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  1. I'm currently planning a build that will give me a lot of performance per $, however it's not a budget build. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/A3te
  2. Power phases are important to a certain point but anything above 6 power phases is relevant only in Sub-Zero conditions.
  3. I agree, it isn't. I would personally go with the i3.
  4. Maybe because the other systems were not in AHCI neither. It's not a tip, it's a requirement. But seems like you found the problem.
  5. I don't think he uses a splitter, I think that the CHA_FAN1 and CHA_FAN2 are just using the same controller.
  6. When you install an SSD. you need to make sure that you use AHCI mode and not IDE in the BIOS, before you install your OS.
  7. There's plenty of 1.65v memory kit without heat spreaders on the market. It doesn't require a heat spreaders.
  8. This is irrelevant, we're talking about Pros and Cons about products actually available to the public. Intel and Nvidia merging is still a rumor.
  9. You'll probably end up with a cheaper and more feature rich platform if you go with he FX-6100. Keep in mind the i3 3220 also have Hyperthreading, so it does have 4 thread and will do just as good. Go with the cheapest CPU/Motherboard combo, you'll probably find the better deal with AMD. http://www.anandtech.com/bench/Product/699?vs=677 (This is compared to the FX-6300, I couldn't find an in-depth comparison with the FX-6100.)
  10. Arguments are probably the best way to get information. An Nvidia Fanboy will dig you the best information about Nvidia and an AMD fanboy will get you the best information about AMD, the more you get the better. I recon some posts are just plain rubbish and don't even answer one's question. Now, if you we're talking about a fanboy with really little knowledge on the matter, then his posts are going to be misleading, now that would be a problem. You don't have to gather all your information from a single unbiased person. I don't think fanboyism is a real problem, the problem begin when they start being offensive and arrogant and/or misleading with erroneous data. Opinions are in human nature and trying to change that, is a bad idea.
  11. What kind of drive is your OS installed on? Also you might want to try with another PSU that you know works for sure. Might also try to reset your CMOS Is your drive running in AHCI or IDE mode?
  12. Good point, AMD's APUs offer much better gaming performances than Intel's IGP.
  13. Heat Spreaders on memory are mostly useless, they could reduce the temperature by 1 or 2 Celcius, but what does it change. Even if you raised your voltage, the actual memory wouldn't be the first thing to die in your computer. I don't know Geil very well, but back in the days they used to make very baller rams with Micron D9 chips. I wouldn't worry about it, they make good memory.
  14. It's hard to compare both, AMD has 8 cores but they are not full fledged cores like Intel, they're 4 modules with 2 cores in each modules sharing the same 2mb cache per modules. Hyperthreading already does a really good job for multi-threaded applications. For exemple the i7 3770k has 4 cores at 3.5Ghz but will perform almost identically to the FX-8350 which has 8 cores at 4.0Ghz. This is an interesting post explaining why higher frequency doesn't mean better performance; http://linustechtips.com/main/forum/...1002#post41002 Where AMD get more interesting is when you look at their motherboard prices, it's definitely cheaper than Intel based motherboard. AMD is also a very interesting solution for people on older platform, their backward compatibility is unique and very appealing. An affordable solution for multi-threaded applications, offering very good performance for the price. If you want some AMD badassness, you want to look at their GPU.
  15. Both fans are connected to the same controller. There's nothing to fix, it's how it's supposed to be, 2 plugs doesn't mean 2 different channels.