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  1. EWIL

    Portable Performance Laptop

    I just purchased a new Laptop and was in a similar position. For me a 15 inch was not really an option, because the trade-offs in battery life and so on didn't make sense. My choices were: Razer Blade Stealth 2019 with mx150 and Full HD Display Problem: You have to swap the hard drive (only 256 GB) and huge quality Control issues and the keyboard. Positive: Looks, Touchpad, "Only Full HD" (Battery Life), Thunderbolt with 4 lanes. Thinkpad T480s: Problem: Thunderbolt with 2 lanes, slower MX150 Positive: No Dongle Needed, good keyboard, good built quality, Older Cpu but similar results due to better cooling Dell 9380: Problem: Dongle, Only Intel Graphics Positive: really light and small, 4 lanes I chose the t480s because I got a good deal and I am a bit scared of Razer. I run 2 1440p Displays over thunderbolt and it's wonderful. The new t490s will come out in June, so maybe you can score a good deal in the next months, don't buy the t490s, it's worse. hope that helps
  2. I am looking to upgrade my Set-up with a new Notebook (Dell XPS 13 or Spectre x360) and a Dual Monitor Set-up. After some research I ended up with Lenovo ThinkVision P27h-10 or Dell UltraSharp U2719DC both 1440p, USB-HUB, Slim Bezel, USB-C charging (65 Watt Dell/45 Watt Lenovo). Now to my questions: Experiences with those brands or models? Do you think the 65 Watt "future proofs" the Dell more? The Dell is around 30~35% more expensive, in money terms 488 vs 350. Suggestions, Tips, give me your wisdom!
  3. 13 inch don't have dedicated graphics. Due to the fact that I don't need it tomorrow but in the next 2-3 months, I will wait, If Dell gets a solution with its 1050ti will get it otherwise I think hp, is king in what i get for my money. This post at least helped my to decide not to get the Huawei. Thanks all.
  4. i completely agree with you on the Dell Panel, but the 1050ti is actually the problem, which they seemingly don't fix and the Kaby Lake G doesn't lag behind much and works. Like you said, 2 in 1 is nice to have, but for me not a necessary. There is a dell with a same specs as the HP, but the nicer screen, but the price difference there is around 800€, which doesn't makes sense to me even with better screen. Well actually the 4k screen doesn't matter, but the Touchscreen does and there is no way around 4k in that case. All 1080p Touchscreens, I found, don't have enough power. Thanks for the input on the Huawei, that makes sense, especially because they are not well established brand.
  5. Yes, like I said I did my homework, these 3 options fullfill most if not all of my requirements. All high resolution displays with dedicated graphics and Touchscreen and Slim bezel. All with TB3, all 16 GB Ram and all in my Price Range of 1500 to 2500€. Weight and Battery life are no concern and so I ended up with these 3 modells and the above mentioned questions and doubts. Thanks for you interested in my topic.
  6. It's really hard to help you, because your prices are really high. maybe edit your post to say 150$ or 100$ Headphones, so people can suggest headphones which are in your price range in your country.
  7. Hi, I am in a similar situation as you describe, although i have a dedicated Gaming headset I can fall back on and from your post I don't know how important the microphone really is. My thought process was that instead of having a headphones for at home and for on the go, whcih was ma solution until now. I will invest a bit more to combine those two use cases. I am from europe as well, so prices should be somewhat similar. I will buy the Sony WH-1000XM2, I know they are a step up in price to around 250€ or 280$. Soundwise and also sound leakage wise they would perfectly fit your needs. If you are not able to save up for another month or two, just ignore my comment. I just started where you are coming from and ended here.
  8. Hi guys, I am buying a new Notebook and I have done my research, but I need help in my decision making. I am a masters student in microbiology and need a notebook mostly for writing, Photoshop, Illustrator and a bit of gaming (Life is strange and other not very demanding titles). I narrowed down my options to three laptops and will now list the differences, which maybe also help someone else decide. Just to inform you, I will use an external Monitor so colors and size isn't really a factor here. HP Spectre x360 Kaby Lake G-Chip with 4x 3.10 ghz Vega Graphics with 4GB HBM2 4k Touchscreen with Pen and around 300 nits brightness 2 in 1 HDMI Port Card Reader 15,6 inch 1700€ Dell 9570 i7-8750H 1050ti with 4GB 4k Touchscreen and around 400 nits brightness HDMI Port Card Reader 15,6 inch USB-C Charging 2100€ Huawei Matebook Pro U8550 Mx150 with 2GB 3000x2000 Touchscreen with around 450 nits brightness no HDMI no Card Reader 14 inch USB-C charging 1600€ So my thoughts: I really like the HP Spectre because it's all I want for an good prize, my worries are that the screen brightness might not enough and it doesn't have USB charging with would be a nice to have. The Dell 9570 seems like a solid choice although the cooling seems to be a problem, and alot of people complain about the graphics which seem to crash a lot. A nice to have from Dell is their Desktop Dock, which can charge the Laptop and also has all the ports I would like to have. and yeah the screen is awesome. Huawei Matebook Pro Best screen but a little underpowered an I would have to buy a dongle, because they copied too much from Apple. A nice to have is that with the right screen it can be charged over USB-C because its so low powered. Cool trackpad as well. Right now my favourite is the Dell, because of the screen, otherwise HP all the way. The Huawei would be a nice, but with the Huawei I can't get rid of my current Desktop because it doesn't have enough power. What I want from this thread? Built quality from these manufacturers, Personal experience with the mentioned models and a discussion about screen brightness (no experience in this area, my current Laptop is around 8 years old and I guess has aorund 200 nits) And yes I thought about Razor as well, but for that price and my use case it doesn't make sense.
  9. I want to upgrade my rig really soon and started to look for a case. My current is the Cougar Evolution which is a nice case, if you are blind. I am looking for a minimalistic case with a good build quality. My research found the Fractal R5, the Fractal R2 XL, the InWin 909 and the be quiet Dark Base 900. My favourite thing would be a Fractal R5 XL with a USB C Front, but you can't have everything. Maybe you guys can give me some additional options and information about good looking minimalistic cases. Cheers