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    Ryzen 5 1600
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    MSI B350M Mortar
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    1x8gb 2666 DDR4
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    EVGA GTX 1060
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    Thermaltake H Versa
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    1tb HDD, 1.5tb HDD, 120gb SSD
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    EVGA 430W
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    1x case fan (don't judge me)
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    Windows 10 Home

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  1. Is used worth it

    Craigslist encourages people away from PayPal and checks of any kind, so you might have an issue if you try to do PayPal, but generally speaking that sounds fine. But $220 is about the MSRP of a GTX 1060 3gb, right? I suppose it's the best you're likely to get in this market, but still... sad to see that. I'd sell you my 6gb model for less if I still had it.
  2. Is used worth it

    A 970 should do 1080p gaming just fine, but $250 seems a little pricey to me for a 970, though I'm not super experienced with used market or anything. A quick google says you can get one for anywhere from $200-$300 though, so that's likely a legit sale. Make sure you find out which manufacturer it's from and if it has a factory OC though; that can affect performance and pricing a little.
  3. Is used worth it

    I agree. PayPal almost always sides with the buyer, so you're probably safe there.
  4. Is used worth it

    I would be careful of buying used online, because that can be sketchy. However, I've heard Amazon has good dispute resolution, in case something goes wrong, so IF you can find anything then that might be a good outlet. I would look on Craigslist to see if anyone in your area is selling something in that price range. Maybe they can show you that it works and everything before you buy, so you know what you're getting. I would agree with whoever told you not to buy new right now; Prices for midrange-high cost GPUs are insane. If you get really desperate, go for eBay, but I've heard enough horror stories that I really wouldn't recommend it.
  5. Ah. El Capitan apparently introduced some kind of security measure that prevents any change to system icons. RIP my blue themed desktop haha.
  6. Changes VSCode's icon is already doable, the issue is apps like Safari, Messenger, and Reminders. The copy/paste trick doesn't work, and I can't alter the .icns files because MacOS freaks out at me when I do (I don't remember the exact error, but it really isn't happy with me when I try it). I'll give that Liteicon thing a try though, thanks.
  7. High CPU usage...

    According to a quick google, it's a C++ runtime you need for some programs. Someone else will know more though.
  8. I've tried the copy/paste into "Get Info" pane trick, but I can't get that trick to work for Safari or other default MacOS apps. Any ideas, or places I can find ways to change the icons in my Launchpad/Dock? Thanks!
  9. Most beautiful Linux distro

    Elementary OS, hands down. At least, if you like minimalist design, which I do. EDIT: My browser glitched, sorry for the double post.
  10. Need advice on compatibility

    Build looks good to me for 1080p ultra. You may want to go for a 2x4 solution for the RAM instead of 1x8 so you can run it dual channel, unless you plan on upgrading later. Also, Windows 10 will cost about the same if you just buy a transferable Home license from Windows, which would be a better choice IMO because you don't run into issues if you change your parts around later. (Pro is much more expensive... but do you actually need Pro, or do you just want to be able to say you have Win10 Pro?)
  11. Need advice on compatibility

    So the 450w psu will technically be enough juice for what you're planning on doing. However, I'm not sure of the rating or tier level of that PSU. The quality, essentially. I'm not sure how well it can protect your components against surges and ripple and such. It could be fantastic tier 1, or (more likely) it's tier four or five at least, if not six or seven. I'm not sure where to find the PSU tier list, but @Droidbot created it I believe.
  12. Need advice on compatibility

    https://pcpartpicker.com/list/QPsmd6 Here ya go. Should be compatible. Don't worry about the RAM, it should be fine. Double check the stats from the Node 202 and that graphics card though; I've never heard of that brand of GPU, but that might be a function of my location.
  13. Need advice on compatibility

    That will probably work? As @Fruitsnacc said, if you put everything into pcpartpicker it'll tell you if your parts are compatible in terms of size. Also, lesson from experience: Do NOT cheap out on your PSU.
  14. good pc to upgrade to?

    Maybe OP should go for a Vega if he wants to go AMD. Otherwise, for the price of two 580s, you could get at least a 1070ti right now, if not a 1080 or 1080ti on the right sale, which would absolutely annihilate the two 580s in pretty much anything. EDIT: Oh. Two other people already said this. Oops.