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    Hi all.
    Bet you didn't know this place existed
    So I've decided to run an ongoing AMA for no real reason than to let others find out more about me and I feel like I need to open up a bit more in life, and since i spend so much time here, might as well start here. It's hopefully a way to deal with my shyness RL by letting others "ask me anything" and help me build confidence, plus i still have some form of anonymity so i'm more likely to share things here that i wouldn't with people I work with, are friends with RL Etc. So in effect you're kind of helping me 
    There's three ways you can do this. 
    Send me a PM here on the forums if you don't mind the question(s) being attributed to you If you would prefer to remain anonymous with your question(s), you can send an email to Arika.ama@gmail.com. Leave it as a comment at the bottom of this entry. Obviously other people will be able to see your question  
    I will endeavor to respond to every question as accurately as possible without revealing too much about my identity as I still intend to keep a disconnect between real life and online.
    Some questions may be unanswered depending on what was asked, ie too personal. If such a question is received, i will still respond, but just saying that it will not be answered.
    So you can ask my Anything, but not everything will receive an answer.

    Appropriate questions and answers will be put on this blog. Unless otherwise specified, I will not indicate who asked the question i will just list it and the answer. You can ask as many questions as you like.


    Questions and Answers will be listed below.
    The Basics
    Name: Erica S (that's all you're getting)
    Age: 27 (At time of posting)
    Gender: Female
    Nationality: Australian
    Answered Questions:
    Do you have any pets?: I have 1 cat, and she is a brat, but i love her.
    What is your favorite video game genre and how has it impacted your life? Has it taught you a valuable lesson or skill?: Definitely Simulation, and maybe as weird as it sounds, the one that has impacted me the most was Eurotruck Simulator 2. I have a much greater respect for trucks on the road while i'm driving. I used to hate driving around or behind them, but now i understand them a bit more.
    What brought you to this forum, and what keeps you here compared to other forum?: It started when i was researching what laptop to purchase. But I do this thing where i research too much and the longer it lakes the less likely i am to pick something and just go with it. So i wanted to get other people's opinions instead of just reading reviews and the manufacturer support forums. I never intended to stick around, but the longer i stayed the more i started learning about different things regarding technology. Plus there's some good people on this forum so i decided to stick around, and 3000 posts later, here i am :D 
    What’s your occupation ?: My official Job title is "Senior Team Member" which is generic as hell. I work at a fairly large financial institution in a "call centre" department that is specifically for supporting the rest of our staff, mainly the branches, but sometimes we deal with other departments. Basically if the branch doesn't know a process, policy, requirements, guidelines etc, they will generally call us. We're basically Google within our organisation if you could call them up to ask questions and steal less of your information. We don't deal directly with customers.
    Biggest fear besides social contact: As cliché as it might be; Death. It's just the uncertainly of it, not the event. How will it happen? When will it happen? What will happen to the loved ones I leave behind? (this being the main one).
    You go to the docs, not feeling well. Doc says stage 4 lymph cancer and gives you three months to live. What do you do with the remaining time?how dark. I would probably freak out for the first couple of days, but i would try not to change too much. most people would say "go traveling" or "do <expensive thing>" but i would save as much money as possible so it can all go to my partner after i pass. there isn't really anything that i would say "i have to experience X before i die". i would prepare everything i can so there's nothing my loved ones have to worry about finalising after it. last thing i want to do is give them things that will prolong their mourning.
