows clock is late

    I noticed that in last 2 month windows clock fall short 2 minutes on my mobile phone clock. Mobile clock is still the same time as some internet clock I used to set time. MBO is X470 strix, it is still default BIOS, I am waiting for new BIOS because these new BIOS-es are tend to have some freezing problem. So what coudl be the problem here? - Windows software problem? Should I syncronize windows clock with interent (control panel- date and time - internet time - time.windows.com)? - CMOS battery problem? - Something else, something much bigger hardware problem??
  6. Is G900 free of problems?

    Let see if I understood. Even if seller somehow sent me picture of Amazon receipt, I would still have to go through original seller for warranty?
  7. Is G900 free of problems?

    It is a used G900 Yes it a Logitech mouse. I think these problems that I mention started after firmware update. Did you try to update firmware on yours? One more thing: I have G502 and I am thinking to switch it to used G900. Seller that has G900 say that he bought it couple of days ago from a man who bought some Logitech bundle/package on Amazon EU and that he doesn`t needed the mouse and he sold this to this seller. Seller doesn t have receipt. So my only option is to through Logitech directly if I need to RMA the mouse. Will only G900 + box without receipt be enough for RMA? I would send this question on Logitech support but they are little slow, I need fast answer.
  8. Is G900 free of problems?

    Couple of questions: 1. G903 is released only because of powerplay wireless charging support not becasue it needed to fix some kind of problem with G900? 2. I read that G900 is using mechanical switches. These switches are tend to produce double click if they get in touch with dust? Any way to clean them without need to send mouse to RMA? 3. There were couple of post about problems with wireless, that it stop working after some time. Is this regular problems?
  9. Wrist wrest advice

    Some in Amazon reviews says that is too hard, it won`t go down much more. Any first hands expiriance for that Roccat wrist from this forum is welcome. Also I accept recommendation for some wrist rest that would give my wrist rest cold feeling, that would be very useful now in summer. So those from ebay are in play.
  10. Wrist wrest advice

    I am thinking to buy a wrist rest for mouse. I found these: Roccat https://www.roccat.org/en-US/Products/Gaming-Accessories/Rest/ CoolerMaster http://www.coolermaster.com/peripheral/peripheral-accessories/wrist-rest/ Razer (I think this is only for keyboard) https://www2.razer.com/eu-en/gaming-accessories/razer-ergonomic-keyboard-rest I favorize Roccat but seems that height of 4.5 cm is too high? Anyone has expiriance with Roccat wrist rest? Any other wrist rest? I prefer to buy some branded, not some generic cheap from ebay...
  11. Hard vs soft mouse pad for sweaty hands

    I don`t favor wrist rest because they are not good for wrist, they tend to produce a carpal tunnel. And aluminum cold feel is not bad thing it will help cool a hand. Roccat alumic Corsair MM600
  12. Which one is better? Cloth will warm the hands faster but it will absorb sweat and aluminum will have a cold feeling at wrist but I think that sweaty will remain on pad....
  13. I am thinking of buying mouse Cerberus Fortus. It has ADNS-3050 sensor. I had some shitty expiriance (jittering) with this sensor in past. is every implementation of sensor pretty much the same? I would have same problems with this asus mouse?
  14. ok, what about WPA3? Will older device support it?
  15. I was thinking to buy something like this but it doesn`t support bluetooth: https://www.asus.com/Networking/USBN14/ Anything like this but with bluetooth? Also I would appreciate if this could be smaller size. What about WPA3, I read that it will be relased in 2018, will old device support it?