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    Corsair LPX 2x8Gb
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    RX 480
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    NZXT H440
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    EVGA 650 G2

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  1. for sure, ill have to get back to you later though, ive gotta go live my life right now lol
  2. true, if going from an 8700k, a 3600 will be a boost. i initially said 3700 but given that youre not too serious about it and coming from an 8700, the 3600 will be a solid buy
  3. ooooh didnt realise it was a WD red, but im talking cad as well. but that adds up to $142.98 thats 148. if hes wanting the nvme performance, id just stick with the nvme. like its so much faster
  4. Aside from csgo, those are all intensive titles lol, ill try to put something together, im in canada so you will probably have to tweak it a bit but generally will be similar. might have to buy from different brand or drop down a skew type of deal but ill get her pretty close
  5. okok so youre thinking 5700 to 7200, yes pretty comaprable, i just think if youre buying a HDD in this day and age, might as well go for the full 7200. Still for that price difference, i think itd be beneficial for him to stick with the full 1tb nvme, like its amazing to have and youre only getting an extra 250 for a boot drive in nvme with your storage config
  6. Goddamn so critical over nothing. 550 is good here but i didnt know what the build was. 650 is safe and you dont pay much extra. buy any reputable brand PSU was my point. The g3 and g2 perform the same more or less. who cares what they look like. the g3 is just the fancier g2. the g3 is shorter as well by a smidge. whoop dee doo.
  7. Hmm, I went from a hard drive to an nvme 970 evo, boot drive always on separate ssd until later, But everything i put onto my nvme opens up lightning fast in comparison so imma have to be skeptical on that
  8. That will probably be your best build for 1400. for gaming and rendering thats a pretty solid setup. However for the hard drive, go with at least a 7200 RPM. Later on down the road, If you really want a lot of storage add that 1TB nvme, i copped one and its pretty sweet. EDIT: Albeit, the price difference isnt massive with those two storage setups and going from a 5700rpm hdd to an nvme, i think id probably go with the nvme at this stage. its more expensive to add another nvme down the road on top of the preexisting nvme and hdd.
  9. Also, from what i understand of the 5600xt for gaming, at 1080p, medium settings you'll be looking at around 130 FPS range so that setup should be adequate if thats a strict budget, if its not so strict then try to push for the 5700 range. especially if the jump from 1080 to 1440 is a possibility. if that jump is possible, id definitely try to squeeze in that 2060S
  10. Not 100% sure but im pretty sure blender is mostly CPU so if you can go for a 3700x, id try to go for that. the 3700x will always out-perform the 3600 no matter the card. DO you have a PC parts picker list? send that over if you do
  11. id recommend at least 650W, just for any extra headroom, 650 is a solid start for any gaming rig, unless going with some enthusiast grade then thats when you shoud go higher. Any from seasonic, evga, corsair i would recommend, as long as you have an ATX case, an ATX power supply should work unless you have some weird case. Im not with that currency so cant give any specific recommendations but you should have plenty of headroom to buy a moderate psu, Like an EVGA 650W g3 or something should be fine for you, G2 is basically the same just not as refined but thats still a solid buy, those should be in your price range. Whats your CPU?
  12. im not too sure about the OC, but youll be able to update the bios and drivers without a UPS unless your power cuts off every 5 minutes or something. Like you shouldn't really worry about it unless youre already having problems
  13. im not too sure, try resetting bios? youll have to check out your MB manual, if not google how to, im not too sure
  14. oh and an extra stick of ram, if you only have the 1 already, id add that too. but i dont reccomend intel stock coolers, so you should probably upgrade that too, but thatd be the 3rd thing, 1 paste 2 ram 3 cooler. especially if that cooler was working fine for you first, otherwise, maybe ram 3rd
  15. Its probably the paste, if you do want to shell out a few extra bucks on a cooler while youre at it, going to something like a cooler master hyper 212 from an intel stock, will be a pretty good difference. wouldnt spend much more money than what that costs. make sure it fits as well, im not sure if it does, just something along those lines