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  1. ignaloidas

    AMD might announce their new CPU lineup on Tuesday

    I think that this is going to be for Epyc only. I don't see enough leaks for an Zen 2 reveal. My Zen 2 leak thread is almost dead because of silence.
  2. heh, I have to wonder how useful is 10Gbps when you can only use it for 13 minutes. That is quite a disadvantage. This seems to be a marketing trick for them to use a single 10Gbps pipe for several customers, and then advertise like everyone gets their own pipe. At that cost, I would not buy it. Here in Lithuania there are offers for 1Gbps for around 20 euros, and that's unlimited and with modem included.
  3. Time to stich together all of these photos and upload 1TB images then
  4. ignaloidas

    Any good simple "Square" cases out there?

    After some searching I found this case http://www.chieftec.eu/en/chassis/matx/gamer-series-matx/ci-01b-op.html Has anyone tried it? is Chieftec any good?
  5. ignaloidas

    Any good simple "Square" cases out there?

    These are cool, yet very flashy, and I'm trying to build the blandest LAN party machine . And seems quite hard to mod.
  6. I'm planing on building a new system and I want the case to be similar to those old PC that sat plat on your desk. My main criteria are airflow, price and (maybe) modability. I don't really care about any tempered glass or RGB, as I'm currently thinking of a really dark build. I searched through few of my local dealers and couldn't find any good ones. I don' care if it's quite big, I'm looking for at least mATX size. Thank you for your responses.
  7. I don't see it, even new iPhones have x86 in them (https://lcq2.github.io/x86_iphone/)
  8. I find the reason they give for suing stupid, it may very well be just a separate program that does not inject any code into fortnite, or not any more than simple overlays. Just if this is true, their whole argument falls apart.
  9. It seems that a lot of websites that leak info about new hardware are considered not trustful (ahem... WCCFTech) so I decided to make this thread to compare all the leaks happening, till the official release of the product. I will try to update this thread as often as I can, but help would be appreciated. Date: 2018-09-30 Leaked by: WCCFTech Source: https://wccftech.com/amd-zen-2-ryzen-8-core-16-thread-cpu-leak/ Core count: 8 cores / 16 threads Clock speed: 4.0 GHz Boost clock: 4.5 GHz Notes: Probably not top of the line processor. Beats 8700K. Engineering sample.
  10. They can't be temporarily stopped, that's true, but they can be disassembled. Fairily recently, on was shutdown in Lithuania(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ignalina_Nuclear_Power_Plant)
  11. Just to note, INT4 is not anything amazing, it is just efficient, because it's small. it takes just 4 bits(the 4 in INT4) and it is an integer (INT in INT4). That means that if you want for your models to run that efficiently, you will have to sacrifice much of the accuracy in your machine learning models, as INT4 can only represent values form 0 to 15. And I doubt many use cases can adapt to such a limitation. I find it sad that Nvidia is trying to show this amazing machine learning performance when it's really mostly the same, just the numbers are smaller. They just optimized for small numbers, so those who need good accuracy will suffer.
  12. ignaloidas

    Backing Up the Petabyte Server

    They were considering tape drives for 15 thousand up front, but if you add things up, for that price to beat their google solution, those tape drives should last for more than 200 years. And tape-drives are one of most cheap means of storage...
  13. ignaloidas

    Backing Up the Petabyte Server

    That is for uploading to Google cloud storage, which is an more or less enterprise solution, for them it would cost 5 thousand a month
  14. ignaloidas

    Backing Up the Petabyte Server

    Still 3 thousand a month with their amounts of data