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  1. On my motherboard, extracted from an Alienware Aurora R4, there is a small fan pointing upwards towards the top vents of the case, which is connected to the motherboard. I'm moving to a new case and have little fan headers to work with. Is it ok if this fan isn't plugged in, to instead plug a case fan in, or is it cooling a specific part of the motherboard?
  2. Will the hard drive format though? My OS is currently installed on a nearly full HHD but I'm going to add an SSD which I will install Windows onto through USB, will doing that also wipe the hard drive automatically?
  3. I've bought an SSD and I am moving my PC parts into a new case and wish to format my current hard drive, which at this moment contains the OS, and obviously install the OS onto the SSD when I install the two drives into the new case by a fresh windows install. I'm wondering how I am meant to format the hard drive to allow for a fresh windows install onto the SSD, while its currently still in use and running my OS. I was going to format the hard drive just before moving the parts over, by disk management, and then installing both drives into the case then using an install USB for windows to get the OS onto the SSD, however I'm unsure if this is the best way to go about it, as surely I cant fully format my hard drive while windows will be currently running off it.
  4. PC Specs: CPU - i7-4820k GPU - RX 570 8GB RAM - Samsung 8GB DDR3 HDD - Toshiba 1TB DRIVE I am wondering if it is worth buying a whole new config for my PC with all new parts except for my GPU, which was recently upgraded from a GTX 760, I only play at 1080p and shooters such as BF, etc. I've been using this pc for over 5 years, and is an Alienware Aurora, I definitely regret not building a PC, but I was young and dumb. I have noticed day to day usage has began to become slower over the last few years eg navigating/loading windows menus and having multiple programs open etc. I also like to run dual monitors and listen to podcasts/you tube while gaming and my performance has been getting worse over time while doing so. While gaming such as with BF V, I encounter frame drops and most up close/high action points the game will stutter/almost freeze and this has been the same with other games, usually running them for a while or after a few plays will improve performance but not nearly good enough to be as smooth as what should be expected of my GPU. My HDD is basically full with only a small amount of space remaining and whatever I end up doing I feel as though I need to buy a SSD for Windows to migrate to. I feel as though this drive is running poorly and might be dying but I'm not sure how I can be certain. I'm moving to uni soon so I want to realistically get a smaller case which can easily be taken in the car with me, but the proprietary motherboard stops this being easily done. I've looked at buying a new board for this, however, due to being an old chip set, I can only find them for £200+ on ebay used, so I feel my options are limited here. My question is should I get a fresh new build with a new mid tier CPU (Ryzen 5 or i5), which will fix my poor performance, or is it just a matter of getting a part or so to refresh my current build? My main concern is the performance while gaming/multi tasking as I feel as though my GPU is being severely bottle necked in someway which is causing the frame drops/stuttering etc..
  5. Currently, on Amazon, the Gigabyte WF2 3GB 1060 is £190 and on Scan the Gigabyte G1 Gaming is £205. How is the G1 Gaming different apart from it's bigger + front light, is it worth the extra £15? Also what cable should I check I have spare in order to power the GPU?
  6. Yeah, was considering talking about its influence on the hardware market of GPU, probably a good smaller sub/side point. Sixth Form is basically a form of Further Education past Secondary School, which you can attend between 16 - 18, usually the place you go before University.
  7. I'm currently doing an Extended Project as part of my Sixth Form course (UK education) - I don't know the US education equivalent. We had to pick a topic which we are interested in and yet weren't completely in the know about. I decided to choose Cryptocurrency as I know roughly how it works but I thought it would be a good topic to pick based on the fact I want a career in some type of computing industry. We have to write the essay on the topic by posing some sort of question or point of discussion. I have come up with a few angles I could talk about it from such as links to real-world economics, uses/corruption (legality, China etc). I thought some people here might be able to suggest a good interesting route I could go with. Please leave any ideas/suggestions.
  8. I was looking for an upgrade on my ageing A40 headset and I've wondered if a pair of in-ear headphones and a separate USB mic might be a better option. I usually just game on my PC and do most of my work online, nothing major like video/music editing. Does anyone recommend or have experience using in-ear headphones as a daily audio driver on their PC and if so, is there a trade-off in sound quality over using a headset for around the same price. I would assume a good enough quality set of earphone would possibly exceed a good branch of major headsets. Any recommendations on quality in-ear headphones would also be great.