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  1. ringo

    Transfering large files

    Yes, I just tried it, seem on first hand little complicated but since I already copied file and I compared them right now in FreeFilesync program and everything seems fine. I think that those small file are thumbs/desktop ini files, nothing important. I think that copying went fine
  2. ringo

    Transfering large files

    I tried to search some but some programs are outdated, some doesn`t have informative interface, I dont know is file were verifed or not, for terracopy some in comment section say that latest version crashes often and so on. I think I will try to compare folder with Freefilesync, if something is wrong this program should tell me.
  3. ringo

    Transfering large files

    I copied large files without any program, using just windows. At the end when I compared folders (right click->propertis - number of files) I noticed that couple of folders has different size, like 2-3 files more than copied material. Are those some tiny windows files? I haven`t noticed that anything is missing...
  4. ringo

    Transfering large files

    I need to transfer 1.3TB frrom one HDD to another. Can I transfer all at once or do I need to copy that in pieces (let say 13x100GB) in case of overloading or overheating something? Win10.
  5. Is it normal that new empty disk (qucik format) has used 238mb of space (NTFS)? I bought new WD red 2TB and than used disk managment to create partition -> quick format and after that I got that situation in picture. It doesn t have any hidden folder on it.
  6. I had 3 hard fault per sec in resource monitor. It is a new rig still havent put correct memory timmings and didn t update bios. Does that mean my memory is faulty, hardware problem? Normal number of that hard fault is 0?
  7. I have opportunity to buy used A400 with 5 months of warranty or HyperX fury without warranty (little more than 3 years old). By this Fury has TBW of 354: https://www.kingston.com/en/ssd/consumer/shfs37a and A400 has only of 40TB. Is this some kind of error on kingston page? Fury has TBW higher as some larger capacity Samsung. What to buy?
  8. ringo

    Hard west DLC size

  9. ringo

    Hard west DLC size

    I am planning to buy Scars of freedom DLC for Hard west on GOG. Why does it have only 55mb? That DLC should be couple of new singleplayer mission? Size seem too low to me, am I missing something?
  10. I had Roccat taito (32x40cm) control but it was too rough, I gave it to my brother. I am looking for some soft feel mousepad, it must be max height 37cm, width 40cm. Also it must be good for sweaty hands. Pads usually have some average size 31x27cm but I prefer something similar to size like Roccat taito.
  11. ringo

    WD red pro or Wd red

    ok, thanks. I just want to be sure that it won`t destroy my silent case harmony
  12. ringo

    WD red pro or Wd red

    What about noise? I now have WD green 20EARX which is barely audible. Can anyone form first hand tell me is wd red pro loud?
  13. ringo

    WD red pro or Wd red

    I was planning to buy WD red 2tb for multimedia storage but I saw very good deal for wd red pro 4tb. I don`t need extra TB but it will come in handy in future. I saw that 2TB is 5400rpm (noise max 25db) while wd red pro 4tb is 7200rpm (idle 29db, seek 36db). I have Define R5 so I am little worried will pro version be too loud for my silent case/ and silent environment? Besides that wd pro can be used for ordinary storage (not NAS), no drawbacks?
  14. ringo

    HDD response time while copying

    when doing opposite, copying from wd green to wd blue, this time wd green has normal response time and wd blue has above 300/400ms response time so I think this is normal