    What's your favourite colour?: Depends on the context. But generally it's Blue or Purple
    Do you want to pursue your current career, or blow a hole in the side of the dreary office building in which you are imprisoned, hide for a decade, then return to conquer all civilization and impose a new world order?: Honestly, it's probably my co-workers that are the reason I'm staying in the role i'm in. we have a great team and I don't think i'd have the kind of connections I currently do if i went off to do something else. Some days i do wish i could just get up and leave because i deal with a lot of stupid people everyday. But ultimately it's a fairly easy job, laid back enough that i don't get TOO stressed and the pay makes me happy
    What would you say is the largest obstacle you’ve had to overcome and why?:  I haven't had many "hardships" in life, but the thing that stands out most would be bringing my self to drive again after a car accident when i was 19 that i had no right in surviving, let alone walking away with a few minor scratches. came over a blind hill as some guy crossed into my lane trying to turn into another street (80km/h speed limit so effectively around 140-160km impact for both cars). hit head on, airbags (which are not soft in any way) car written off. Ambulanced to hospital, xray'd, only had a scratch on my cheek from the (metal rods in) airbag. nothing broken, no internal bleeding. but just the feeling of dread in the split second. i didn't drive for the next like 8 months
    On such a male dominated forum for a normally predominantly male hobby/interest how do you deal with people misgendering you?: That's simple, I don't care. If people use the wrong pronoun when talking about me, or use any other gendered language that is incorrect, I just move on, I have no desire to try to correct people on it. It's not something I want to flaunt or constantly bring up. I've listed female on this AMA and my profile. Everything else doesn't matter because I don't want my gender to be my defining characteristic. 
    Not sure what kind of games you are into but, what are your experiences with online games that use voice chat?: I've given up on using voice chat. The "good" experiences outweigh the bad in terms of numbers only. but the bad experiences outweighed the good in terms of everything else. Most of the time the reaction was "cool a girl" that's it. Just wanting to get a girls attention is rarer (at least in my case), generally it was people berating me, verbally abusing me (for any little mistake, or even like dying in a FPS game where respawning is a thing) sexual comments, unwanted PMs and friend requests. Some people just get really weird when playing an online game and they know there's a girl, it's like they lose all semblance of how to act normal because there's the anonymity of being online.
    Who's your Hollywood crush?: I'm going to cheat and give you one of each
    Actor: Benedict Cumberbatch specifically with Dr Strange look (and omg the voice)
    Actress: Natalie Portman
    Whats your favorite musical instrument and why?: I never learned to play it, but it would be the Harp. String instruments are by far my favourite type of all instruments. the harp is the most graceful in my opinion and the most interesting.
    What was your favorite subject in school?: It's a close race between Drama and Graphic Design. Neither of them actually help with my current job but they were by far the most enjoyable classes
    Pineapple on pizza? Also, What's your favorite topping?: I do like me some Hawaiian Pizza, so yes, I think pineapple is fine. Favourite is either Aussie or just BBQ Meatlovers.
    Are you gay?: I'm not "gay", no. You would most likely be able to classify me as Bi, with a male preference. When I was single I was more prone to look for a boyfriend but i wouldn't say no to another female if i liked them. I have had girlfriends before when I was younger but those just kind of happened.
    If you had to chose a super power, what would it be - and why?: 
    Shape-shifting. Who wouldn't want the ability to like like what ever they wanted? Most people would say flight or something boring, but with Shape-shifting i could turn into a bird (or, hell, even a dragon) and be able to fly anyway. it's just such a versatile power that has endless possibilities. My backup would be Telekinesis.
    What is your favourite computer part, and why?: Keyboard is what i'm the most picky about. It's hard to find a keyboard i'm happy with, but once i find it, i can swap out as many other parts as needed, but the keyboard will stay the same.
    I see that you like simulator games. What are some simulator games that you like to play?:  Mainly been playing DCS World lately. Every now and then i'll boot up EuroTruck Simulator 2, Train Sim World 2020 and Xplane 11. But DCS is definitely my go to.
    Being a female would you say that you fit the Ozzie stereotype of excessive drinking and cursing or would you class yourself as having a more feminine personality?: I barely drink. i drink like twice a year. I do curse when I'm around people im comfortable with (not excessive though), I also know how to turn it off when i need to be professional or around new people. I wouldn't call my self feminine either. I feel like I'm half way between girly and tom-boyish. To be honest, I have no idea what i am.