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Everything posted by dizmo

  1. I'd go with the 3600 over the 2600, unless the money saved lets you set up in graphics card.
  2. dizmo

    new pc questions

    Why would you recommend the VII? It's basically obsolete now, and at that price, makes no sense.
  3. dizmo

    Ryzen 2600 w/ MSI X370 mobo

    You'll probably have to update the BIOS, but you should be using the most up to date BIOS anyway...
  4. dizmo

    How common is video Game cracking on PC?

    You'll never stop everyone, but with each level of difficulty you'll cut out a percentage of those that are willing to put in the effort.
  5. dizmo

    Which sitcom should I rewatch...

    If you're older, Seinfeld. Especially if you were young when you first watched it. Friends if you're not. It's not, you're probably just too young to appreciate or understand the humour.
  6. They call it suicide.

    I call it lost.

    She call it super life.



  7. dizmo

    5700 XT for $500 or 2080 for $900

    I wouldn't get a Reference AMD card, that's for sure.
  8. Next year phones are set to surpass my PC RAM wise. There's only one solution. Increase my PC to 32GB of RAM. Seriously though, this is great news. While it might not be totally useful for everyone, it's always nice to have the option for those that can use it. The Note is looking to be more and more tempting...
  9. dizmo

    Looking suggestion for 22-25 as second screen

    I've always had excellent experiences with Dell monitors. That's what I'd go with; IPS, something with a decent stand.
  10. dizmo

    Liquid cooling: it worth it?

    I wouldn't bother. If you get a good air cooler, they're generally just as good as most liquid coolers, at a lower cost.
  11. Build looks fine, personally I'd get a larger 1TB SSD, as 512GB will run out pretty quickly, especially if you're using it for any kind of mass storage. I wouldn't get an MSI motherboard; I've had nothing but problems with all the ones I've had. Eh, frankly worrying about 200TB on a 300TB drive doesn't make much sense at all. It'll take many, many years to go through that many writes with average usage. Really, there's absolutely no reason these days for a consumer to worry about the lifespan of an SSD.
  12. Goodbye fast food and excess sugar. It was nice knowing you.

    1. VenomZ_


      Easier said than done

    2. dizmo


      Haha, especially since there's a McDonald's across the road from work...

      But, I want to get back into shape, and I just feel like ass from the fast food.

    3. VenomZ_
  13. dizmo

    Am I in the wrong?

    I wouldn't say you're in the wrong, but I also think certain aspects of your views are a little off as well. While yes, it will take you longer to save for a place if you're renting, it by no way means it'll be impossible. It'll just take longer. Perhaps that extra time is worth it to her given her current situation. Most of my friends have purchased their own place while renting. You'd also be living together; if you currently live 45 minutes apart, that could be huge for a relationship. I'd maybe take some time and ask her if the distance is becoming an issue. Not everything is always black and white, and some problems often have roots elsewhere. As for her not working, that's an issue, and one that needs to be sorted quickly. People at your age often feel they're "above" doing certain jobs, and that needs to change. There are almost always jobs available, they're just not always something that you want to do. She doesn't really have any right to say you guys should move out if she's not paying any of the bills. That's just unreasonable. Have you taken into account the amount you spend going to see each other? Not only the financial costs, but also the travel time involved, as well as the added risk of potential injury during that travel time. You might find that renting a place isn't that much of a stretch. @Majinhoju nailed it though. If you haven't lived together, you really should do that before buying and building a house. How much time do you guys really spend together, if you live that far apart? Have you even taken a lengthy (1 month) vacation together or anything? That piece of paper really means nothing...and if you're not religious, it really doesn't matter at all.
  14. Hmm...'04 S60R?
    The temptation is real.

  15. dizmo

    Suggestions for air cooling 3600

    If you're going to OC it I'd get something a little better, like an H7 at least.
  16. dizmo

    6700K vs 8400

    Sounds like someone's wasting the 6700k then...
  17. dizmo

    How much should I charge?

    Well, really, it shouldn't take you much more than an hour to set up a computer anyway...
  18. dizmo

    Best Low Cost Carrier in the Greater Vancouver Area?

    Oh, then for sure go with Koodo. Their prepaid plans. For $15/month you get unlimited texting. Then you add booster packs, which have like a one year expiry or something on them. $25 for 500 minutes, $30 for 1GB of data. That's what I used for my budget phone plan. I didn't talk much on the phone either (well, before I got a gf), so the 500 minutes would last me like 6 or 7 months.
  19. dizmo

    Best Low Cost Carrier in the Greater Vancouver Area?

    How about data? Are you pretty heavy or not so much?
  20. dizmo

    Merch Store Shipping International

    To be fair, you do live on the other side of the planet. Shipping wouldn't be cheap, especially since it's coming from Canada, not the US.
  21. dizmo

    Best Low Cost Carrier in the Greater Vancouver Area?

    How many calls do you make?
  22. dizmo

    Best 16Gb Ram?

    Hahaha, one day, one day.
  23. dizmo


    I think cruises are....lame.
  24. dizmo

    Best 16Gb Ram?

    You likely won't notice a difference. Just pick the 3200mhz kit you like the look of the most and get that.