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  1. That's why you should use Shamir's Secret Sharing. With it the secret is shared securely over several people so loosing one is not a problem. I think that many people just don't try to future and death proof their businesses and their secrets.
  2. Pls no, my shitty laptop CAN play 720p@30FPS but CAN'T play 720p@60FPS. This would decrease my watching quality to 480p which sucks.
  3. inb4 linus pairs this with RTX Titan and 9900K. This would be the one scenario where you are actually limited by your motherboard.
  4. That's why you use physical hardware keys and not some shitty schemes using a phone. Phone has a much larger attack surface, no direct connection to the website you are authenticating to, and phone messages are interceptable with sufficient funds. FIDO2 and U2F are much better since the attack surface is really small and it has direct connection to the website it's authenticating to. I don't understand websites that offer 2FA but don't have FIDO2/U2F to offer, just some shitty phone apps. It makes it way less secure and denies the security to those who are using(arguably more secure) dumbphones. It's not that hard to implement FIDO2/U2F, just do it, the security of your clients will increase WAY more.
  5. Updated my Zen 2 leak comparison thread
  6. You mean " Her Majesty's Ship Campbeltown ship"? Yea...
  7. Yes, there are some crops that are specifically grown to feed animals, but a part of, for example wheat, when grown isn't all that great - it might had some diseases, maybe some parasites, had worse growing conditions, and in the end ended up not tasty. And not particularly healthy. Humans don't wand bread made from such grain, but animals eat it fine. Meat industry didn't happen because there was some bad grain lying around, but they will happily buy such grain for lower prices, as it's not really usable for anything else. Try to imagine this with silicon. There are some great dies, from which all the i9s are made. But there are quite a lot of dies that aren't of that good quality, so they become Pentiums. And those Pentiums aren't made specifically for offices, but offices use them because they are cheap and good enough for the job. Now what you are suggesting is that we can just not get Pentium grade chips from those wafers, and only get i9 ones. Would be cool, huh? But what would happen, if the offices suddenly stopped buying Pentiums. No one else would want them and Intel would loose a lot of profit. Same with the farmers.
  8. Salads that are currently fed to rabbits don't burn that well...
  9. I've seen quite disagreeing opinions here. I think that this is neither good, neither bad development. Lab grown meet is cool and all, but if all the meat becomes lab-grown, then who's going to use the "lover lever" crops, that make up up to 50% of all grown crops? Currently such crops are used only by farms and considered not suitable for human usage. If farms cease to exist, then no one be around to use such crops. So who is going to eat them? You? Or should we just burn it? Currently farm sizes are mostly limited by the amount of feed it can get. If no one is going to use that feed, who's gonna pay to farmers for they crop, now that only 50% of it is usable and other goes to waste? There are a lot of questions about this stuff, and if we don't find answers, it's not going to end well. /philosophy Still pretty cool.
  10. I think that this is going to be for Epyc only. I don't see enough leaks for an Zen 2 reveal. My Zen 2 leak thread is almost dead because of silence.
  11. heh, I have to wonder how useful is 10Gbps when you can only use it for 13 minutes. That is quite a disadvantage. This seems to be a marketing trick for them to use a single 10Gbps pipe for several customers, and then advertise like everyone gets their own pipe. At that cost, I would not buy it. Here in Lithuania there are offers for 1Gbps for around 20 euros, and that's unlimited and with modem included.
  12. Time to stich together all of these photos and upload 1TB images then
  13. After some searching I found this case http://www.chieftec.eu/en/chassis/matx/gamer-series-matx/ci-01b-op.html Has anyone tried it? is Chieftec any good?