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  1. Listening through a friends spotify playlist to try to grab some stuff for my own, here's one that's pretty chill.
  2. Source : https://twitter.com/CORSAIR/status/1206590404088385536 Article on their Site : https://www.corsair.com/uk/en/company/press-release/corsair-acquires-scuf-gaming Hasn't been finalized yet, but it's due to complete in the next month or so, this goes on along with their other acquisitions of Origin PC and Elgato
  3. yeah, I'm aware of that, but looking back at it now, with the gift that is hindsight.
  4. They looked really, really similar. (atleast Vista and 7). I was using Vista for years and years, and it was... not awful, but it was okay.
  5. Windows Vista and 7 looked.. very similar, 8 was a bit of a shock, and then 10 is probably my favourite version so far, clean and basic.
  6. Vista Looked a hell of a lot better than it's predecessor. ?
  7. That intro was pretty good :^) Vista however, It wasn't great.