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    Ryzen 5 1600
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    MSI B350M Mortar
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    1x8gb 2666 DDR4
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    Thermaltake H Versa
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    1tb HDD, 1.5tb HDD, 120gb SSD
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    EVGA 430W
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    1x case fan (don't judge me)
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  1. Help with PSU Wattage

    I wouldn't risk it. Upgrade the PSU if you want to OC. I'd always recommend overbuying on the PSU because it's the part that's most capable of murdering all your other parts. (also, nice choice of profile pic)
  2. Bottlenecking

    Should be OK for low settings 60fps, according to benchmarks I've seen.
  3. I actually do some editing as well, that's good info. That's a good idea. How long do you think I could go before needing an upgrade?
  4. Bottlenecking

    An i5-7400 and a 1060 are a good combo, in my admittedly limited knowledge. If you plan on recording or streaming you want more cores, but otherwise it should be great for 1080p and OK for 1440p.
  5. My current build is as follows: CPU: Ryzen 5 1600 @3.2ghz, using stock Wraith cooler RAM: 2x8gb 2667 DDR4 GPU: RX 560 (Will be upgraded to 1070ti or 1080 in about a month) PSU: 650W Gold rated Corsair modular supply (idk exact model) Rest of the build doesn't matter much for performance, I'm pretty sure. My question is this: My next upgrade will be the CPU/Motherboard, so what upgrades would people recommend assuming I game at 1440p and record/stream at 1080p? Currently I'm looking at the i7-8700K and the R7-2700X. Either way I'd be buying a new motherboard and cpu cooler. However, as far as I can tell, the i5-8600K would accomplish the same thing as the i7. Is the extra speed really that important? Help is always appreciated!
  6. Both of you message me on Discord when you get a chance. My tag is TheBoulder#6079. I believe you'll need to friend request me there first, because of my privacy settings. I look forward to seeing if you'll fit in with our team!
  7. High gold/low plat Overwatch team looking for a good DPS/Off-Heal player. Hitscan preferred. Reply to this thread if you're interested.
  8. All New Peripherals! Advice?

    I've finally saved up enough to get all new peripherals for my desktop! No more crappy Logitech wireless keyboard/mouse combo for me. What I really need is recommendations. I play Overwatch and occasionally League of Legends, and I do use my rig for productivity work as well, such as video editing, typing and editing documents, and content creation (Photoshop). Currently, I've looked at a few different setups. I'd like to keep the same visual style across all my equipment, so keep that in mind in your advice. My price expectations are around $50 for a mouse, $100 for a keyboard. So, I'm looking at one of three possible setups. Razer Mouse: DeathAdder Elite Keyboard: Cynosa Chroma OR BlackWidow Tournament Corsair Mouse: M65 Pro OR Glaive Keyboard: K63 Logitech Mouse: Something with a palm grip? I can't actually figure it out... Maybe a G403? Keyboard: G610? I'm lost here too. Any advice is appreciated! I'm leaning toward Razer because I reaaaally like the way the DeathAdder fits in my hand, but if someone can suggest a similar mouse, I'll definitely check it out.
  9. Should i do VR or Upgrade my pc

    Generally speaking for gaming purposes, a better processor only gets you so far. I have a friend who's still running a 2nd gen i5 with his 1070, and he still gets frame rates approximately equivalent to the framerates I've read about for a 1070 with modern CPUs. Stick with your processor, it'll be just fine for most things, and VR is more GPU dependent anyway.
  10. Part Picking Advice

    So that was awesome. Thanks for parting that our for me! I'll swap the RAM, because I'm going to make sure my RAM matches, but other than that I'll likely go with that part list.
  11. Part Picking Advice

    Do you think it would be worth it to drop the extra RAM in favor of a 1050ti? Are you recommending that I step down to a GT 1030 and not get more RAM at all? I don't have anything against going under budget (more money in the bank is never a bad thing) but I'm not sure a GT 1030 could handle recording and streaming at the same time in Overwatch and maintain 60 fps. That's the main reason I picked a 1050, and I'm not sure the 1050 is enough, either.
  12. Part Picking Advice

    The entire reason for this post is that I already own the CPU, motherboard, RAM, and hard drives/SSDs, so if I upgrade a CPU then that's a cost added to all of the things that I need to purchase anyway. Would Ryzen 2 be a performance upgrade from my current processor? Absolutely, yes, but the CPU isn't a cost that I'll have anyway, so spending ANY money on the CPU is out of the question.
  13. Part Picking Advice

    The point here is to get off the ground, then upgrade down the line. I'm not planning on upgrading anything, just purchasing parts so that I have a functioning workstation/gaming machine for now, with a decent upgrade path down the line, so waiting for Ryzen 2 won't work.
  14. I have some parts that I used in a previous build, which I'd like to turn into another functioning computer. Here are my already-owned parts: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/M4HCbX Ryzen 5 1600, MSI B350M Mortar, 1x8 Corsair Vengeance DDR4 2666, various hard drives and SSDs. At this point, I'm assuming I'll have around $500 to upgrade with. This rig will be used primarily for school work (I'm in cybersecurity, so lots of programming and probably some VMs.) with some esports and light gaming on the side. I also edit video on occasion, and would like to be able to record and/or stream at decent framerates. Essentially, it'll be a workstation that's capable of gaming. I realize I'll need to make some tradeoffs at this price point, but I am a poor college student. Now here's the really difficult part: I need all of the parts, plus a monitor and a keyboard-I already have a serviceable mouse. So, here's my current parts list+budget. GTX 1050: $150 Corsair CX 550M: $60 1x8 same RAM I already have: $100 HP 23" VH240a: $130 Redragon K551: $39 Coolermaster MCW-L3B3-KANN-01: $35 In total, all of this comes to just over $500.
  15. inspiron 15 5570 laptop

    I didn't mean a 1050ti... I just said 1050. Still cost the same? Either way, I don't really know Australia's market values. I assumed they were roughly equivalent. Sorry!