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  1. https://www.dell.com/en-us/shop/dell-laptops/new-inspiron-14-5000-laptop/spd/inspiron-14-5493-laptop/nn5493dqvth This should work
  2. India. But buying from the US as its about 450$ more expensive here compared to the US. Pretty convinced I want the y540, love the design. The EVOO ones look good, but no support here. I can wait, sure. My relatives arrive in the end of april so I have till that time to purchase one. thanks
  3. I am currently on the hunt for the best deals on the Y540. The one with the i7-9750h, 1660ti, 144hz panel, 1tb ssd, 16gb ram --the lowest I have seen it go is 960. Do you think it will head lower with the launch of the new generation of laptops? Or should I just get it now?
  4. Please dont club this with my other threads about the Y540. 81SY00D4US 81SY0008US These are the model numbers of the two models available on microsoft's website. The only difference between the two I could see was the storage (512 SSD+1TB hd) on the former vs 256SSD on the latter. However the price difference is very large(110 USD). A microsoft tech support guy told me that the screen on the 81SY0008US is the 144hz,300 nits one. Can someone please confirm this as if this is the case I will go with the 81SY0008US. Thanks
  5. I also plan to edit in prpro and learn some AfterEffects. Gaming use is primarily CS:GO, GTA V, prolly some new shooter but nothing super demanding like RDR2 or Shadow of the tomb raider
  6. I will be using it through the majority of my college.
  7. A deal was suggested to me on the LTT forum for the lenovo legion Y540. The price is 790USD for the i5-9300HF and the 1660ti. Another deal I have found is one with i7-9750H and 1650. The i5 one looked much better, but a search revealed that the F series does not come with integrated graphics. So Nvidia optimus or hybrid mode cannot be used. How much worse will the batter life be? Also if someone knows a better deal for this one, 790 is the lowest I have found. Thanks
  8. Also is it cheaper to buy from offline stores like bestbuy, Walmart, Costco instead of amazon etc
  9. Please suggest offers for legion y540 under 850usd.
  10. I just see searched that the laptops in your offer come with i5-9300hf instead of i5 9300h. so there's no iGPU ,no nvidia optimus, so bad battery life outside of gaming. Are there any other offers with a h series processor? Thanks
  11. thanks so much anyway. for just 50 USD more you got me a 1660ti and a better display by just compromising on the i7.
  12. would you happen to know if a student discount can be applied on top of this special perk?
  13. Wow why wasnt i seeing this on the website? Thanks.