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  1. You're not going to find something better for that price. Worried? Buy a 2x4, cut to the right size, and brace the top.
  2. COVID, broken down by highest % infected and highest age group with deaths % in Canada...


    Highest infected: 20 - 29, 18.6%.

    Highest death: 80+, 71%.


    If you tally those who have died under the age of 60 from COVID, it's 0.001%.


    I still wear my mask when I go out, but the numbers are showing these massive lockdowns are, frankly, unneeded. Yes, those at risk or the elderly should isolate. It should not be widespread.

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    2. dizmo


      @Nowak Right, but infectious disease experts predict another lockdown would result in 10x the damage to Canadians health than the virus itself, and up to 50x globally. Those countries caught it early. Now that other countries haven't, the measures aren't nearly as effective.


      If you close the country to save say 150,000 people, and the other 35 million have nothing to go back to...what's the point?


      @WereCat...what country do you live in that's small enough to do that? I think that'd be a good idea (the mass testing aspect), it would show just how widespread it likely is. Can't they just mail them to your house, then track who doesn't send it back? 

    3. Nowak



      I swear, if it's about the fucking economy...

    4. WereCat






      Around 5M people give or take. 

      They ordered the low accuracy fast test, you will get result within 30min in a envelope. 

      Its expected that we will have a ton of falsr positives. 


      Our Prime Minister ordered this but nobody is prepared. There is not enough staff to do this and they had to improvise to make their own protection as well due to lack of preparation when it comes to obtaining the suits, gloves, disinfectants, etc... 


      The staff will also be rewarded 20€ for each positive case they find and many people are against this since it can get easily abused. 


      Furthermore, the goverment is still yet to pay for the services of the medical staff in the 1st wave, they haven't got any payment yet. 


      Basicaly this was decided 2 weeks prior the wide country testing... simply not enough time. Nobody was voting about it or anything, etc... smells of a lot of BS to be honest. 

  3. Twitter is getting a little out of hand with it's censorship...

    1. ARikozuM


      Yep. They shadowbanned Sunrise Movement earlier this week along with Jacobin. They want the corporatist to win. 

    2. dizmo


      lol I had to look that up. They also banned a high up CBP official for stating how the border wall has been effective.

      I used to think that these companies were their own entities and didn't deserve scrutiny for what's on their platform; it's theirs, they make the decisions.

      However, I'm really starting to agree more with Rogan's stance, that they're more of a town square, and banning people gives far too much control to steer the narrative of an entire country.

    3. dizmo


      @ARikozuM I just noticed your pic 😂 I've honestly never seen a time when the choice for president has been so shit.

  4. Yeah, even less well known ones are fine. Most products have seals on them, if it doesn't when it arrives, file claim, get money back. Haha, the CBSA doesn't really care about candy and chips
  5. A long, long time. It also depends what you mean be released. It took months for AMD to actually get stock into stores after their paper launch. So, figure probably the summer until you're able to actually buy one. Welcome to the forum.
  6. Depends how you're looking. Just because it's allocated doesn't mean it's actually being used, and a lot of games, especially CoD ones, will take all the resources they can, even if it doesn't actually need them.
  7. I wouldn't worry too much about it, especially at that resolution. The others have already explained why. Not accurate. Maybe, maybe not. If someone's buying a 3080 chances are in a couple years when that might be come a problem, they'll simply upgrade anyway.
  8. That's not a good starting place. Here's what you'd want to do with a budget of $500: Buy a Dell Optiplex off of eBay, or your local classifieds. Should cost about $175. Buy a video card like a 1050Ti or 1650 that doesn't require any PSU cables, and plug that in. With whatever you have left, maybe upgrade the RAM or add a small SSD. Really, with a budget that small if it's just for gaming I'd get a console.
  9. Most games will have dips and drops as what's rendered on the screen intensifies. As for how to get more FPS, you really have to let us know what settings you're using when you play.
  10. FE cards are usually readily available. There's a pandemic, things are tough in every industry. Of course AIB cards are going to be more expensive; they always are. They also almost always have cards that are available at or very close to the same price as the FE edition, just as they do now.
  11. I'd go with the AOC or Gigabyte. Realistically you're not going to notice a massive difference between them, as they likely all use similar panels. Never heard of Iiyama, and Xiaomi is just getting into monitors, and Monoprice generally has shit stands.
  12. They're not that similar. The high end AMD one also had everything OC'd to match the 3090.
  13. Seems to me the solution would be get a quieter case, don't use the computer at night, and/or don't put your head so close to it. Coil whine is going to happen. If you're that sensitive to it, you're better off mitigating it in other ways.
  14. Depends what you mean by performance. If overclocking, it can be noticeable. If bottom end, not much. Kind of an open ended question. Actually even between Z series boards you can see 5 - 6 fps difference in performance. So, while not massive, it's not nothing.
  15. dizmo

    Hello Everyone

    Yeah, they've still got a very, very long way to go.
  16. dizmo

    Hello Everyone

    Nvidia is far from stuck in neutral...
  17. How many people really buy movies anymore? I personally don't see the point. Want to watch it again? Rent it. The chances that you'll want to watch it more times than the cost difference is, is pretty low. Plus with services like Netflix, there's always movies to watch on there. Really love it? There's other places you can go to get a copy.
  18. Yaaaay 2 new phones next month! 

  19. Ha. Ha. Ha. A whole month!! Oh noes!
  20. If I had to choose between those, probably the F150. The Cybertruck is just...a little too jarring to look at. One thing I hate about a lot of the newer EV marketing is how they're pushing wheel torque numbers instead of engine torque. So a lot of people are blown away by the 11,500 ft lb number in the marketing not realizing that it really only has 1,000 ft lbs by what every other manufacturer uses. Which is still an awfully impressive number so why deceive like that? I wonder how towing will affect battery life, not to mention health. Things get reeeeal hot when towing. Fleet sales help massively with that. I've always thought Elon should be targeting that market. The US Government has deep pockets, and more and more cities are moving their fleets over to electric. Just make a box on wheels. Doesn't have to be pretty, and he can clearly make it cheap. Not everything. While some things are certainly more advanced, their self driving tech is starting to be outpaced, and it's only a matter of time before the big players start beating them in a multitude of other areas. Certainly not 10 years. The charging network is a fair point but we're only 11 months away from Electrify America having the same number of stations as Tesla, and let's be real; 98% of the time you'll be charging at home. The Hummer is sick. I hope they make a smaller pickup as well. It's only a matter of time before the big players surpass Tesla. They've done a great job at getting the word out and popularity up, but it's not like Tesla has magical engineers no one else does. From what most people are saying Chevrolet's self driving tech (on the roads it's approved for) is actually better than Tesla's. Tick tock Musk. Better get those cars out.