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Flavio hc 16

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  • CPU
    i7 4970k 4.8 ghz
  • Motherboard
    Gygabyte z97 gaming 7
  • RAM
    32 gb fury x 2133mhz
  • GPU
    2x palit jetstream 980ti
  • Case
    Moddded core p3
  • Storage
    4t hdd+ 1.5 tb ssd
  • PSU
    1000w rmi

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  1. Flavio hc 16

    Space X Starship Unveiled

    this will be a multipurpose vehicle, and the delta 4, even though is an older rocket, still cost 400 milions, and the others are not that far in cost/kg to orbit. ANd the cost per launch is still 7 milions for 100 tons, it means 70$/ kg, it means that for 5k you can go to orbit and get back, right now you pay around 50 milions for that.
  2. Flavio hc 16

    Space X Starship Unveiled

    consider that with falcon 9 the economy of scale is already lowering their building cost a ton ( falcon 9 cost: 30 milions for 20 tons to orbit, delta 4 heave 400 milions for 30 tons of payload)
  3. Flavio hc 16

    Space X Starship Unveiled

    they will refuel it in orbit using space tankers, to give you an idea: ( it is the very old design) What is spectacular about this is not about the dimensions () but about the fact that is going to be fully reusable, planned launch cost is around 6-7 milions/ launch for 100 tons paiload. the shuttle did cost 500 milions for 30 tons. When it will fly, and the economy of scale will kick in, this rocket will change humanity in way we can't even immagine. I dare to say that in the distant future this might be recognised as another " year 0" in history
  4. is on an elliptical trajectory around the Sun that will have as higher and lower point mars' and earth's orbits respectively
  5. Flavio hc 16

    Nvidia presents 65" 4K 120Hz, HDR, G-Sync gaming monitor

    8-10k $ range imho, especially if you consider it has even full dci-p3 coverage
  6. Flavio hc 16

    EVGA launches GTX 1070 TI THICC n Quiet edition

    i would love this beast of a cooler mounted on a 1080ti, and with the ftw3 design
  7. No usb type c? it's a nono for me, and it's a shame, it looks gorgeous
  8. we have more and more ints that the 7nm zen 2/+, whatever they want to call it, will have a 6 core per ccx package, so we will see ryzen 7 with 12 cores ( and imho r5 will be 8/16 and r3 4/8), threadripper with 24 cores and Epic with 48 cores
  9. Flavio hc 16

    Xbox One X Scorpio Teardown and Reassembly

    there is a mistake in the gpu clock: is 1.172, not 1.72, i would love to see polaris clock that high, it would kill nvidia
  10. Flavio hc 16

    Nvidia CEO - Moore's Law is dead; GPUs to replace CPUs

    up until no one gives a shit about task parallelization, yes. But in reality, you can't stack up as many gpu cores as cpu cores without needing a nuclear power plant, so we are probably hitting the limits cpu wise.
  11. Flavio hc 16

    Msi is going to unleash another monster

    that was truly retarded
  12. Flavio hc 16

    Msi is going to unleash another monster

    first reports says 39cm......
  13. Flavio hc 16

    Msi is going to unleash another monster

    nope, is a more overkill lightning z
  14. Flavio hc 16

    Msi is going to unleash another monster

    I didn't think about it, but actually, this cooler might have a real use case scenario: cooling an overclocked vega 64 on air, as you need to cope with 400-450w of power
  15. Flavio hc 16

    Msi is going to unleash another monster

    After the lightning and the Duke, Msi showed at the Tokio game show a gpu that dwarfs the lighting in size. The msi lighting comes with 2 100mm fans and 1 90mm fans, but this looks like it has 2 120mm fans and 1 100mm fan, as the lightning is already a 140mmx320mm card, I do suppose that this card span in the 160x360-380mm dimensions. JUST LOOK AT IT, its a monstruosity, and it was what i was asking for, i'm interested in the temperature it reaches under full load, considering that the lightning is already in the 65° range https://videocardz.com/72764/msi-announces-geforce-gtx-1080-ti-gaming-x-trio