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  1. vaiwalker

    Windows transfer

    as long as you have a key it should be fine. you can download it here https://www.microsoft.com/nl-nl/software-download/windows10 . not sure abt windows below this . give it a try
  2. vaiwalker

    Non bloated Windows 10?

    are you using the mobo's CD to install stuff?? there are standalone ISO's , plain and simple. not sure if they exist anymore. id suggest you get your lan or wifi drivers before doing a reinstall. hate that shit too.
  3. vaiwalker

    Is Windows 10 1903 Safe For Gaming? 8/10/19

    so far so good bruh.
  4. you can install just windows on the ssd. i got a 120gb ssd which i use just for windows. there are tweaks to install programs like chrome onto other drives. use the ssd mainly for windows. so much better.
  5. vaiwalker

    Non bloated Windows 10?

    nothing much you can do. after windows installs, just uninstall all that shit. takes some time.. but its worth it
  6. vaiwalker

    Computer Power Cycles

    what are you usually doing when this happens? gaming? youtubing? office stuff?
  7. 1) i think the "technicians" just messed with you and didn't do anything at all 2) so your main drive is your 2nd hdd since you have a SSD as the main boot device? 3) bitlocker won't mess up like this, even if you shut down or restart when encrypting, it'll continue when you boot up again. 4) not sure what you mean by your drive got divided into 3 drives. you mean 3 partitions? 5) it's probably a badly seated ram or a dead gpu if you have on. reseat your rams 6) try using the onboard display if you have it
  8. vaiwalker

    Can't see a hidden file??

    could be hidden by a virus. try this Open Command Prompt (CMD) as an Administrator. Navigate to the drive whose files are hidden and you want to recover. Then Type attrib -s -h -r /s /d *.* and hit Enter. That is it. Now you will get all the hidden files and folder as general files and you can use it. http://windows.mercenie.com/windows-xp/view-hidden-folder/
  9. vaiwalker

    Computer not powering on

    have you tried taking the mobo out of the casing and powering it on?
  10. vaiwalker

    asus g75v battery charge fault.

    probably missed a cable. open it and check again. theres no other way
  11. vaiwalker

    Possible short?

    smell the ass of the PSU. if it smells burnt, time to get a new one
  12. vaiwalker

    Weird windows and BIOS behaviours

    are your disks encrypted?
  13. vaiwalker

    Mouse pointer highlight disappeared

    I dont understand, i can see it . maybe your screen's too bright
  14. try launching it again and let it crash. if it gives any error msg, google it. if not, look through event viewer. any application crash information should definitely be there. think it should be under 'application', any crash should have a red exclamation mark i think). there's always a timestamp of an application crash so check the latest ones(should be the 1st one if u check immediately after it crashes or maybe top 5 or 3) and find the one that has anything to do with battlefield. there should be some kinda error code, or some info on whats causing the crash, like maybe a system file, or a device driver file or whatever. check that, we might get some more info.
  15. vaiwalker

    Returning Mobo What are all the screws that it brings?

    yea thats what refunds are for. just tell em its not working. dont really think they will test it or anything. they'll probably just send it back to the manufacturer or something.