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    AMD A8 7410 APU
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    Dell 15' 5555
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    AMD Radeon R5
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  1. Thanks for the Reply i guess i have to buy a network card i have uploaded the photo of the PC and adapter
  2. Hi i need help to connect a PC to the internet but first let me give you the background story for better understanding. My old pc was hit by a lighting and everything on the PC works except for the Ethernet Socket also the PC doesn't have integrated Wi-Fi i have a usb -> ethernet adapter but it seem that doesn't work is there any way i can connect my old pc to the internet Ps. I have a laptop and has Bluetooth is it good to connect the old pc by bluetooth
  3. thanks guys for the reply i did change my passwords for both just to be sure thanks for the heads up
  4. Hi i need help for some reason today i got two sms to my phone one from Facebook and another from an unknown source to verify my instagram account but i havent made changes or register to any website/apps that uses either facebook & instagram info also i would like to know if u guys have receive the same notice since im skeptical about these sms that i have receive
  5. Ryuzaky00

    Consolidate Cloud Services

    thanks for the reply right now i'm going to check about the recommended website provided the problem with downloading and uploading to OneDrive is that i don't have that much of space on my local drive it is full but thanks to one drive it has the option if the file is on one drive it will cache the file to my pc unless i want to download it which is really good that way i know my files is safe as a backup also is a space saver
  6. Hi I need help don't know is this is an accurate post from this category but anyways I would like to know where and how can i consolidate or combine my cloud services into one for Ex. I have iCloud, google drive , dropbox and OneDrive and i would like to sync all my files into my OneDrive since i have more storage space also i don’t have an apple product anymore and i don’t want to have a bunch of cloud programs installed consuming my bandwidth also slowing my pc
  7. Ryuzaky00

    Can you Game on an AMD Opteron CPU

    yeap well i was imagining the same thing is under power but my curiosity was telling me if it was possible since some people now are trying to build old pc armed with everything for example have an AM3+ or FX CPU the last one + having a good Motherboard with 32GB of DDR3 Ram with a modern GPU like a GTX 1070 or 1050 as a budget PC i know now modern hardware is getting cheaper but one can answer is it any worth arming to the teeth an old PC for modern use or just build a modern standard pc
  8. Hi guys i was wondering if is possible to use or game on an AMD Opteron CPU since now the hipe train is about AMD Ryzen and using i? / Xeon CPUs with more than 6 CPU cores & threads it got me interested since im seeing people opting to buy older Xeonn or high end CPUs for gaming or for general use
  9. Ryuzaky00

    which Color Profile to use sRGB or Adobe sRGB for gaming

    thanks ill keep in mind what to really look for for a proper enjoyment
  10. Ryuzaky00

    which Color Profile to use sRGB or Adobe sRGB for gaming

    thanks for the big help was stuck wondering what to with my screen
  11. Hi Guys i have a question i have been thinking lately since i'm a noob about color profiles & photography related topics but which color is preferred to use for a standard monitor or screen for gaming since my friends and i would always be calibrating the screen for better visuals well. My Rig Specs : Dell 15' 5555 Model Cpu: AMD A8 7410 APU Gpu: AMD Radeon R5 Ram: 12GB - 1 x 8GB - 1 x 4Gb Single Channel HDD: 2 TB 5000 Rpm Note: Yes i'm using a Laptop for Gaming don't have enough $$$ spare my life