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  1. Ryzen Based Pc suggestions?

    So you already have a 1060? Is it a 1060 6 gb or 3 gb? The 1600 is kind of overkill for a 1060, even the 6gb models, in gaming, you could drop to a 1400 if you want to save a few bucks and maybe spend that money on some beautiful RGB or more storage space.
  2. The Cheapskate

    He's right. Drop that CPU, you absolutely don't need the power of an i7 with a 1050ti. A Pentium or i3 could utilize that graphics card pretty well. Ryzen will do better for recording/streaming, so I agree with Fardin's build. R5 1400 + GTX 1060 6gb all the way.
  3. https://www.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/model/NX.GR7AA.001 This might work for your needs. I've seen a few around campus, which hopefully means they aren't terrible... plus you get a decent amount of RAM/good processor for not too much money. Grab a good stylus, and this should fit in for your mock courtrooms. The Acer products in that price range I've used in the past have been decent, though the build quality could use a hand.
  4. In that case I would definitely try for something portable that you can write on... which may be difficult in that price range. Maybe a Lenovo Yoga?
  5. I'm glad you asked! Cause I have literally no idea how to answer this question... --Every forum ever But seriously, here we go. Dell XPS 13 base model (like 2016 model, refurbished or lightly used) That one ASUS ultrabook... UX305 or something like that? Or a Surface? That might be a little over your budget though...
  6. Mini-ITX Windows Workstation

    I would absolutely agree, but unfortunately my MBPro only has a 120 gig SSD, which isn't really enough for bootcamping properly, although it fits my Mac programs and files just fine with a little fine tuning.
  7. Mini-ITX Windows Workstation

    Oh, duh. That was the compatibility issue PCpartpicker was yelling at me about. Thanks!
  8. First PC build wanted your opinions

    I may be completely off my rocker, but it could be worthwhile to grab a capture card if you do YouTube. Takes some stress off your graphics card. Just a thought. Other than that, I think your build looks decent. Might want an SSD in there, as was said above by someone else already.
  9. Hi all! I'm studying information tech at a four year college, and I've been using a macbook up until now, but I realize I'll need a windows machine as well. I don't want or need another laptop, so I'm thinking of building a mini-ITX desktop (my gaming desktop is in storage currently). I might upgrade it in future for gaming purposes, but this will primarily be a coding and tinkering workstation, so I'll probably start with the integrated graphics on whatever chip I have (unless there aren't any) and pop a 1050 or 1050ti in there later. Some of you may recognize me from an earlier proposed ITX build, but this build is different because of its PURPOSE. I'm trying to get the best performance in intensive desktop tasks. So. Your thoughts? With B250 motherboard: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/z6cKwV https://pcpartpicker.com/list/jBsNtJ EDIT: I should mention that, though I don't want a laptop. form factor IS important. There isn't a lot of space in my tiny apartment, and I'd also like to use as little energy as possible without losing lots of performance.
  10. Need advice for pc build!

    Some M.2 slots are NVME enabled, others are not. Some are just SATA III connections in an M.2 form factor. I'm not sure what you're trying to correct me on.
  11. Need advice for pc build!

    The ultra m.2 is really just a PCI-E m.2, and the other m.2 is a SATA m.2. The Ultra M.2 supports NVME drives. Does that answer your question?
  12. Need advice for pc build!

    I'd recommend a R5 1400 + GTX 1060 or RX 580 depending on which is cheaper. Unfortunately the site is a little too confusing for my boring American mind, but I think you should be able to fit in budget with those parts. Otherwise, I'd drop the processor to an R3 1200 and the GPU to a 1050ti, and that'll still kill 1080p with 8gb of RAM and a decent PSU. Check out droidbot's PSU tier list (put it in the search bar) to double check your PSU, but for parts like those, your PSU should be pretty much fine if it's over 400 watts, though you want to get the best possible. Hope this helps! Sorry I wasn't able to give you an exact list.
  13. First PC build

    If you can, I would go for another 8 gb of RAM. Either another 2x4, or you could just go for a 2x8 in the first place. Other than that, looks like a 1080p beast. You could even do some 1440p with this build, imo. Maybe not maxed settings, but definitely High.
  14. Cool stuff. I'm looking forward to a build log!
  15. But can it run Crysis? Kidding. Build looks good. I agree with the more storage idea. Beyond that, there's literally nothing this build can't do. Except maybe server applications, but this isn't a server build.